Friday, May 27, 2011

Cell Phones Are A Result of Black Hole Research

... and many other truistic true-style truisms.

Some of these guys are in Shoah business. Other guys are just in show business. Whether academia, law, politics or some other flim-flammery like astrophysics, it's all just different ways to avoid having to work at a real day job.

I always think of Yoda when these guys start to pitch this hooey. "Enlightened, I am." Yes, I bet you are, Yoda.

Increasingly, people are realizing that the majority of all tenured, institutionalised (!) academia generates effectively zero, nothing, nada, zilch and in return they spend their entire lives in idleness at taxpayer expense. Formal academia is high quality, complex welfare for people otherwise no more employable than most bums and vagrants. People like this never make anything better. They just make such a wild display of sophistry and gibberish that they stun others into assuming they must be smart.

It bugs me in particular this whole business of post-plagiarism for the past 38,0000 years. The Neanderthal hybrids have been in the trenches with the soldiering iron in hand all these millennia and when they come up with new technologies, be it a new flint arrow head or the cell phone, there is always a Sapiens in the wings claiming credit for it. This is not a trivial phenomenon. For every real Neo-hybrid innovator, there are at least a thousand people taking accolades for his work. I just see it as the Philo Farnsworth/William Shockley effect over and over again. Whether it's a Nobel peace prize for Barack Obama or Al Gore, you see this tragic circumstance repeated again and again. In addition to world peace, Al Gore also invented the internet. See what I'm talking about? Jacob means Swindler in Hebrew. It's a person who gets by as a result of leeching off somebody else. Does God love the parasitic and infertile over the creative and innovative? There's something to think about.


Anonymous said...

Just as there is nothing less “common” than common sense, there is nothing that is less simple than simple truth.

Even my many enemies admit that I am highly intelligent and have been there and done that, but I am still discovering new “common sense” ideas and new “simple truths” every DAY.

I have met many, many geniuses like William Shockley, who invented the transistor, and every one of them sounds like he just arrived on Planet Earth yesterday. They are always talking breathlessly about a new idea they have run into.

These real geniuses couldn’t be less like the popular idea of a Scholar, Mommy Professor’s Intellectual.. The Scholar is pictured as repeating Aristotle or Ancient Wisdom or Political Correctness. Real intellectuals are the exact opposite.

Bob Whitaker.

Anonymous said...

So you went from converted atheist to aspergers to neanderthal genes.

What will you think of next to bolster your own ego?

You've definately got a good view on global events Tex and there's obviously brains behind the madness but sometimes I worry about you.

You're like a cult-leader who starts to believe his own bullshit.