Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reptilian Scum Can Never Hide It's True Nature

The best it can hope for is that other snakes will cover for it when the mask slips.

Forked tongue belly crawler tried to make a run for it into the bushes the way a serpent always does but got a heel to his head.

Mammals have impulse control. Reptiles do not. Mammals do not act on every passing urge. Reptiles do. The reason they seek positions of power is for this very reason, so they can act on their psychopathic drives in secret using their privilege.

Bet you anything this pig has done this a thousand times and this is the first time that he has actually been held to account for it. A thousand times. I would wager a lot of shiksas have gotten hush money and been told they would die if they ever mentioned it or pressed charges.


j said...

I saw this headline and wondered if the guy was a Khazar. Major-league banker and a degenerate scumbag behind the scenes? Turns out he is. What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Surely, it has happened many times before but "coincidentally", he was accused of it when his tongue got for some reason a bit more loose than allowed and exposed NWO/Soros prodigee the Greek PM (who was planted to carry out the plan in the EU) that he had discussions with him even before he gets elected as Prime Minister about how they should bring the IMF in Greece, with the ultimate purpose to spread the entire IMF bailout racket to the rest of the EU like a virus. A fake crisis was created with the traitor Greek PM slandering against his own country left and right, inviting therefore the markets to attack Greece and create a lending crisis.

Anonymous said...

The head of the IMF no less! Kind of confirms Alex jones' most wildest accusations about the elite.

Anonymous said...

These men in control of the illusion of money, are seemingly psychopaths, and irrationally selfish.
Word around the campfire is that you don't get to be part of the NWO party unless you preform a ritual in servitude to lucy-you-know-who.
Seems like an infringement upon my seemingly free will and spiritual growth, perhaps.
The test of a real human can be measured by the mind resisting pain/crises to control the fear/mind. These men and their habits aren't new. Behind closed doors, men of money and power do whatever they please, in service to self.
It's usually only shocking to those who tend to be in service to others, everyone else just shrugs it off as the media makes it go away. It's being handled and/or it was done on purpose, perhaps he was made an example of, or maybe the example is just getting started.
Khazars indeed, but their strings are pulled as well...
*I mean no disrespect.

Anonymous said...

Far from the first time indeed. Not even the first time it is reported, it's just the first litigation but here's a journalist testifying (in French) how he attempted to rape her during an interview :

Anonymous said...

Power corrupts.


Anonymous said...

"Bet you anything this pig has done this a thousand times and this is the first time that he has actually been held to account for it. A thousand times."

You are half right Tex. A stack of charges have been made, but it appears they were all made to go away with threats - he had friends in high places.

IMF DIRECTOR RAPE: strauss kahn, known for similar acts

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:03

I could not agree more.

Anonymous said...

"Power corrupts."

Sure, treat them like animals that aren't responsible for their behavior.

That way nothing they do, is ever their fault.

Anonymous said...

An article from last year: