Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Kind Of Warnings They Give To Residents Of Third World Countries

Florida has been a third world country for a long time. The BP accident has essentially cleaned out anyone left with the means to move. It's HYAR BE DRAGONES on the map now. It's as physically toxic as it is spiritually. The Kwanstainian government is scared to even go in there anymore, it's like a night mission to Bosnia.

Another victory for pluralism. They're falling like dominos. Soon it will be California that will be a breakaway state and then Texas shortly after that.

People who win in the bedroom win everything. Any nation not interested in making babies and promoting families will soon find itself replaced by another demographic who are.

Somebody was telling me the other day that the Fabians were never interested in introducing chaos to achieve a new order. What they really wanted all along was just chaos, period. The order promised afterwards was something they tell new recruits to gain their allegiance. Deep down the elites never wanted to do anything but destroy it all. I've been thinking about it. That actually makes more sense than anything else. Chaos and destruction. No real serious targets outside of these goals. The rest is just a cover story to make it all seem sane. The actual end that justifies the means ... is the means. Crazy, I know. We are talking about human beings here.


Anonymous said...

Morning news of the future will include local riot activity, killzones & roadblocks in Enriched Areas, IED detonations, radiation levels and recommended weapons load-out for shopping and commutes

Makes "Children of Men" come to mind


Anonymous said...

"Any nation not interested in making babies and promoting families will soon find itself replaced by another demographic who are."

Japan has temporary fertility problems, just like all developed nations. Yet Japan is 98.5% Japanese and will always remain so.

Meanwhile, no one is flooding Africa with Non Africans and telling them... "you are not interested in making babies" we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Africa.

No one is flooding Asian nations with non-Asians and telling them... "you are not interested in making babies" we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Asian nations.

Only White countries are doing this and only Anti-Whites are pushing it. It’s GeNOcide.

"Chaos and destruction. No real serious targets outside of these goals."

Our enemy is about:

Scarcity and Chaos
Scarcity and Chaos
Scarcity and Chaos

Anonymous said...

There is literally a war going on just south of the Mexican border. Any time anyone gets killed on THIS side of that imaginary line from stray bullets, it is news. Then there is the question of whether Mexicans coming here will make this the same kind of country they have.

This is the kind of connection anyone who THINKS about the situation would make. But the job of the liberal-respectable conservative duo is to prevent such thinking.

The reason Mexican labor is worth several times as much when it crosses that invisible line is not magic. It is because, when a Mexican crosses into the United States, he works in a country that is NOT run by Mexicans.

This is a conclusion every respectable conservative points to as heresy. They say it is racism because it cannot matter WHO populates a country. All that matters is the pieces of paper the country is supposedly based on.

So libertarians believe in magic. They insist that there is no reason labor should be worth more on this side of the border.

How many times have you ever heard anyone ask WHY Mexicans have to come to the USA for opportunity. We always hear that they are only doing it for their families, of course. There is no greed in Mexicans.

We also hear that the Mexicans are not at all responsible for the full scale slaughter going on where Mexican rule begins. The media are always saying that the whole blame is on Americans, because Americans “have an appetite for illegal drugs.”

Political Correctness is a religion, but it seems to me that even after being trained act in the liberal seminaries we call colleges, this sort of cant would begin to pall. But people repeat this crap like trained parrots.

So why is it that the same labor is worth so much more when you cross the Rio Grande? The only thing that changes there is the jurisdiction.

Which is why they are all shouting that Mexico is having that war within gunshot of the American border because Americans are greedy for drugs. So why is the war on the Mexican side of the border?

Americans are impenetrably stupid about immigration. But a war of that magnitude and violence inside the United States would cause even the theologically-obsessed American morons to see that we don’t want Mexico here.

So the war is kept on the other side of the border and is never used as an argument against populating this country with the same workers who make Mexico what it is.

In the longer term it will be racist to say that outright war like that should not be inside the United States. That will take a while, but it will come to pass if we let the present arguments go by without comment, as respectable conservatives are paid to do.

It is population, not appearances, that makes a country what it is

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing in Florida of bandits who would block the road simply by standing in a lane, so incoming traffic would stop instead of hitting them. Then, they would rob the poor sucker who stopped.

