Friday, May 13, 2011

Kneel you Bloody Peasant, We Have Returned

U.S. Constitution nullifed in Indiana. Separation of powers fails to protect citizens against tyrants.

Do as you are told, you stupid knave

Give us your daughters, we shall put them to work at their natural calling

Imagine a boot crushing a human face, forever.


Anonymous said...

"Eventually the U.S. taxpayers will be asked to make "free-of-risk" bail-outs of "private" enterprises"

Buckminster Fuller - Critical Path (1981)

Anonymous said...

Rule #1-NEVER talk to the police.

Rule #2- Never call for the police unless you need a police report for a insurance claim. Even then, watch what you say and don't let them into your home. According to rulings by the courts, if you let a cop into your home you have given him implicit permission to search the place.

Rule #3- The police motto "To protect and serve" doesn't apply to you. It only applies to them. The police only protect and serve themselves. The police do not give a sh*t about you. They became a cop for the good pay (compared to what they would otherwise be qualified for, like ditch digging or stocking shelves at Wal-Mart), excellent benefits, retirement and (most importantly) to be able to fk with anybody they feel like (providing that the victim isn't rich or politically connected).

Occasionally, a cop will murder, rape or torture somebody who has connections, but then he will be placed on a paid vacation, which is called "Administrative Leave", while the case is "investigated". The case will be delayed for years until it's settled out of court with millions of your tax dollars. If the cop actually gets fired, all he has to do is move to another state and get another cop job. Happens all the time.

Whenever you hear of a cop going to jail for something, it's a result of not cutting his superiors in on the take, or he screwed up and fk'd with a rich man. Or he molested a child or messed with child pornography and had the misfortune of getting caught without the benefit of his fellow officers covering up for him. Like in a FBI child porno/pedophile sting, for example. That snares a lot of cops.

The only other way for a cop to get in serious trouble is to get filmed committing his crime. That's why the police want to criminalize the act of taking their picture.

Rule #4- The police divides the world into three categories: The Sacred, Heroic police; Scumbag criminals; Useless, stupid sheep. That's a fact. Of course, their Masters are always obeyed and treated with slobbering subservience, like a dog obeying his master.

The police are the largest, best armed and most vicious gang in the Kwa. If you are pulled over by a cop, then you better start praying that the cop is not in a bad mood, or isn't too drunk or high. If he is you are screwed. He can literally do anything he wants to you and most likely get away with it.

The police are protected by their Masters, who obviously encourage their behavior. The courts, high police officials and politicians love brutal police, because the police protect rich men's property and maintain a state of terror which stifles all dissent.

I have to laugh at the notion of the "Oath Keeper's" movement. In case you never heard of it, it's an unofficial program whereby policemen and military officers take a special oath to preserve their obligation to the constitution (In addition to the oath they already took). The idea behind it was started by the patriot movement to both illustrate that there are indeed good cops and soldiers and also to guarantee that there is a core of responsible, patriotic officers that won't help herd your butt into a death camp, or some such deviltry.

What a complete joke. And a sick joke at that. Even if, and that's a big if, these individuals obey that oath, they will be eliminated immediately. Period.

And the big question in my mind is- if these "oath keeper" cops are so noble, why aren't they turning in their corrupt, unconstitutionally acting 'brother' officers now? Where is their courage to stand up for the little guys today? What the hell are they waiting for?

I figure that when push comes to shove, most of these officers will keep their mouths shut and either go with the program or look the other way. Kinda like what they are doing currently, which is exactly nothing in the way of helping us.

Anonymous said...

Poor sucker. His fate was sealed when he started talking too much, reveling that the IMF wasn't brought in to "solve" the crisis, but rather that the crisis was created on purpose to bring the IMF in so that the globalists can rob people and nations from their assets and put an end to national sovereignty. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, this might interest you- China and India legislate to protect people's privacy, and this is a problem for western business.