Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Found Tom Chittum's Site Again

Tom Chittum moves around a lot. I found his latest web site. He's been migrating around every year or so for the past fifteen years I've been reading him.

Chittum is without question the hardest of the hardcore. It's truth rubbed so raw it screeches like nails dragged across a blackboard. His accounts of some of his fighting in Vietnam, Rhodesia, Croatia and many former strongholds of western civilization is way too real for most of the Tom Clancy armchair brigade to stomach. It's not reality most of them are interested in, it's wish fulfillment and escapism to try to dodge the pain of being forced to think.

Chittum thinks the Illuminati are going to win and the sheeple are going to die. Nearly everything that has happened in the past five years he was writing about in detail back in 1994 last century. There's scarcely a prediction he has made that has not turned out to be eerily prophetic.

I always think when I lose track of him that he has suicided but he always seems to turn up again. If you think you have the nerve, you can touch on some of his classics at his current site.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

Thanks. His past writing on future America was spot on. reminded me Harry Seldons' work in the Foundation Series.

The patient is terminal, gone, decerebrate, merely being propped up with O2 and fluids


Anonymous said...

Heh, just discovered this guy from one of Chittum's links. Really cool documentaries, finally I found a Skandinavian fella who isn't a total socialistic f*ggot. You seem to find a lot more jews who are anti-communists than the vast majority of the nords nowadays, which is really funny when you think about it.