Thursday, May 26, 2011

Planet = Crazy In May, Certifiable In June

It's unraveling. The Black Swan is spreading her wings.

A little here, a little there. The sheeple only see what has happened in their neighborhood, in their immediate living space.

They don't know. It's everywhere. The advance of darkness.

The real economic horror show is likely to start in June or July. Lots of stuff is due, Kwanzania can't pay, something's going to give. There are people who want their money and they will take it out of the Kwa's ass if they have to.


Anonymous said...

These are fake "revolutions", funded by Soarse and the globalists, so that the growing discontent among populations, due to austerity and raised taxes, is relieved and contained in a controlled manner, making sure that any real revolutions won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Paul Craig Roberts on Max Keiser: