Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everything They Put On Televitz is True


Anybody who says different is a hater. Don't be hatin' on me hater. Hate laws prove that hate laws work against hatin' by haters. Everyone who doubts is some kind of hater.

Televitz says that anybody who suspects anything they hear on televitz is not true is a conspiracy nut, because nobody on televitz ever lies about anything. Only a nut would believe their rulers may be nuts and liars as well, in spite of the fact that one out of five people is a sociopath or psychopath. That fact is a hater fact. Stop your hatin' hater. Love is the answer and the best way to show love is to shoot your enemies in the head, shoot any women in the room three times, then throw their bodies into the sea. They were all going for their guns when I double tapped 'em. Typical haters be hatin' on me.

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j said...

The fact that "conspiracy" is a verboten word in our society should be enough to set off alarm bells in the mind of anyone who has one. I'm still amazed that it's apparently not. Just who benefits from "conspiracy theories" being the hallmark of social unacceptability? Just why does the media tell us endlessly that, if you believe "conspiracy theories," you will be ostracized and lose mating prospects? Could this be any more transparent?

The tragedy of mankind is that we are at once so intelligent and so oblivious. Maybe you're on to something with your theory of neanderthals; it would explain a lot.