Friday, May 27, 2011

Kwanstainian Peasants Begin To Peel Off - Not A Country Worth Working Hard For

Pretending this is a first world country when it has all the trappings of a third world country is patently ridiculous.

According to a law that was passed by machines in the U.S. in the last 48 hours, any Kwanzan can undergo rendition at any time for any reason if the government says they are "subversives." It doesn't matter who they are or who they know. The Constitution has been shredded and there is no reason to even bring it up anymore. The only right any Kwanzan has is the right to work and the right to die when their usefulness is at an end.

Apparently, the usefulness of almost all of them has come to an end. Like livestock put onto a temporary pasture until the slaughterhouse truck comes for them.


Anonymous said...

You can have a nation based on kinship, or you can have a multi-racial nation, based on wordism.

In a nation based on kinship, people are allowed to disagree on anything, except for racial treason.

In a multi-racial nation, the only thing holding your nation together, are the words you hold to be true, at that point in time.

So what do you do with people that don't agree with your words, in your multiracial nation, if your words are the only thing holding it together?

Of course those people must "disappear", or your nation will fall into chaos.

And so the USA continues its downward trajectory.

Anonymous said...

Hi TexasArcane.

"With an evil that returns
and takes over Hobb's End...
piece by piece,
starting with the children."

Starting with the children:

"Teen Suicide Rate: Highest Increase In 15 Years!"

"Self harm by children on increase"

"Britain: dramatic increase in self-harm by children"

"Huge' increase in self-harm cases among schoolgirls"

"Kids watching self-harm clips increasing -"

And sadly many more.
Looks like the movie is pretty accurate.
And it started years ago.

Anonymous said...

"Apparently, the usefulness of almost all of them has come to an end."

Very true. What do they need Kwanzians for? TPTB have an inexhaustible supply of cheap labor elsewhere that will work for next to nothing, with no benefits.

I laugh at the MSM reports that the standard of living in India and China is rising so much that corporations are looking elsewhere for cheaper labor. That is a lie. Bullsh*t like that is inserted in the news to make you feel a little better as you are being a**-reamed by your fellow "countrymen".

Most Kwanzians are just plain stupid, so there's no need cater to them. TPTB can do anything they want to these idiots with no serious complaint. Oh, and about the notion that Kwanzians will rise up in constitutional outrage if pushed too far? Hahahaha, yeah, right....that'll happen.

Co-workers who hear my observations about the decline of the Kwa ask "How do we turn this around?"

Answer: you can't. It's too late. If action in the form of real, actual political, grass-roots change began 40-50 years ago, it MIGHT have worked. Even then it would have to have been a revolution.

The only "turn around" is going to be when the kwanzians are willing work for $2 a day with no benefits or worker protection. That'll come after the devastating greater depression, which has begun, causes Kwanzians eventually to starve and lasts for a decade or more.

It's highly optimistic to assume that Kwanzians have a future that isn't exactly like the one illustrated in the book 1984. That is, if there's no outside intervention.

And that intervention is going to take the form of whatever it is that's heading though our Solar System right now. It'll be a real game changer. It won't be very pretty when it visits us, but it's effects on the planet will be more merciful then our current guaranteed future of perpetual slavery for all.

Alexander Supertramp said...

US Postal Service on brink of collapse.

Anonymous said...

Funny how "conspiracy theorists" got it right again, while all others were wrong, if we are to believe the latest spin form the globalist empire mouthpieces. They've been saying all along that the aim of this staged crisis was to squeeze taxes out of the cattle giving them to the oligarchs through a central International tax collection system. When there's nothing left to squeeze anymore, they'll be led to the slaughterhouse having outlived their usefulness.

Anonymous said...

On April the 7th I wrote on vault-co:

"NWO/Globalist plan

Create upheavals in the middle east and economic crises in the West so that national governments and the entire parliamentary system (in the west) are cast aside to make room for the globalists, who through institutions like the World Bank and the IMF will exercise power through "civic groups"."

I was commenting on the latest speech of Robert Zoelick, President of the World Bank. I also said that he wasn't talking only about the middle-east but PRIMARILY for Europe and the West.

In the light of the recent "revolutions" in Greece, Spain and elsewhere, with unrest expected to spread in other countries too, the Illuminist plan reaches its final stage. The population in these countries is in much worse situation than being simply in debt. They have lost their will to live. They will welcome a World Government. This is what this was all about. These "revolutions" are aimed in replacing the centuries old democratic political system of the West - which by now is irrelevant - with World Government exercised by the elites through the Globalist institutions. They expected this reaction (and probably even staged it too -at least up to a certain point) so that the "change" will be smooth and natural. The only thing surprising is how soon Zoelicks' spin turned out to be true.

Anonymous said...

It is doubtful that their country will exist in a year's time from now, yet globalwarmthinkers didn't lose the opportunity to assess the
effects of "climate change" in the Greek economy for the next "90 years". Really? 90 years?

Seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up. It's a prime example of how far globalwarmthinkery and the globalist gang is removed from

But I post this link for another reason besides the lunacy related with globalwartmthinkery. It has to do with the Rothschild-Mossad
asset's, the Greek PM G. Papandreou, statement regarding the uprising of the population in Greece and elsewhere. He said:

"those who protest in city squares are appealing to national democratic systems, which are weak and hostage to a global power".

and added:

"democratic and informed global governance is necessary, as well as a radical reform of democracy on national and regional level."

Does that ring any bell? Especially in relation to the speech made by the head of the World Bank and I commented about earlier on?

What his traitor globalist ass doesn't know is that, when the time comes, the Empire that made him PM of Greece in order to advance its agenda will get rid of him just like it it did with DSK. Probably in a much more painful and humiliating way. The first gallows already made their appearance in public squares where people are protesting and the Storming of the Bastille shouldn't be far-off. His globalist handlers probably didn't inform him of such a "plot twist" when they were instructing him, and that his head on top of a pole would be part of the advancement of the "plan" and the "radical reform" he so warmly supports and speaks about at every opportunity. It will be radical alright.