Thursday, May 26, 2011

AIPAC Is Disgusted By Filthy Peasant Protests

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Anonymous said...

Brother Nathaniel to the rescue!

Man, that guy always manages to lighten me up!

I have to admit that I haven't really been properly exposed to any of the Talmud-Thumping Khazar Ashkenazim nor the Sabbatean Doenmeh Romaniote Jews in real life...

All of the "jews" I have ever known, who were my neighbors in the place I have spent my childhood were all from the Sephardi Diaspora who escaped from the Spanish Inquisition with the help of the Ottoman Sultan and found shelter in the Ottoman lands, mostly in the great city of Constantinopolis.

All of the Sephardim I knew in my childhood were good people. I have visited their houses in many occasions for playing with their kids who were my good friends, my parents gladly allowed me to enter their houses because they've trusted them, considered them good neighbors and friends and usually visited each others houses for dinner and tea.

While in their houses as a kid, I have witnessed their worship times, often got curious and asked about their worship: Which book did they hold sacred above all? They've always answered me "the Torah" and never the Talmud. I've seen them praying with a book open and when I've asked them which one it was, they've always answered me that it was the Torah.

Today as an adult at 24 years of age, I know the Sephardi folk here as great industrialists, entrepreneurs and skilled artists and craftsmen. Trustworthy people to do business with and not anything like the swindlers of Babylon and Khazaria. Loyal citizens to the country, too. While some of the Sephardim here visit or even move to Israel, the vast majority of them just don't give a f**k about IsraHELL. I've even heard disdain from them towards Israhell although they didn't share too many details for their reasons, it was like they didn't want anything to do with Israhell. They almost wanted to avoid it, in fact.

I can understand why, though. I can understand their reasons so well it hurts my mind and soul. To be unjustly associated with something like Israhell and its rulers and most inhabitants must be the most terrible thing imaginable for them. They must be cursing the Zionazis more than us intelligent goyim around the world ever does.