Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a Conspiracy, says Lizard Boy


You sound like some kind of conspiracy nut, Kahn! Next you'll be warning people of the end of the world on your own blog and working on a Vault operating system! You're losing it, man! Get a grip!

He tried morphing his facial features into the late Harry Truman, then Pee-Wee Herman, finally Pope John Paul, but they had him handcuffed and still told him no bail. You are nailed like a snake to a washboard, Dominic. It's tough to be surrounded by so many people you can't get your transformation correct and just end up looking like a bitch-whipped version of your own self. Yes they do slither. Fellow serpents already starting a chorus to say he was framed. Wow. That came out of left field.

I had a snake in the garage last night, I can't begin to tell you how loathsome these creatures are. Whether 8 ounces or 200 lbs, they disgust me right through their whole evolutionary range. You will crawl on your belly and eat dust, until the seed of the woman crushes your head. Trying to make yourself look like an investment banker will only postpone your fate.

That's right. The woman slipped and fell with her open mouth balls deep onto his penis. It happens to me all the time. Okay, actually it has never happened but I wish I had that kind of luck. Dominic says she managed to mutter "okay" when her bloody tonsils were getting forcibly pounded. That's the best time to ask a girl if she is interested in romance. He had lunch with his daughter afterwards. You stay classy, Dominic.

French Marxists furious that the peasants actually apprehended someone so very important. Forcible rape is just a perk of the job, you see. Everyone needs to understand this.

C'mon people, I have to enjoy this. You don't see'em get dragged out into the sunlight very often. A victory for the children of God. Somebody in the New York Police Department was doing their job according to what was written down on paper. That's called the rule of law.


j said...

I love how his political opponent is Sarkozy, another Khazar. Apparently, it's just fake jews all the way up. Wouldn't surprise me if he actually is being framed, but I'll weep no tears for the slimey fucker.

Anonymous said...

As much I enjoy seeing this scumbag rot in prison it should be clear by now there is something fishy going on.

How exactly does a 62 year old unarmed man force "oral" sex on a 6'0 ft tall, strongly built, 32 year old African Muslim woman. With no bruises on his face. How come that if he was trying to escape (which is what the persecution accuses him for) he gave a report of his whereabouts.

There's nothing more easy than to set up and blame someone who already has a reputation of being a womanizer for sexual assault.

But the most striking of all is the whole Hollywood style publicity following his arrest. Being paraded with handcuffs as if he killed the President like Lee Harvey Oswald, in front of press and public, and put in a prison with heavy convicts. It's as if they want to sent a certain message across. To demonize and humiliate in public someone who is only accused so far of something very common, as it is unpunished, in the corrupt elite circles (rape), who is innocent until proven guilty, but nevertheless they decided he's guilty already. Because they couldn't parade Osama Bin Laden in handcuffs they used DSK as patsy so that the average Kwanzan moron will believe there is "democrassy" and that the justice system still works in an increasingly oppressive, totalitarian and bankrupt nation. If DSK was still valuable to the Empire, the maid and all her relatives in Ghana, up to the fourth degree, would be dead by now.

So here's what I think is behind the whole facade:

Firstly the IMF. Being one of the prime weapons of the globalist empire for world domination, the elites want to make sure that at this CRITICAL TIME is under the right leadership. Strauss-Kahn, being a figure of big influence on international economy, and possible future president of France, had the stature to influence the big game currently going on with the European bail-outs in a more independent way, perhaps, than his institutional role would allow. But certainly, no matter his intentions, he was considered too volatile and unpredictable to be allowed to stay there at such a critical time. A loyal employee of the Empire, a hard-liner who will simply follow orders and his profile doesn't leave any room for uncertainties, like the ultra-neocon John Lipsky, would be much more desirable at this point.

Second, it's the French Presidency. Sarkozy is too much of a reliable CIA-plant serving the goals of the Empire (see Libya) to be put to risk of losing to the unpredictable "socialist" who would have, among ohter things, some explaining to do to his voters about a future war-engagement in the middle east. No I don't doubt that ultimately DSK wouldn't participate in a war against Pakistan or Iran. He's a hardcore Zionist by his own admission. But in this case, it's better the Devil you know for the Empire. They have found a new Tony Blair in Sarkozy. The empire needs someone with a strong personality to play its game in Europe, and given that the British PM is as recognizable as an anonymous forum poster, only Sarkozy can take this role They won't give up on him so easily. Certainly not for a volatile womanizer who's next sex-related scandal is just around the corner and could come at the most inconvenient of times, say, on the eve of an attack on Pakistan or Iran...So the very elites that gave him everything and made him who he was, now decided to take it all back.

