Thursday, May 19, 2011

Investing In Survival Behind Your Back

Notice how the elites are telling people the economy is in recovery and for the past ten years all they have done is buy agricultural land in foreign countries as exit strategies.

All the "authorities" the Sapiens look to for their leadership are in fact no leaders. They are opportunists planning to ditch the peasants to their well deserved fate as soon as TSHTF. George Carlin never spoke truer words when he said they don't give a f*ck about you.

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Anonymous said...


The Chermans had this down to a science last century

Patient and Lutheran Minister Rev Harold went down to Brasilia to help his son celebrate Christmas a few years ago; Lucent Technologies head-hunted his son from the US Navy, and when he balked at going down to incept the office at that time, they said 'bring the whole family ... here's a card !

Reverend Harold comes back, says "Doc, bet you could go to some of the best Oktoberfests you'd ever want to in Brazil"

The Insider ratio of Sell - Buy has been running in the neighborhood of 1000 : 1

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