Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 : The Herald Of The Black Swan

I got an email last night from a guy who has been ridiculing me for about ten years.

He said he is quitting his job and moving to the outback on a mountain ridge. He also asked how did I know about all these things in advance. I told him to read the blog and he'd know how I knew about these things. People who cannot learn or reason do not really believe anyone else can either. This is why they always figure you must be a prophet or have some supernatural insight in order to know which way the wind is blowing. Think about that and it explains a lot about true human nature.

Humans trust their own minds far less than the opinions of others. They actually believe it is proof of some pathology to think independently of the herd. They won't necessarily come out and say these things in the open. It is their real conviction at a deep level, however.

Since humans trust the opinions of others and the apparent consensus, imagine how powerful you could be if you could buy up media and manufacture that consensus. That's all it takes to program them like robots to do what you want and think what you tell them to.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

Signs are everywhere, if eyes are open and paying attention. Right there, if you are in contact with reality.

The troops are already active .... Drudge does headlines well, here's todays YOURO update [Youths of Undetermined Racial Origin]

'I was scared for my life'...

Poet 'Da Real One' Gunned Down In Front Of Miami Poetry Cafe...

Violent crime explodes in Myrtle during Black Bike Week; 8-hour hell...

Rib Fest At Rochester beach turns rowdy...

Riot On Long Island...

Urban Melee In Charlotte...

Chaos causes DNC concern for convention...

Unruly urban crowd shuts down Nashville water park...



Anonymous said...

Sorry, unrelated, and I know you don't want to associate this place with paranormal speculation, but if you haven't read Colin Wilson's "Afterlife", you should. It's a serious, sceptical study of the evidence for life after death from a scientific point of view, written by an obviously intelligent man who became famous at 24 as author of "The Outsider". It touches on other paranormal matters as well, such as telepathy. I never really took these things seriously until I read it. According to Wilson, it is revealed in C.G. Jung's letters that even Jung thought, contrary to his public statements, that the powers of the subconscious couldn't explain all paranormal phenomena. Yes, Wilson reaches the shocking conclusion that these phenomena are likely to exist outside the imagination.

I think it's a serious matter that merits investigation from someone with your intellectual abilities, and in any case if you leave behind a ghost when you die wouldn't you want to know and be able to prepare? I remember from somewhere, possibly incorrectly, that early Christians believed in reincarnation (the soul getting a new life in a new body after the death of the previous body until the soul becomes good enough to unite with God and no longer has to return to live upon earth), so even as a Christian you might want to investigate this subject if you already haven't. If you have, I'd like to know what you think (not just about life after death, but other paranormal things as well).

Anonymous said...

Long time reader - first time commenter.

I've found your theme song, Tex.

Don't know about your tastes in music, but whenever I hear this song, I think of you...

...and whenever I log onto this blog, I hear this song in my head.

"When the Wild Wind Blows" by Iron Maiden

Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03

The early Christian Church believed in reincarnation until the Council of Nicea when the powerplayers got together, laid down the dogma, a few Greek women [Hypatia] who were scientists got flayed to the bone and the groundwork for the Holy Roman Church was set

Anonymous said...

Tex said:
"Humans trust their own minds far less than the opinions of others."

Truer words have never been said.

Anonymous said...

At Anonymous May 31, 2011 1:43 PM

First off there is no evidence whatsoever that mainstream christians of yore believed in reincarnation, in case you don't know reincarnation is a Hindu teaching, an idea so ridiculous Aristoteles rejected it. If you are talking about Gnostics that's a whole different story and they were not even christians to begin with, they were heretics. Second of all please read history books preferably published before the 70's in reference to the Council of Nicea and stop spouting such non-sense, the Catholic Church whether you like or not existed way before then and that church created your bible and I'm speaking as a former atheist.

Anonymous said...

Bah, he's not stupid or mentally ill, he's typical.

Black Woman Pulls out Sword in Pizza Hut

Don't worry Marxist Manboons, its just culture that makes them act up like that.

They've been apprenticed to white folks in America for 100s of years and they'll start acting civilized ("white"), real soon. lol

Anonymous said...

Another moronic article: "So far in 2011, we have seen a record number of tornadoes, unprecedented flooding, rampant earthquakes, disturbing volcanic eruptions and a tsunami in Japan that none of us will ever forget."

We haven't seen more tornadoes. What we have seen is the tornadoes hitting populated areas instead of farmland.

