Friday, May 13, 2011

Cleanliness Is Human Progress

I've given up trying to talk to anybody about the profound effect on civilization that mandating lowering boiler temperatures in the name of "conserving energy" has had on the Western world. I think I may have blogged before about this, in case I have not here it is : mold and fungus are nothing to be trifled with. They may be the single most important biological culture in existence in terms of their impact on human health. Modern life is sickly, smelly, sticky and gamey because of the government's interference in the use of the most ancient technology of them all ... boiling water.

In the 1950's, nearly every single post-war home was rendered far more hygienic by the widespread ubiquitous use of real hot water in washing machines and boilers. I'm not talking about that lukewarm swamp tea you call "hot water" now. You probably don't know any better. You think that stuff is "hot water." The 1950's didn't just seem clean, pressed and white - it was. How do you think mold and fungus travel around your home? They use your clothing and body to do so. If your laundry doesn't sterilize your sheets and garments, they never get sterilized. Instead, you walk around a fungal colony, eating your fungus food and drinking your moldy cocktails topped with a healthy dose of spores. Do you really think with that much sugar in your diet you could possibly avoid becoming a human fungus sponge? Impossible.

At this point, it's not accurate to say you have a "little bit of mold" in your tissues and organs. Your mold has a little bit of you in it. You couldn't make this stuff up.

The government thought it was a good idea, however. Like anything they stick their hands into.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

Just thinking ... I get plenty of UV riding and playing peasant in the dirt, plus we live in NM. That, plus a few other things can protect the 'castle walls' from assault by microorgs. The other things would be olive oil [ full of oleocanthol - antiinflammatory and protects DNA against transcriptional errors ], Bag Balm, and allantoin creams.

If ...IF .. I were underground, I'd have UV lights as part of my stocks, both for dermal synthesis of VitD and for skin health

Check out the HalfPastHuman recent report DSA#20. Tick tick tick


Ed said...


Glad to see another citation. Here's a water-temp and common-sense related one from another website in the Mises universe:

"A Turn of the Screw"

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...


Good article, and Tuckers' archives are equally interesting



Anonymous said...

Like hot water too, mine runs a bit hot.

U.V. exposure on the clothes line under a bright sun also.

Chlorine bleach, of course. To x5 its effectiveness: try 4 liters water add 250 ml bleach, then add 250 ml white vinegar (shifts pH). The resultant antiseptic solution will make your eyes water.

Anonymous said...

Back to the future - oxen making a comeback on small farms.