Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Most Things You Think You Know, You In Fact Don't Know. You Just Know What Somebody Said You Needed To Believe

The death of Robert Kennedy was a lot like the Martin Bryant shootings here in Australia. 95% of the story from eyewitnesses in Tasmania never reached the public's ears. Did you know that two eyewitnesses said there was a man running around on the other side of the island with a rifle and what was obviously a blond wig that kept falling off while he was shooting at people? That's right.

Homo Sapiens has a bigger brain than a chimp. He doesn't use it for thinking. Sapiens can't think, learn or reason. That brain structure is not even designed for that. Sapiens is a socially gregarious animal who uses his larger brain for deception, treachery, social engineering and lying. If it involves Homo Sapiens, it will involve some degree of doubletalk, lying and fraud. To be "successful" as a Sapiens means to excel as a liar.

There is no evidence that Homo Sapiens ever painted the wall of a cave anywhere, even the crudest scrawl. Until the widespread rape of Neanderthal women 38,000 years ago, there were no cave paintings associated with any Homo Sapiens camp or living space going back 80,000 years. Not even one. Art involves abstraction. It involves higher reasoning and the ability to visualize in time and space. 80,000+ years is a long, long time. It's not like Sapiens was just in a dry spell or had Writer's Block for eighty thousand millennia.

Jacob means "Swindler, Deceiver" in Hebrew. Esau means "Problem Solver, Man of Action, Real Man of the Earth." Until the sons of Jacob raped the long lost daughters of Esau, there is no evidence of any kind they ever had a thought in their heads. They were exactly like Africans except with smaller penises and no rhythm.

Big time government insider, serious credibility, says it's all a bunch of crap

Liars are always revising their stories and they are never the same upon retelling


Anonymous said...

No, liars have their stories ready to go as a reflex. They rehearse them into memory with perfect precision. They always tell them back the same way, often including minute details no ordinary person would notice in that situation. It becomes obvious when they're continuously, endlessly prodded about what happened, and they get the official story correct every time. It's not thinking, it's repeating what they've been told.

Truthful stories frequently have differences in retellings, especially in the little details, or the big details are phrased differently, etc. The context of the actions is often completely different. Think of the gospels.

I think someone big really was killed in Pakistan. Pulling out "Bin Laden" now must be very significant; one would think such a thing would happen near an election.

Anonymous said...

Superbly written piece on the bin Laden thing:


Anonymous said...

Shout it out, Neanderthal man! The perfection of social lying required the evolution of self-deception. No awareness of lying, no tip-off cues for competitors to detect. The successful liar lives in service to the lie and in the end, the lie is all that is left. Yet another failed evolutionary dead end.

j said...

Anonymous 10:53, you may be right when it comes to the average liar in the general populace, but when you're faced with what may potentially be psychological warfare, you need to increase your level of sophistication. You're not dealing with a five-year-old who ate the last cookie; you're dealing with professional liars, with access to centuries worth of literature on psychology. They understand the structure of lies, how lies work, and how to give lies the hallmarks of truth. It's extremely naive to think that you can deduce the veracity of professionally produced propaganda by the same standards that you would employ in your everyday life.

They're saying they dumped the body in the ocean and won't release any pictures, for christssakes. Why would you believe something for which the only evidence is the word of proven liars?

Anonymous said...

it was sold hard by the media. one needs to look no further, it's automatically deceitful.

the truth is not in them. it has never been, and won't be arriving any time soon. if you are seeking truthful activities - and heeding the mainstream media - you will be disappointed.

it's. not. there.

Anonymous said...

Cui bono? Who benefits from RFK assassination?

Nixon? Humphrey was a weaker candidate with the Vietnam baggage.

There haven't been many political assassinations lately. In this age of the internet and instant information, it's much easier to find the skeletons of any politician and expose them.