Monday, May 16, 2011

Strong Delusion Sent To Those About To Die

If you're a real Christian, you know it's not your job to "save souls" or "lift the scales from people's eyes." Only God himself can do these things.

When you see how glazed over the eyes of the Kwanzanians are, it's obvious God is anaesthetizing them for what is coming. If he loved them, they'd be on his email list. Instead they just have a goofy, confused expression on their faces as they cheer with their little Chinese manufactured Kwanzanian flags and scream they'll always be "number one." They really think this is a little downturn and somebody will turn on the money faucet soon and pay off their debts. They don't know that the only reason they stayed afloat this long was by selling their future to foreigners - and they are not buying anymore. Nobody has showed up for a debt auction in a long time for the Kwa. They have no choice but to default soon ... and default means babies, the other white meat by 2012 for the Kwanstain.

Instead of lifting the scales from their eyes, instead God has chosen to shoot them up with morphine and pull a sheet over their heads. That tells you what is planned for them. They have been summarily dismissed.

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