Monday, May 2, 2011



This story had the hair up on the back of my neck all day ruminating over WHY NOW? I think I know! The Wikileaks fake cointel was intended to set the stage for this reaction so people would be conditioned to draw this conclusion when it happens!!!


UPDATE #2 : The "narrative" is issued, complete with little soap opera touches and cliffhanger moments. Part of my training at psy-ops school my last year in the Army was teaching you how to recognize the counterpropaganda of your enemy. Developing an instinct to spot the rhythm and structure of a story that has been invented. Little touches that lend themselves to cinematics is a dead giveaway. A true story will usually be odd and incongruous, full of bits and pieces that make no sense and wouldn't fit into a movie anywhere. It doesn't sound like this story the government has offered at all. This is straight out of the Tom Clancy novelette dramatic form. Notice how it has a neat tidy beginning, climax and ending. That's the way humans structure fiction.


I like how they are calling it "justice." Really? Was this person afforded a trial to defend themselves and hear their accusers, see the evidence presented and prove their own innocence? I guess "justice" is now just shooting people a mile away with a high powered rifle. If it wasn't Bin Laden, just some guy in a beard who was checking to make sure his stable door was shut before turning in for the night, that doesn't matter anyway. What matters is that "justice" was done. Whatever that means exactly. There's no need to elaborate because a population with an average IQ of 97 has already forgotten whatever it was this was all about anyhow.

The United States looks like Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY more and more everyday. Everybody in that country talks pure gibberish from dusk 'til dawn.


Anonymous said...

Note the fake image of him dead being shown by the media. It has been proven to be a badly made composite, but they were claiming it was the real deal.

Whole thing stinks. What news are they trying to bury with this?

You are right about the justice side of things. It seems more like the mob and packs of chimps every day.

Anonymous said...

And the whole Burial At Sea thing?
I would like to have seen some independent verification- but that would have been too easy.....
Now I am suss on the whole "we got him" shemozzle.....

Anonymous said...

It is idiocracy. Why not keep the body so that it can be independently verified? This is the main reason why lightbulbs went off in my head.

I wasn't even a birther, but the bad forgery put out on purpose by Obama is now making me question the circumstances of his citizenship.

I'm not sure if it will unleash a revenge terrorist attack (one that is an inside job, of course), but this is certainly a ploy by Obama's handlers to drive up his poll numbers.

If Al Qaeda's threats turn out to be empty, can we now end the "war on terra", please?

Anonymous said...

I'm not an Obama fan by any means, but I've enjoyed the butthurt reaction by the neocons who got upstaged by the Kenyan-born socialist.

I know this is psy-ops meant to give political dividends to Obama, but society is crumbling and I derive amusement from leftards who cheer on the death of Osama, playing right into the entire charade. Idiocracy, indeed.

They call me Moe! said...

"Just In"

Obama's real -- long form -- birth certificate found on Osama's dead body.


Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for a number of years. You only validate my own thoughts well in advance of finding your site!
Unfortunately I do not see any end to the lengths these sociopaths will go.

confident and paranoid said...

Yes, this is just another gambit in a game that has been going on for a very long time. Next up, see the playing-up of retaliatory threats by uneducated muslims offended by the sight of hordes of obese americans chanting "USA!!! USA!!!", and of course the staged attack itself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brilliant commentary as usual Tex. Bittersweet for me as I travel to DC for work all week... Not excited about what might happen while I'm there.

Anonymous said...

The photo was exposed to be fake and was removed form all media. There is no photo and there is no dead body "buried at sea".

Seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up. The farcical announcement about Bin Laden's "death" sounds like something out of a Monty Python comedy sketch:

What seems to be next is this:

Anonymous said...

PS. Tex I don't agree of course with the Telegraph link I provided. I did so just to show the idiocy of mainstream journalists that are quick to label anyone having valid questions as a "conspiracy theorist". The author of the article is an idiot who makes guesses like "there must be a body otherwise Obama wouldn't announce it" focusing on the hypothetical instead of the factual (ie there is no body) in order to cheat himself into believing what the authorities say. "If the governmental says it then it must be true!!!" screw the evidence!"

Anonymous said...

I like how they are calling it "justice." Really? Was this person afforded a trial to defend themselves and hear their accusers, see the evidence presented and prove their own innocence?

That's a really good point. There was enough doubt about the man's identity to warrant a posteriori DNA testing -- what if it turns out it wasn't bin Laden? I guess it'll still be justice since he kind of looked like bin Laden and was living in a house clearly built for terrorists.

Thinking otherwise would be un-American. The possibility of being shot while sleeping in your home for supposed crimes you may or may not have committed is a small price to pay for our freedom.

Anonymous said...

And now the Obamanation has a bunch of troops free to bring home for their next task. If you're in Amerikwa NOW is the time to leave.

If you are anaonymous you can still sign FFS!


Anonymous said...

Bill Cooper said it all BEFORE the false flag attacks of 9/11:

Anonymous said...

My mind has immediately connected this new absurd theatrical performance to the recent assassination of John P. Wheeler. I was wondering a lot lately about where and when they would set up the "missing nuke" and let the sheeple all around the world watch the fireworks as they further escalate their imperial mobilization in overdrive. WWIII here we come...

Looks like they're really speeding up their schedule for the big "change" alright... I do agree with Tex that the real big change coming for this planet from a force beyond their control will bury them all in the end.

Even those giant vaults like the one under Denver Int. Airport might not be able to save their demonic asses, there are things that can kill you even when you're holed up deep in the Earth if the big guy up there REALLY wants you dead.