Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hollywood Propaganda : Anybody Who Builds A Shelter Or Prepares For Future Is A Paranoid Schizophrenic

Blew me away. I never knew this until Hollywood told me itz true. Televitz commentators will no doubt cluck their tongues and confirm itz all an extremely trueness factoid we should all memorize. It's possible some of the recently deceased residents of Joplin, Missouri might disagree right about the time they cleared the convection layer at 1500+ feet aboveground.

Actually, the genes that govern anxiety about the future and a desire to remain in a prepared state were introduced 38,000 years ago through interbreeding with Neanderthal females. They had gotten it from an R&D process of over a half million years, which neanderthals survived handily and dominated the planet by expressing such genes at all times. These same genes are linked to pessimism about the future, vigilance and distrust of strangers. There were probably millions of Neanderthals who didn't express these qualities in their makeup. They all died and the Neos who had these qualities survived. Pretty much settles that argument.

I'm always amused at the dry liberals who pretend to coyly psychoanalyze preppers like it is some form of mental illness. Do you know what bug-eyed crazy really is? It's living in the year 2011 and not seeing anything wrong. These people will be pulling a two hundred man diversity gangbang train in their a**holes and still shaking their heads in irritation. "What, this? Sure, I guess you could see the downside here. That's the nature of confirmation bias." They'll be pulling a twelve hour shift as a man whore in a Red Chinese comfort camp set up by the U.N. and going "I think our nation is going through some important changes, of course. That's what makes every day interesting. For me it's just another opportunity to learn about myself."


Anonymous said...

Tex, I have not watched the movie, but I heard from someone who did that there is actually a huge twist at the ending which you might have ignored.

SPOILERS: After ruining the life of his family and admitting that he needs professional help, the "insane survivalist" ends up actually being right in the end. The apocalypse actually happens at the movie climax.

So, the movie might be actually more than a stupid propaganda piece aimed at discrediting suvivalists, specially if there is any true depth behind the shock ending. Might want to look into it.

Solsys said...

Anon 609

This is extremely interesting. I haven't seen the movie yet, but from I read in your post, I think we are going to witness the entry into "sheeple prepping".

The way the movie is structured leads to this conclusion : "You happened to be right, for the wrong reasons".

Which means there is a "reasonable" way of prepping, and then there are lunatics who, although they seem to reach to good conclusions, are completely mistaken because they are insane.

This is the point where true survivalists will be hunted down, and some mass-media soothing campaign will try to regain control of anxiety, and turn it into a PTB-friendly direction. Maybe something in the line of "community shelters" which will be as safe and well managed as public schools are in the USA.

Anyway, the main thing about survivalism is not the shelter. As Tex says, it's the thought process that leads to it. It could lead to a whole number of different solutions, depending on the issue at hand.

As I've already said a dozen times, survivalists are those who rock the house of cards. Their lack of cooperation with the society-wide swindle (see "Apocalypto" for a massively desilusional and crumbling society) and their impressive results (at low cost, high efficiency, little time) is an alternative model.

Problem is, it is not an alternative that can sustain large populations.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising considering it's from the director of "Revolutionary Road". A movie that is anti-family, pro-feminist, pro-abortion, presented the 1950's values as bad, and glorifies adopting our own set of (secular) values and godless morality as a replacement for religious authority. His movies have an agenda.

Anonymous said...

It must be tough being a neanderthal in a world of homo sapiens. I'd guess you've always felt you were different, didn't quite fit in. You always had a clarity of vision that others didn't have. And bones made of titanium.

It must have been a relief when you realized that you're a neanderthal.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that the comfort camp arse-worker will feel "empowered".


Anonymous said...

JP Farrel comments on Japan, the crazy weather and Vladimir Zhirinovsky's recent remarks on Russian TV.

Anonymous said...

Bet you never seen a Rainbow like this one (after Joplin tornado)

Anonymous said...

Beat me to it hendo! Preppers are so un PC just ask the vitzmafia in Hollyweird


Anonymous said...

Ever see pictures of the ancient underground complex called Derinkuyu in modern Turkey? Link:

This complex is 18 stories deep and is carved from solid rock. It could house 100,00 people.

Wikipedia says of it: 'First built by the Phrygians in the 8th-7th centuries B.C according to the Turkish Department of Culture, the underground city at Derinkuyu was enlarged in the Byzantine era. The oldest written source about underground cities is the writings of Xenophon (ca. 431 – 355 BC). In his Anabasis he writes that the people living in Anatolia had excavated their houses underground, living well in accommodations large enough for the family, domestic animals, and supplies of stored food'.

I guess the people who dug this unbelievable structure were paranoid schizophrenics as well. I cannot even imagine the cost and effort of building this today, let alone when it was actually made, which is probably much older then the archaeologists say it is.

People, we weren't the first or necessarily the most advanced civilization that occurred on this world.

The ancient civilizations that were really advanced have seen their remains disintegrated completely, and their immediate descendants were smart enough and capable enough to build things like Derinkuyu. Then their later descendants regressed further into hunter-gathers and began the long, slow technological advancement to what we have today.

I say "Technological Advancement" despite the fact that the only basic things we developed that separates us from the Romans are the internal combustion engine and the discovery and use of radio waves. That's it.

Anonymous said...

I also recall that insufferable ass Mr. Cooper in "Night of the Living Dead" was right all along about hiding in the basement while the noble black man was dead wrong thinking he could stave off a horde of flesh-eating zombies from several points of entry upstairs.

Hollywood is full of idiot liberals who get their fulfillment of artistic catharsis by bashing the targets of their hatred. Best to ignore them, so that their hissy fits get ignored and only recoup a fraction of the production costs while they flop around on the festival circuit.

Movies, television and mainstream news are only getting a fraction of the audience that the internet gets today.

Limbaugh was considered a rebel and a breath of fresh air twenty years ago as he was a controlled opposition frontman meant to draw a white audience towards the semitically-correct color blind version of conservatism. He only draws a fraction of his former audience today. The MSM created Fox News, Glenn Beck and the like to continue this meme. Alex Jones is the last of the line, as he just spews out a color blind semitic-approved version of anti-NWO conspiracy theory on radio and television.

That being said, I find Jones to be amusing as he gets into a lot of mental gymnastics to not name that one specific ethnic group that we're not allowed to talk about. He even argues that the NWO conspiracy for world government are the intellectual heirs of Hitler and takes great pains to prove that the NWO wants to implement a eugenics program similar to the Nazis.

Really? I'd like to ask Alex why do our elites spend untold billions in aid to Africa with no strings attached thus allowing them to increase their population beyond their carrying capacity? If the NWO plan was to really create a single world government reserved for 500 million europeans, then I'd be the first to sign up to join them!

No Alex, the NWO hates the white man, and they are not into eugenics. Far from it.

Anonymous said...

"That being said, I find Jones to be amusing as he gets into a lot of mental gymnastics to not name that one specific ethnic group that we're not allowed to talk about."

Alex Jones is married to one of those we dare not name.

Alex Jones is a White Anti-White and White Anti-Whites, far out number those, we dare not name.

Like all anti-whites, those we dare not name, take advantage of a weakness, that has always been in White people.

If we don't address and remove that weakness, it will always be taken advantage of.