From the above we deduce that there is certainly something big coming, both in financial and military level ( this is also reinforced by the recent Bill that gives power to wage war anywhere, at anytime, for whatever reason) and the Empire wants to make sure there won't be any last minute surprises by having the right people in they key places.

Anonymous said...

Just a correction, Tex. It should read:

"No I don't doubt that ultimately DSK would participate in a war against Pakistan or Iran."

Anonymous said...

rule of law? how nostalgic.

his personal history, occupation and social circle would indicate that he's a scumbag, but the media is selling this way too hard - and that's the indicator that all is not above board with this.

vermin like domdom don't get dragged into the sunlight unless someone wants them there.

Texas Arcane said...

I suspect this guy, like all them, has always been a complete scumbag but normally under protection.

He must have done something recently that offended someone somewhere (challenging Mossad asset Sarkozy?) and they simply decided to withdraw their shield of invulnerability from the guy.

He could have been forcing hotel maids to perform oral sex on him for years and this time they simply decided not to put a phone call through to tell the police to release him.

Solsys said...

Anon 2:29

Who are you and how can you read my thoughts ?

Anonymous said...

Its a conspiracy against the Lizards!

Lizards are little angels, they never do anything bad!

Anonymous said...

I think the takeaway from this is that criminals can be liberal or conservative, socialist or free enterprise.

I do find it interesting that when a conspiracy theory is advanced in this case (and I don't buy it for a moment) you are derisive, Tex. Yet when Bin Laden is killed you are all too eager to buy into an elaborate conspiracy theory that involves hundreds of people, two Presidential administrations, al Queda, and likely Pakistan, too.

Rather amusing.

Anonymous said...

In order to explain the behavior of scum like DSK you need to understand what the term "socialist" truly stands for. They are a new type of human being, that has no loyalty to the nations they come from; Internationalists who seek to control the world. They are godless, and they will use anything at their disposal whether it be a place in the government, or in an international political, economic or even religious institution to impose their will.

Manuel Barroso, the former "socialist" PM of Portugal, destroyed the nation's economy leading it to the current crisis, and for his "services" he was rewarded the seat of the President of the EU Commission.

George Papandreou, the current "socialist" Greek PM, probably the most blatantly servile asset of the US-zionist empire in the world currently, responsible for destroying Greece for the benefit of the Jewish banksters and for legalizing millions of illegal immigrants as ordered to do by his ZOG overlords, is groomed to become the next UN Secretary. This is how they choose the people to put on top of the globalist institutions they control. To prove their commitment to the "cause" they are called destroy the sovereignty and well-being of the nations they supposedly serve with debt and multiculturalism, and further the globalist takeover agenda. Then they're eligible for Office, whether it be the EU, the IMF, the UN or any other Globalist Institution that has a pivotal and upgrated role to play in the coming World Dictarorship.

They employ the tactic of blaming society for corruption and instilling guilt on the population in order to demoralize it and make it give up its constitutional rights and will to fight, while hiding the corruption of politicians, bankers and local elites that led to the dire situation. Then they proceed to name all taxpayer-funded national assets as "debt" so that they can sell them to the globalists. On surface their rhetoric looks like it is pro-free market as they propose that "private enterpise must replace the state". So much for a "socialist". But as with the term socialism being nothing more than a euphemism to hide something sinister, as I explained above, so their "pro-free market" rhetoric is just a facade too. Because it is not healthy competition that they promote, but corporatism and the takeover of every asset by a very specific international cartel. The market is rendered "free" only for them, while it is unfree for everyone else who must either accept dependency (as slave worker, basically) or excluded altogether. So it is the corporation, not the "market", that acts as the "invisible hand" that determines the rules of trade, from employment and prices to financial and legal (de)regulations.

Anonymous said...

Paul Craig Roberts' take on the story:

Anonymous said...

May 18, 2011 1:53 AM

Keep watching the Bansksters and Elitsters. Their alliance is at an end and it is the night of the long knives.

As for the Bin Laden "story", if the USA Govt wasn't a proven liar and back stabbing double dealer, people might believe what they say.