Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Millions of Years of Evolution = Earthworm Exodus

Earthworms sense these changes coming and evacuate deeper soils in anticipation. This adaptational behaviour is a result of surviving the deaths of countless trillions of earthworms who did not demonstrate this reaction before large quakes.

I heard it's a real phenomenon on the West Coast, in addition to the marine life beachings which are now becoming epidemic.

There are very big quakes coming. The Japanese quake was a mere simmering in comparison.


Anonymous said...

Timely article - I live in Washington state and I observed this earthworm behavior in the last week in my raised bed gardens. While smoothing the top layer of soil (about 1") and picking pebbles from the surface in preparation of planting seeds (weeks after the rototilling and mixing) I noticed first a 12" nightcrawler come all the way to the surface directly in front of me as I lightly prepared the soil. Then I began to see one after another pop to the surface - more large ones and tiny ones and all sizes - all coming to the surface and laying fully on top. Weird. Not normal behavior and something I don't see.

My first thoughts were that this was unusual and I wondered if they were reacting to my light touching of the soil (I thought of earthquakes) - it reminded me of when worms come to the surface after a rain but there was no rain for a week.

Anonymous said...

In addendum - the really strange thing with the earthworms coming up and laying on the surface of my garden is that when I reached out and touched them they didn't recoil or return to their holes in the ground as one would expect - they just laid there. Like my wife said - they seem to be really nervous like they were expecting something.