Friday, May 13, 2011

Community Release Care Works In Tenerife

I think it was Marc Widdowson who wrote about the loss of the ability to restrain madmen in declining civilizations. He illustrated this with Roman philosophers who advocated dropping their pants and masturbating in the streets because it was "natural" and therefore "wrong to inhibit in any way." Socrates himself defecated and urinated in public because he said it was a "natural function" of the body. After a while, people just stop noticing ... caring ... acting.

In the end, every declining civilization simply becomes a circus of madmen who are unrestrained - it could be regarded as the ultimate expression of "multiculturalism." All norms of civilized behaviour vanish and give way to a freeform chaos of schizophrenic histrionics. The lunatics act at random and do whatever they please and the citizens just stand mute and frozen, unable to even condemn such things or remember why they were objectionable.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of mad men in our society:

Yet More Jewish Attacks on White People in the Media:

Robert Iger, CEO of ABC/Disney (owned by “dual citizen” Israeli Jew Stanley Gould through Shamrock Holdings), excitedly just announced a new show he’s going to run this fall on national TV called “Good Christian Bitches.”

Seriously, this minority is absolutely nuts. They may as well be playing "Matador" on the freeway.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Peyser, creepy Jewess NY Post reporter, writing about the wedding of British royals Prince William and Kate Middleton, called the affair “disturbingly white.”

Imagine anyone writing “disturbingly black” for a wedding in Africa, or how about “disturbingly Jewish” for a wedding in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Tel Aviv?

kwj said...

@anon 11:40pm
What do you expect from a culture that spent thousands of years enslaved to crazy pharoahs?

Anonymous said...

It's called "The Dismal Tide". The slow descent of all things decent and good into oblivion, and the rise of all things sordid and evil.

I go out to shop and see people walking around in the most outlandish outfits imaginable, unshaven, unwashed and generally looking disgusting.

For those that exist in the Kwa, just go into a Wal Mart on a Saturday and witness the three ring circus of weird characters waddling about.

You know, if you're poor and cannot afford decent clothing, you at least can wash your face and hair and shave once in a while.

And girls, If you are obese, please don't wear skin tight outfits or those midriff cut tops with hip hugger pants that show all that fat hanging out. It's nauseating.

And guys, if you are a lard ass, please don't consider super baggy clothes as some kind of fashion statement. You look like an idiot.

This is not mentioning the filthy language, loud screeching to one another in any public venue and the endless scratching of your privates. Just like monkeys in a zoo.

It's sad that the younger white people are adopting these slovenly habits from the 'roids, but this is just part of what one gets when one lives in a society where there exist no honor and no shame.