Sunday, May 15, 2011

Japan Is Sinking, Fallout Making Uninhabitable

The media in the mass meme was :

There was a big quake in Japan. It did a lot of damage, including to a nuclear reactor, which is now under control. Story is at an end.

Unfortunately in real life, the facts are :

Non-stop biblical catastrophism in Japan since the big quake which clearly is set to make the entire island (center of world production in electronics) completely uninhabitable.


j said...

I'm curious whether you think Japan's situation is divine retribution. If tornadoes and hurricanes hitting the U.S. are the wrath of god made manifest, what did innocuous little Japan do to deserve being irradiated and dumped into the Pacific?

Maybe it's the tentacle porn.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe that whole ww2 thing and their savage treatment of pow's and civilians. Mind you, Return Of The Overbeast was pretty unforgiveable too..

Anonymous said...

What of earth quake weapons (HAARP)?

From what I understand, the Japanese after 50 years of kowtowing to the Reptiles (Anglo Elites), were signaling a permanent split.

They were sending their Emperor to China, they told the US to close their base, rumors of water fueled cars(?), they were caught smuggling 135 billion in US Bearer Bonds, etc.

Then the earthquakes hit.

Was it a black swan event? Or do they have a capability, we believe impossible?

Anonymous said...

@J: Lolicon.


Anonymous said...

Japan is truly screwed. I've read talk of them moving the gov't to another city as Tokyo becomes uninhabitable. Actually, they've been talking about moving the capital since 1990-

The new city may be Osaka. Here's Arnie Gunderson discussing this:

Here's another, recent, YT video made by Arnie Gunderson of Fairewinds Associates:

He was at Three Mile Island when that went down and he has been tracking the Fukushima disaster since day one.

He's not sounding optimistic.