Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Billionaires Plan To Escape Dystopian Collapsed Countries Onboard Megafortresses At Sea Permanently

Interesting. A lot of money spent on these floating refuges.

Amongst other questions - where do you dock for resupply once things get bad enough? I foresee the ship itself becoming a death trap.


Anonymous said...

And once the boat operators and essential crew/muscle/techs realize that the Perfumed Mandarins are dead weight ? ... ?

Adios Dead Weight


Anonymous said...

I wonder what defences such ships would have? When they start having Aegis cruisers etc cruising alongside, then perhaps I will take this a bit more seriously. The ships look too vulnerable to pretty much anything.....

Anonymous said...

OhioDude is right. Same with those survival communities built underground for the very rich.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who guards the guards?

Anonymous said...

Jerry Ahern explored this premise in one of his The Survivalist series- John Rourke came across a vault where the servants had revolted and taken the place of the Owners; their descendants then solved the overpopulation problem by castrating the extra, and sending them outside to become cannibals...a frightening portent.....