Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Human Brain Is Broken By Design

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I think the brains of Homo Sapiens are designed with a kill switch internally any time that conversation or thoughts become relevant. If they try to think seriously about anything ala Harrison Bergeron, their minds become anxious and disturbed until they stop doing that.

I've only had a half century to observe them at close range.

Their brains don't work good on purpose. That's been my conclusion for over a year.

Somebody said "Slaves don't need the capacity for self-reflection. We'll insert a behaviour that causes extreme irritation in the brain when people stop to reflect seriously on anything. When they go off-topic again, we will reward them with a burst of hallucinogen. This will keep their heads down. You don't want these creatures able to reason like Neanderthals. That's a free range hominid. These will be single purposed creatures that will stay on task when assigned."


Anonymous said...

Doesn’t Obama know what year it is? President signs Westminster Abbey guestbook 2008!

Can you imagine the field day, the anti-white leftards would have, if bimbo Sarah Palin made a mistake like that?

Of course they will lose their sense of humor immediately, if anyone mentions Teleprompter Boy's, boo boo.

"KKK-Nazi-Hater-Racist-Tea Baggers!"

Anonymous said...

Mr T

Read Hall on Learning Theory ... if you aren't busy with other things [ joke FAIL]

As a subject [modern Chimpulus] approaches a novel or serious subject/task, their anxiety rises. WITHDRAWAL from that novelty lowers arousal, and is thereby REINFORCED.

Intensive goal oriented activity necessarily involves a certain amount of negative CNS activity, which can easily be accomodated ... if the individual is a conscious Human. IF. Big IF

TV actually lowers brainwave activity and basal metabolism to levels LOWER than sleep.

ZombieVille is an intentional result ... which is why it's called "programming"


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, your favorite charlatan Stepehen Hawkings is at it again:

It seems a quack that has no proven scientific theory in his belt feels obliged to dismiss the faith of past genius such as Newton and Pascal.

Anonymous said...

Hi TexasArcane.

Mass gatherings in Greece are interesting. Dumb spaiens think the crowd madness around the world is caused only by economic reasons.
People start to behave like those hordes of dead animals, they are losing orientation and don't know what to do next, so they go out to the streets.

I remember this quote form "Mouth of Madness":

"and it starts here
in this place...
with an evil that returns
and takes over Hobb's End...
piece by piece,
starting with the children.
It's about people
turning into things...
creatures that aren't
human anymore."

Now lets quote wikipedia: "Greece was the first area in Europe where advanced early civilizations emerged"

And what about riots in Egypt?

Only one conclusion:


Anonymous said...

Just look at this crowd:

The doom is painted all over their faces. Poor sheep with no hope and no future. The first mass victims of what is coming to this planet of fail.

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting portion of the book Battlefield Earth 3000 that deals with this subject. The Psychlos had implants that prevented them from thinking about certain subjects. I know it is a hubbard book but the premise was forward thinking nonetheless.

I too have seen people glaze over and unconsciously switch subjects when asked a question that requires thought. When they can't just barf up the standard consensus view and actually need to think to answer the question, they become agitated and tense until the subject changes.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Celente was on the Jeff Rense radio show recently and apparently an unexpected trend has begun to emerge for Celente.

An increasing no. of subscribers and people who follow his work are starting to state that they cannot handle the constant dire reality of the economic and geopolitical state of the world and as such, are beginning to steer clear of Celente's work.

Basically a head in the sand approach. One woman commented that she is now going to steer her life towards positive thinking.
Positive thinking being able to pay off her mortgage and keep the sociopaths at bay of course...

- deadman

Anonymous said...

Humans are so full of failure.

2011 and we arent even close to the Mars.
I bet that any other humanoids would at least have a complex bases on the Moon and fully working AI.

Poor Arthur C. Clarke, even he couldnt predict how much humans will be retarded in future. "2001: A Space Odyssey" makes modern humans look like those monkeys at the beggining of the movie.