Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Standard For Thee, Another For Me

When private citizens build shelter systems, they're paranoid delusional cranks.

When the government does it with the tax revenues they have collected from those same people, they're farsighted, prudent and fully justified in planning for their own continuity.

Besides, they're important and worthy people. Popular and up there in the hierarchy of primates. We look up to them the same way betas do in Jane Goodall documentaries. Therefore anything they do is correct and not to be questioned or criticized.

The real sickness in the head of the Homo Sapiens is when they take a certain pride in seeing these facilities ... despite knowing that these places are not open and never will be to them or their families. "Yeah, but they are government people. Tom Clancy style and all. They will be safe because they know what they are doing. It gives me a peculiar pleasure to know they have nothing to worry about. It's only crazy when the little people like you and me even dream to attempt such things. That's nuts. If you're not in the government with a billion dollars why even bother to try?"


Anonymous said...

Haven't thanked you lately Tex - you keep those of us in the Remnant on track. I am kind of proud of the work I have done lately, making lots of progress. Really easy to see this all coming apart at the seams - just yesterday I read :

a) guy hiking in Utah goes to Las Vegas and tries to take the bus, but the DHS goons are now at the bus station and won't allow him to take his camping stuff (knives etc.) on the bus - too dangerous for the sheep. They become particularly nasty when he questions them needs for such police state procedurtes - in response they 'guarantee' him he will receive special treatment when it comes his time to board the bus.

can't travel by plane, or train or bus. And by car - they've got that one covered too (read on).

b) Indiana SC says 'citizens have no right to resist the illegal or unlawful forced entry by police' - taking it one step further an Indiana sheriff states he will do random house to house searches whenever he feels like it - and he is sure the citizens will appreciate his efforts to keep him safe

c) In Arizona, Puma County police shoot a 2 time Iraq war vet 60+ times for crouching in his house while they break down his front door in a mass 'drug' raid. Wife saves herself by holding her baby in front of her so the thugs wont murder her. Vet never even takes his rifle off 'Safe'. Police let him lie on the floor for an hour dying before ther will allow medics in the house. Not safe they say.

Again and again I am absolutely amazed at how predictable this has become - the Fourth Turning has nailed it all, every step of the way.

And when the people begin to fight back in earnest, these same gestapo scum will redouble their efforts & their budgets, because, after all, they are now 'under attack' from all sides.

In the end, it will be neighbor against neighbor, because the sheep will only awake once the SS kills someone in their family or steals something they really need, like a house or car, or access to food.

In multiple states now, the police watch for out of state license plates, pull over the cars on some manufactured pretext, steal any cash, and confiscate the vehicle, especially if it is paid off. TX LA IA, AK TN just a few of the ones I have seen.

The 4T said long long ago, EVERYONE will be forced to take a side - there will be no neutral bystanders in this one - the neighbor that flies the flag and yellow ribbons their car, and reports all suspicious activity to their local stormtrooper will be the most dangerous person you will ever meet.

Gonna get wilder & wilder.


Anonymous said...

Yep, and another comment made by dummies is when they talk about "our" military, "our" secret service, "our" budget, etc., as if the dummies have any say in how things work.

A few elite criminals have pulled a great scam on us and so they get to take our money (to do with however they want), force BS laws on our butts (which don't apply to them), and FK with us anyway they choose. Endlessly.

Been going on for as long as there has been 'civilization'. And yes, the Highly Venerated, Sacred Founding Fathers did it as well. They just took it easy at first. That lasted till the Whiskey Rebellion and then one can see how it was going to shake out for the 'sovereign citizens'.

Most everything people believe as an absolute truth is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.