Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Operation That Left A Trail A Mile Wide

The sheeple are dullards. Slack-jawed, droopy-lidded dribbling halfwits. The ones with college edjamafacashuns, anyhow. The others are even worse.

I can't stand to talk about this subject any longer in any context because you will find you are answering the same questions the same way for the millionth time ... and why should you? They will only forget everything they have heard in fifteen minutes. This is why I have lost my urge to explain anything over the years. It's a rare day on this blog when you can get any detail out of me. If you were me, you'd know why.

Sapiens is not a learning animal. He hasn't just been going through a dry spell for the past 60,000 years. No way. He hasn't just been down on his game since the super eruption of the Toba volcano. No sir. That just doesn't wash. He was never up on his game. He got an injection of brains at 38,000 years B.C. because he developed a taste for raping Neanderthal girls he took for war captives. Other than than, he's been in continuous decline ever since.

The sheeple suffer because all domesticated beasts suffer. It's their purpose. They suffer and then they are harvested. If they were men, they would strain against their bonds and refute these lies. Instead they have apologetics for their masters. They're worse than beasts because their instincts have ceased to be capable of protecting their lives. Even a beast does as much.

Whatever befalls them, they will also appreciate the misery of having forged their own chains with a smile on their faces. They were foremost amongst their jailers.

If men could think or reason, there would have been arrests made at the highest levels of government on 9-12-2001.

Men don't think or reason. They are complex, gregarious, highly social, extremely talkative, very elaborate, multilayered and often so ambivalent they are scarcely aware of what they really believe on any subject. Nevertheless, beneath all this sophistry, they are only recently down out of the trees.


Anonymous said...

Well, this wasn't surprising:

Just like you used to say Tex, organized religion is one of the first institutions to be broken down when society goes apeshit. Just like in Rome. It just pains me that these sodomites have the nerve to call themselves christians.

j said...

I don't think it's stupidity that's the problem, but a lack of moral courage and deeply ingrained learned helplessness. I've found that most everyone that is exposed to the information can grasp the implications behind Building 7's collapse, or the passports 'found' in the rubble, or the NORAD stand-down, or the anthrax being traced back to the Israeli guy at Fort Dietrich, or Silverstein admitting on national tv that they blew up 7, or the dozens of other smoking guns. What everyone stumbles over is the idea that 'the government' would do something so scary. Accepting that has major consequences which they are unwilling to face, and besides, what could they do about it anyway. It's not that they're stupid, it's that the deck is stacked on many levels.

In the same vein, I've noticed that it's often times the people who are already social pariahs, and thus don't have as much to lose, that are most willing to look at and credit "conspiracy theories." And god knows how much that is helping our image.

Texas Arcane said...

Given their complete abdication of any standards, I don't understand how anyone who calls themselves a Christian could enter one of these modern churches. All they teach are bizarre doctrines of devils. You go in there and you are going to be worse off than if you don't go to church at all.

Anonymous said...

"The sheeple are dullards. Slack-jawed, droopy-lidded dribbling halfwits. The ones with college edjamafacashuns, anyhow."

You don't go to college get an education anymore - where you learn to think independently and discover things for yourself.

No, you go to get INDOCTRINATED, by the Priesthood of Political Correctness, so you will not question their wordist orthodoxy.

Notice how all college graduates come out parroting exactly the same BS? Even the ones that are smart enough to see through it, know they have to repeat it, to get on in their careers.