Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's About Their Own Words, Nothing Else

Wikileaks was fake cointel from the beginning

The whole purpose of Wikileaks may have been to plant one idea into the global media in advance

The rest of the crap from Wikileaks may have been nothing but fluff and window dressing.

It's a big plan. They've patiently carried it out one step at a time. Saturating the public with agitprop for over a decade.

These are the interesting times. Like that Chinese curse. Stay watchful, rubes. Step up your preps. Getting weird around here.

Nanobrained Joyce Behar on THE VIEW was squawking about the poor woman used a human shield at the same time the White House was modifying their story on another screen side by side. Right. So they lied, Joyce. What story will they offer next? The Behars of the world have no instinctive sense of true and false. True and false is what somebody else tells them to think.

Heavily engineered euphoria lasts nearly 8 hours before ZOGBux resume tumble

Good going guys. That fixed everything. These people are klowns.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how incompetent the Obama administration and his handlers are.

I actually gave Obama the benefit of the doubt on the birth certificate, but now that I've seen the bad forgery, something is amiss.

And now the death of Bin Laden is being questioned openly.

Anonymous said...

This one is a documentary made for the Turkish state-owned television channel TRT, primarily for supporting their same old & retarded Pan-Turkic "theories".

The interesting part I have stumbled upon is the one between 3:50 and 4:05. This guy is a religious leader of the small Lithuanian Karaite community at his synagogue in Vilnius.

Translation of what the guy is saying:

-Askenazlar bize belge verdiler.
-Ustunde bizim Israilogullarindan gelmedigimiz yaziyordu.
-Biz Turkuz. Dilimiz Turk dilidir.

-The Ashkenazim provided us with documents.
-In the documents, it said that we were not descended from the Israelites.
-We are Turkish. Our language is the Turkish language.

Now this is what I would call the "shifting the blame" game. The "blame" here is being NOT descended from the ancient Israelites. Being descended from the Israelites is the number one claim of the Zionist movement and is of fundamental importance for furthering their agenda. The Ashkenazim sly foxes here are basically blaming the whole non-Israelite origin on a small group of their close relatives who once upon a time popped up in the same area at the same time with them as the "jews of the east" deep in Eastern Europe. They both share the same ancestral origin in the conversion of the Khazar Orcs.

They are trying to lay all the blame of being the sole inheritors of the Khazarian heritage to this small sect of their relatives, comprised of less than 5,000 people throughout the world, who absolutely REJECTS the Talmud. The Karaites completely reject the Babylonian Talmud. It is an undisputed scientific fact that the Khazars have been converted by the Talmudist Babylonian bastards and they held that wretched book sacred as all the ashkies do today. Almost all of the priest-caste Pharisaic rabbi families of the Khazar's converters like the Kohanim and the Levites from Babylon moved to settle in their capital city, Atil.

How interesting, sending Ashkenazim envoys to the Karaites, showing them "documents" and convincing them that they're the only ones who are not descended from the Israelites. The Talmud-Thumping Ashkenazim are the "pure" Israelites, of course. You couldn't make this stuff up. "Our language is the Turkish language", LOL, as if "Yiddish" has anything to do with the ancient Hebrew language.

If anyone here had the slightest doubt about the Ashkenazim being the descendants of the Khazar Orks and the vast majority of the Zionazi hordes having sh*t all to do with the ancient Israelites, all your doubts should have disappeared into thin air by now. I don't know, maybe those farcical "dna tests" they have released to disprove the "anti-semitic" Khazar origin theories might have fooled some of you at one point. It seems that one was just one of their tricks to cover their tracks, lol...

“My family were proud members of the Jewish community that Nebuchadnezzar established. When the Babylonian captivity ended and many Jews returned to Jerusalem, my ancestors stayed behind. I am always conscious of history. My sensibilities are rooted in antiquity.”

/\ These creatures from Babylon, the "corrupted Israelites", the "Serpent's seed" or whatever you may want to call them are far worse than their lowly Khazar minions in my opinion. There was great evil in Babylon and it was this evil clique which has fashioned these Finno-Turkic barbarians into the "jews of the east". They served them well and still continue to do so. Although, it is very interesting that the Medieval Persian geographer Estakhri described that a small elite caste of red-haired&tall white people with blue eyes ruled over the common Khazar populace who were swarthy mongoloids. Just who the hell are these red-haired giants that appear everywhere anyway, the Nephilim?