We had much worse flooding in the early '90's. All volcanic eruptions are "disturbing." The tsunami was horrible, but we had a terrible one a few years ago. This stuff happens, and as the globe gets more and more populated, natural disasters have a higher chance of hitting dense population areas.

Looking at this stuff and trying to make sense of it is like looking at clouds. You see a dragon and I see a bunny, and the truth is that it's neither -- it's just clouds.

I guess when you spend years digging holes in the earth you want to believe in death and destruction, because if it's not coming you wasted your time.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 10:33 PM

As I was reading your comment, I was thinking of the psychiatrist in TOTAL RECALL warning Arnie he may well be on the brink of complete mental psychosis ... but he's got a bead of sweat running down the side of his head.

You sound worried. I hope reading Vault-Co isn't upsetting you. Maybe you should stop coming here if it is. Everything is going to be okay, just go back to sleep. We're all going to live in the Smurf world and ride rainbow ponies. That's what is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:42

The belief in reincarnation by the early Church Fathers such as Origen and Clement, and not some "Gnostic Heretics", is a well-established fact. It an echo of pre-Chistian religious dogmas that found their way into the early Church, and which the church in its later attempt to "cleanse" the Christian dogma from declared heretic.

Mainly it was through their acquaintance with Greek philosophy and literature that established this belief, since early Christian teachings were very much influenced from them. Early Christianity had much more in common with Hellenism than it did with Judaism. It's funny that you mention Aristotle because his rival Plato in his allegory of the Cave speaks exactly about this. That man being, as Tex says, a programmed slave, he isn't allowed to see beyond what he's programmed to see. The more precise and systematic the programming the less you're able to perceive. At the same time he thinks he's a free-thinking individual with his own will, which is the biggest illusion inside the cave. Ponder on this the next time you watch the Matrix chewing popcorn.

Anonymous said...

"but he's got a bead of sweat running down the side of his head."

He says he's not worried, but instead of proving it by doing something he actually enjoys, he is wasting his leisure time, coming here and telling you he is not worried.


Anonymous said...

Manboon thinks that solar activity cannot cause these upheavals on earth, and that their most likely cause is the LHR and the scienmajific types:

Anonymous said...

This "prediction" is from about a month before the Japan earthquake.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03 said...

"reincarnation ... an idea so ridiculous Aristoteles rejected it"

It is ridiculous. I mentioned it only because Tex is Christian; I don't have any great interest in the history of Christian thought. On the other hand, the book I recommended found overwhelming evidence for the existence of ghosts, and it would be ridiculous not to consider that evidence just because the existence of ghosts can't be explained by current public science in any very obvious way. The evidence is there. One must consider it or admit that he isn't being rational about it.

Whether some of these ghosts can invade, even take over, the minds of other, living beings is anyone's guess. That might count as reincarnation of some sort. Perhaps they do it only to very young people, and that's another place where reincarnation might come into the discussion.

Incidentally, many Christians used to believe in demonic possession and I suppose still do. If you believe in possession by spirits you might as well believe in possession by angels, and I wonder where the ideas about guardian angels come from, or guidance or voices from God for that matter. Might be some sort of spectral influence in some rare cases.

Not that I would try to explain everything otherwise unexplainable by postulating the existence of ghosts, which one might, after all, explain as some sort of quantum particle trace beings left behind by dying brains as they rot away. The universe seems to be a stranger place than that. Goethe, who as it happens was born at midday, wrote that he once saw a man who looked like him ride past clad in a black and gold suit. Eight years later, Goethe rode down the same road into the same direction wearing the same clothes, and remembered the event from the past. Apparently a completely meaningless coincidence, but strange as heck, likely not just a ghostly prank that took eight years to produce. Of course, you can dismiss the story as a lie or lunacy, but then anyone can dismiss anything as a lie or lunacy. For example, I could say that it's a sign of mental illness, a strong and presistent delusion to believe we aren't living in a virtual world where interesting things such as magic and God exist just because they're interesting and, in a virtual world created by interesting people, they can. You do realise that probability is against anyone who claims he isn't yet a virtual person even though billions of years, perhaps eternities, have passed etc.? That argument by Nick Bostrom. He's right, of course.

So if you want to be rational, you must consider these things impartially, meaning that you look at them the same way you would look at anything else when investigating some phenomenon, like Freddy Foley in Fourth Mansions (the ideal journalist).