These days truckers know about this behavior, and will simply plow through; if the thieves don't get away in time, score one for civilization.

Florida is a hellhole of a state, the Southern version of California, Illinois, or New York.

Anonymous said...

"Scarcity and Chaos"

should be:

"Scarcity and Conflict"

Alex Supertramp said...

US Supreme Court has just ordered California to release more than 30,000 felons from their prison system back into the community.

Anonymous said...

Tex, I came across your thoughts on the catholic church and I must comment.

I think you made the same error most people that ditch catholics do: You equated the catholic faith with the catholic institutions. They are not same. No matter how many historical villains distorted and used the church to nefarious ends, true catholics such as Aquinas and Assisi always shined through with their goodnes of faith, thought and action. As a catholic, I will always deeply resent the cases of sexual abuse perpetrated inside the church, but I feel that the fact that a certain quantity of devil-worshipping kiddie fuckers managed to infiltrate the church does not negate my faith and does not warrant my shame of being brought up in this religion. The priests of the 3 churches that I frequented in my life were all good men truly devoted to God and to their people. Maybe I was lucky, but I am sure that many if not most of the people that take the vows are good people that love God and want to serve their brothers. Kiddie fucking satanist infiltrators and commie agit-proppers are the exception, not the rule.

If you were faced with news that false calvinists were involved in child abuse and corruption, would you abandon calvinism? I think not, good sir. Soon enough many Lutheran congregations will take in sodomites, and yet that also does not trample in the respect you or I have for Luther. The same way the evil of what you call "krischans" does not warrant negation and shame of true Christianity. I am a good catholic, same as my parents and grandparents were. I hope you someday realize that no true catholic believes in papal infalibility or condones pedophilia. I hope you also realize that besides the many past evils, catholicism is part of the greatness of christianity and western culture, and that a zionist victory against it would be a defeat to us all.

Rowan said...

I don't think they are going to give Robert Felix a nobel prize before hell freezes over. Maybe we could all chip in?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 7:55 PM

If you really understand what the Catholic Church is responsible for, you'll know they have to come down. They are not serving our interests, they are serving their own. Raping our children and flooding our nations with outsiders to fill their pews ... with allies like these, who needs enemies?

If this is the best we can do for unity in the West, I'd say we are all in big trouble. If the price we have to pay for having a common ethic and set of principles is to surrender our babies for extreme cornhole action, then whatever the Catholic Church is selling is not worth it.

I recommend every sincere Catholic (I was raised a Catholic) needs to show the Holy Spirit and withdraw all support, all funds and all patronage of the papal authority immediately. No good catholic should ever set foot in the Catholic Church - it's a door into hell.

Anonymous said...

In reply: There is nothing in catholic dogma that condones what you criticize, and again I point out that you mix up the religion with the human institution representing it. If I am a jew bastard searching hard enough I bet I can find cases of evil-doers infiltrating every church. It is the nature of man to be evil and to abuse of other's good faith, as a calvinist you know that. The churches I was brought up in were places of honest worship unto God, and every true catholic I know would enjoy personally dumping pedophilic priests in a medieval dungeon.

There are good popes and bad popes, it is a pity that the one we have now is a bureaucrat more interested in the church as a worldwide institution than in upholding the principles of the catholic faith. He will pass. The church has come a long way since the middle-ages, and it will continue to do so. I understand and respect your point of view, but I disagree and will continue to uphold the religion of my forefathers.

Say what you will, the catholic church right now is the only big church holding onto traditional christian values while every other mainstream christian denomination "reforms" itself to condone sodomy and lust. When the catholic church dies, christianity will be on the road to becoming a fringe religion, and will die a slow death. Same as the culture and people that spawned it.

Anonymous said...

"they are serving their own. Raping our children and flooding our nations with outsiders to fill their pews"

That is what any big organization does. They act in their own interests. All big organizations are anti-white and they are the enemy.

BTW, 'anti-white' is going mainstream:

Want to join the fun? Follow the White Rabbit.

Anonymous said...

I missed one:

We support Ukraine and condemn war. Push Russian government to act against war. Be brave, vocal and show your support to Ukraine. Follow the latest news HERE