Friday, May 6, 2011

Priming The Pump For The False Flag

Lying liars weaving a whole false world out of lies that seems more real than the real world with their control over information and media. In this fantastic world, an organization called "Al Quaeda" (never existed) under the leadership of "Osama Bin Laden" (died in summer of 2001) has been cooporating with the "secret international ring of nuclear material smuggling" (no such ring exists) plotting a "massive nuclear attack" on a major American city with the help of their evil nefarious friends in Pakistan. (Pakistanis have no idea what the hell these Kwanzanian idiots are talking about - they have yet to find any expended brass from "opposition" at the "Bin Laden Compound" (apartment complex))

Kwanzanians deserve what Kwanzanians get. The wages of stupid is death.

The TSA groping will now be extended to train systems, based on the fake intel from the fake operation at the fake Bin Laden compound pretending to kill a man who died ten years ago.

An Australian tells the truth about this shabby little country

The reason they haven't cracked Bin Laden's "files" yet is that they are still writing them

A pox on the Kwanstain. I would say the devil should take Kwanzania, except it is obvious he already has.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who has an active mind which is capable of making logical connections between events and is a little bit more skeptical than the average herd animal is automatically labeled a "conspiracy theorist" nowadays, just as Cass Sunstein has intended, I guess. Social engineering is easy when you're dealing with essentially domesticated animals.

John Young, the founder of "Cryptome" and the father of the current "-leaks" hacker movement had an active mind despite his old age and maintained a healthy amount of skepticism, intelligence and experience which allowed him to understand what a useful idiot Assange is and what a malicious project Wikileaks has become.

A recent "exposé" of theirs was literally "ALI BABA STILL ALIVE" months before this Bin Laden assassination stunt. Despite all the real world "leaks" from presidents of the relevant countries and many intelligence groups worth their salt and all the evidence pointing out to Osama bin Subcontractor's death ten years ago. Remember Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated (for realz) telling you that he was dead multiple times on live television interviews.

I'm asking our developmentally-delayed friends here who believes in the official story, doesn't the timing and the convenience of these "leaks" cast a lot of doubts and suspicion on your oxygen-deprived-at-birth minds?

/\ Months later, Osama bin Subcontractor who has been dead for ten years gets "killed" for the tenth time.

/\ I'll leave it to you to figure it out all by yourself. Remember, there's no "we" here, you'll have to figure out on your own what they're going to pull off this time.

WikiLeaks was a huge Rotschild&Sunstein operation from the get-go. Other than its primary objective which was to serve as a CIA&MOSSAD limited hangout psy-op to distribute a few very crucial lies to the sheeple public through their media mixed with a ton of useless truths that was already obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Also, as a side objective, ShittyLeaks had its additional uses to serve its masters. After all, it had enough shit left in it to leak for drowning their handlers adversaries, eh?

I have also caught this absurd Assange character, LYING about something he didn't do, which was hacking and leaking the Climategate e-mails. It was Russian hackers who did it and probably on Putin's orders too right before the Copenhagen summit. The whole thing was first uploaded to protected Russian servers to be downloaded by all the blogs out there willing to publish the truth, unlike the lamestream media like the Rotschild-owned AP and Reuters, of course. ShittyLeaks had sh*t all to do with Climategate.

After lying and bragging about his Climategate "achievement", watch him explain to you that the poor professors there were misunderstood and by saying "trick" to hide the decline, they totally didn't mean what you thought they meant. That's right, he's a big Globowarmthinkery supporter, just like the Casa di Rotschild that has created this whole Globowarmthinkery project in the first place. He also thinks that believing in 9/11 being an inside job is ridiculous, just like th..

Ah, f*ck it. I give up - these creatures deserve to be enslaved. You cannot be both dumb as brick and still maintain your freedom with all the predators out there only a little bit smarter than you smurfs and smurfettes. All these conspiracies they come up with are not even the handiwork of a super-genius, it's just that their targets are so retarded beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Ave, Texus Arcanus, scriptori te salutant! I have figured out the whole blogger "spammer filter" problem, after getting annoyed that a recent post of mine with lots of links didn't show up. Well, it's the links causing the problem. Some links are ridiculously decided to be regarded as spam in the comments by the filter, like "Helium" links, for instance.

/\ The first result for me after typing "blogger spam filter comments problem" to Google.

I have a revised version of the same comment here which I have originally posted in the other Osama topic with the 'tard in the comments section believing in the official story and constantly referring to "his tribe" the kwa government as "we". That one didn't show up there but it's also relevant to this thread too.

Anonymous said...


You too? The time can't be far off when people begin to pronounce cooperate as kUUporeit, the beginning rhyming with book. Better to write 'coöperate', or 'co-operate', to remind of the etymology, correct spelling and correct pronunciation.

ericthered said...

Reminds me of the Raymond Davis incident. The Paki police stated that he possessed information indicating a sale of nuclear fissile material to a terrorist group.

I'll go and dig for the link.