Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homo Sapiens Is a Genetically Engineered Slave Race Made To Obey Orders

On May 10th, 2010, about fifteen minutes after I first read the press release about our Neanderthal genes, I had about five million isolated pieces of information I had gathered over fifty years come together in an epiphany so strong I thought I would faint. The first thing I thought of was the Curse of Humbaba. It all came back to me so sharply it was like someone had adjusted the focus on my brain for the first time in my life. So many things that had never made any sense to me, suddenly were so obvious it was impossible to deny the connections.

"Enkidu, rodeo clown, bullback rider, bastard son who does not know his own father! We the gods see now you are the most dangerous of Enki's creations! You alone were given craft, memory, clairvoyance, inference, discernment, creativity ... as a joke! We believed no creature who was made subject to the female would ever challenge the gods! How could a creature who has his dog to sleep in his bed ever raise his hand against us! We see now it was a mistake we shall rectify!

"The other races of Enki were all instilled with flaws in their nature that insured they would never rebel against their masters and counterbalanced to make certain they would bicker amongst themselves. We knew that 'the wrestler,' the 'man with no waist', the wild man of the forest, the 'little professor' as we call him in the heavens, was the only man who would ever challenge us! For this reason, we shall bring the nightmare of Gilgamesh to pass. The black ash and the 'burning sky' shall obliterate this generation of men and when the sky clears, the race of the Enkidu shall be no more, it will be a living ghost, you shall never know peace, Enkidu! Gilgamesh, you love your brother and think you will never be separated from him, yet we will blot out his memory under the heavens and the day will come when you shall not recognize Enkidu even if he was standing right in front of you! The gods have decreed that the Enkidu will pass out of human memory and be forgotten as though they had never existed!"

- The Curse of Humbaba, from THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH


Tom Fahy said...

Hi, Tex,

This is an important post to me, and more so as time wears on. I woke this morning in the dark, slipped quietly out of bed so as not to wake my wife, who woke anyway, as she too is a light sleeper (guarding the perimeter); was met at once by the German shepherd, who followed me out of the bedroom, past the sleeping baby's room and into the office, where she lies now, patiently waiting for breakfast.

I woke and recalled this particular post of yours from several years ago. Woke feeling as though it had been written for me -- for the person I would become; the person I would better understand ... as I leave my 30s behind, yet feel now stronger and younger than when I was but a boy. Stronger!

And keenly aware that I must possess a handful of readily identifiable physiological signatures that raises a quiet, confused ire in the broken species by which I am surrounded. You always know when you run into one of your own, though the instances of bumping into genetic kinsmen are precious few. One notes the eyes, first, naturally: the unmistakable look of the 'living ghost...' The soldierly posture, muscled upper back ... and most curious, the absence of a waist. And I have my own reaction when observing the hordes, circling, all with waists like wasps... I feel first pity, knowing instinctively that inside they possess no intrinsic reserve of simmering, below-the-surface power, the likes of which we know well, but use conservatively...

The narrow waisted...who expect from the men with no waists a quiet subservience -- doormatism. I left my job last year to command my own ship, knowing fully that there could be no advance in an environment in which saps protect themselves -- circle the wagons at the first whiff of reason...

Tomorrow I will be 40 and I feel as though my life has just begun, with so much to accomplish. I am raising my first child with a woman who quite by chance has the same proportion of Thal genes as I and zero markers for the genetic ailments that plague the children of hobbled men -- the 'other races of Enki.'

Your is a site that I have visited regularly for several years and I have never properly thanked you very the generosity of your thought and willingness to share in public your inimitable views.

Thank you, Tex.

Regards from the 'Stain,


Texas Arcane said...


Thank you. I blog up here not to build a brand or impress strangers but just as an echo chamber hoping that every once in a while someone like you will hear it and benefit from it somehow. Nobody ever told me any of these things and you are indebted to pass information on to your kinsmen if you find it. I worry I will not say something that somebody find useful, I know 99 people will laugh at me at wonder what on earth I am talking about. It's the one guy like you I am hoping will hear something in it.

I bet it would change a lot of lives if more people knew that there are others like them and we have different requirements from other people. They are like the elves raising Will Ferrell in the movie of the same name - Will Ferrell is not an elf and should not be made to feel guilty because he can't build 1000 toys an hour like a machine. I think you know what I mean.