Friday, May 6, 2011

Kangaroo Court Finds Edgar Steele Guilty On All Counts

Ridiculous. This case is so insipid it defies description. The evidence is so thin it could barely be construed to be a case.

Edgar Steele had survived poisoning designed to destroy his heart valves and his last column announced he was going to run for political office in Idaho. If you are starting a political career, would your first move be to hire a criminal handyman (who has tried to blackmail you) to kill your ex-wife? Edgar Steele was onto the guy, he had told his friends he knew this asshole was a government plant trying to entrap him under some context. Did he then say to this same guy, "Plant a pipe bomb under my ex-wife's car and I'll pay you the money afterwards?"

I don't think so.

Somebody was really, really pissed off that Steele survived their clever arterial poison that they had probably been feeding him for months weakening his internals. They must've been furious when his valve spontaneously popped off and the guy still survived!

Again, one week before this absurd fiasco Edgar Steele had announced he was entering politics after he survived his "heart failure."

The thing about Steele was how tame he was. I've read tougher screeds by postal workers. His regular essays were of such a gentlemanly and measured tone they barely even constituted opposition. I don't think I ever heard him utter an angry word towards any race and what he did write was mostly about the right of all peoples to live the way they want according to the cultures they felt most comfortable with. Steele wasn't just a Christian, he was a good Christian. A random search of the internet could reveal a thousand people with a fraction of his native intelligence and eloquence advocating radical violence and sedition much worse than anything that Steele ever wrote in his columns.

Kwanzania is a joke and whole world is laughing at that pathetic excuse for a nation. What a vile third world toilet this country is. Taking it out on political dissidents, like all failed regimes throughout history. Disgusting. I wouldn't kennel a dog in that sewer.

I've been saving a Kwanzan flag (manufactured in China according to label) for a long time. When that country is a glassed over radioactive crater, I'm going to cut that flag into strips and use it as an expedient hygienic rectal scrubber. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

This is almost as dumb as the case against Matthew Hale.

Government Informant : "Don't you think somebody should do something to Lefkow, you know, make her pay?"

Matthew Hale : "Ummm ... I don't know ... yeah, whatever. I think it's over, myself."

(40 year prison sentence, later revealed that Judge Lefkow was killed by an angry plaintiff in a completely different and unrelated matter)


Anonymous said...

In civilized countries (continental Europe), planning a crime isn't even a crime. You can pay someone to kill whoever, and unless that someone actually kills him, no crime. Totalitarian systems try to prevent even thinking about crime. The rest are content to penalize actual crime.

Anonymous said...

"The federal jury of 11 women and one man"


Anonymous said...

Splendid fellow, this Steele:

"Why do you think that Jews have been force feeding us this "we're all the same beneath the skin" malarkey for the past hundred years? To protect themselves from recrimination, that's why. Recrimination for what? For taking advantage of us at every turn, that's what.

"Jews well recognize that they can ply their trades safely only by diluting a host country racially and setting its citizenry at odds amongst itself. I have quoted more than one Jew in past articles, stating this very fact in no uncertain terms.

"Many ask why I so strenuously rail against Jews. "Why, you don't even limit it just to Zionists," I am told again and again. That is right. And for good reason. Genetics, you see. No, not all Jews possess bad characteristics or do bad things. The much-ballyhooed intellect of Jews in general affords them a greater opportunity than most to foresee consequences and thereby modify the genetically-mandated behavioral urgings they inherited. Many do so and live among us in harmony. With them, I have no quarrel. But even they will pass their DNA on to their children and grandchildren, who statistically will manifest bad behavior in significant ways, in keeping with stereotypical Jewish behavior that is not acceptable. See? Skin color really is irrelevant. It's behavior that matters. Bad behavior, in particular."

Now I don't really know much about his pipe bomb case, but he's quite the racist.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to the topic, but I thought you might be interested in this Tex:

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Texas Arcane said...

Anon 8:44

No mention in your post of whether he is right or wrong. Just qualifies as a "racist." We all know what a bad thing that is, because we own televisions. I can see your "reasoning."

You will definitely be one of the winnarz soon. I promise.

Anonymous said...

May 6, 2011 8:44 AM

"but he's quite the racist."

Jews say they are a race, *when it is good for Jews* and deny they are a race, *when it is good for Jews*.

"When it is good for Jews", is key to understanding what idealistic white people, condemn as hypocrisy.

However I am not an idealist, I agree. An argument or philosophy, is only valid, *when it is good for white people*. So in your opinion he is a racist. You are just saying that because he is white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

"Quotes all about Jews"

You appear to be making this man's jailing on false charges, all about Jewish interests. Are you really going there?


Anonymous said...

I thought it went without saying he is wrong. What he wrote about Jews doesn't correlate at all with my personal experience or with any of my reading on the matter.

He's just a racist out to justify his hatred of races other than his own.

Anonymous said...

20th-century Jewish activism has been documented and analysed by Kevin B. MacDonald in his "Culture of Critique". If you haven't read that work, you aren't reading the right books on Jews, or on the 20th century for that matter. It tells you what Trotsky, Freud and Boas had in common. It makes its rather "anti-semitic" case by using mainstream sources and public information. If you don't agree with its conclusions, you simply haven't been paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Anon May 7, 2011 10:30 AM

"I thought it went without saying he is wrong. What he wrote about Jews doesn't correlate at all with my personal experience or with any of my reading on the matter."

Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre in her own words:

Europe Will Not Survive "Multiculturalism"

From what I understand, Barbara is a committed Zionist.

So its a "blended humanity" for all white countries and only white countries and nationalism for Israel?

Some would call her views, hypocritical, genocidal and anti-white. Others would call them, *good for x*. But its okay, it will be no big deal, once enough white people understand the concept of, *its good for x*.

"He's just a racist out to justify his hatred of races other than his own."

In >your opinion< he is a racist and a hater. You are just saying that because he is white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

You are justifying a politically motivated and highly questionable murder conviction, based on your opinion of his being a racist.

So quite clearly you believe Racist = Heretic. You would make an excellent Inquisitor.