It's also possible that these things are kept in the dark so that people wouldn't suddenly start caring too much about how they live their lives. Better to keep 'em focused on their drab day jobs producing tax revenue and buying stuff to keep the "economy" afloat while the Satan worshippers at the top plot for world conquest and possibly the damnation of your soul. Some of your leaders are known to be people who would get a boner for sending innocent people to hell. So there's this practical side to all the speculation as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Enlightenment Anon 1:43

Go back to Atheism, you were at least grounded there. Karol Józef Wojtyła spoke of the evil within the Church.

There is a difference between accepting the teachings and Lordship of Jesus Christ and accepting the position of the institutional church regarding matters of doctrine and faith. Since the Council of Nicea in 325 a.d. the institutional church has taken a strong position against reincarnation. Prior to the Council, there had been active debate within the Christian community regarding the way that humanity is saved: through emulating Jesus or through worshiping him. Based on the writings of Origen of Alexandria, there was a position that human nature is transformed into the divine. The idea was that Jesus became God's Son and thereby demonstrated a universal principle that all created beings can follow. This conflicted with the orthodox position of Bishop Alexander that Jesus had always been God's Son, was of the same essence as God (and therefore was God) and could not be imitated by mere creatures, who lack God's essence. Salvation could come only by accessing God's grace via the Church.

The Holy Roman Church, aka the Sicilian Catholic Church. You mistake organizational imperative for Spirituality. To proton akineton does not dwell in Rome.

And is Aristoteles related to Aristotle ?

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried -- at least not in the sense that you are. I don't see a need to dig holes in the earth and stock them Frosted Flakes.

I read your blog because it's entertaining in the way that a crazy relative is entertaining.

For example, the idea of global warming would fit perfectly into your Cassandra-cry of doom and gloom, except that liberals support this idea so of course you have to run as far away from it as possible.

And you do. Lo and behold, we've started a new ice-age according to you. Or at least that's what you were saying during February. I suppose if our next winter is warmer than usual you'll pretend you never said anything about an ice-age.

You're entertainment. You're a caricature, larger-than-life. I mean, you're a freaking neanderthal! We homo sapiens out-competed your kind a long time ago. Think how delighted we are to see one of you has survived to perform for us. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

"I don't see a need to dig holes in the earth and stock them Frosted Flakes."


You don't see a need to dig holes in the Earth and stock them with Frosted Flakes, but you spend your free time, reading about digging holes in the Earth and stocking them with Frosted Flakes.

"I read your blog because it's entertaining in the way that a crazy relative is entertaining. "


You enjoy spending your precious free time with people, who are in your opinion, lunatics.

"For example, the idea of global warming would fit perfectly into your Cassandra-cry of doom and gloom, "

"I suppose if our next winter is warmer than usual you'll pretend you never said anything about an ice-age. "

Ah so... All becomes clear.

A Global Warmenist Doom Cult Member, has come to criticize a competing "end of the world" ideology.

The Global Warmening Cult does not tolerate competition! All heretics must be burned at the stake, to save their immortal souls!

Anonymous said...

"You don't see a need to dig holes in the Earth and stock them with Frosted Flakes, but you spend your free time, reading about digging holes in the Earth and stocking them with Frosted Flakes."

The above is all your responses seem to consist of. We got it the first time. You think that deep down we really care but just deny it in our comments, blah, blah.

Some of us read this garbage for the same reason we type "teabaggers" into Youtube search, sit back, and have a laugh.

This is certainly no waste of time. I don't think I could ever sit down to a nice big bowl of Frosted Flakes again without perusing such a sideshow, frankly.

- A different Anon

Anonymous said...

7:19 AM

My apologies if I didn´t understand the message you were trying to convey. First of all I never rejected the beliefs in demonic possesion, no real christian would do such a thing. By the way what I was trying to convey is that reincarnation beliefs were not mainstream at all in the first christian communities.

You can see irrefutable proof of this in the comments of those who were martyred and were expecting the rewards in the afterlife, depictions of what the christians at that time believed (Suetonius, Plinius the young, Tacitus, Flavius Josephus). Those testimonies were long before the Council of Nicea.

9:26 AM
By the way Aristoteles is Aristotle in my native language, and the institutional church as you call was not only a necessity but the way our Lord wanted those things to be, otherwise Peter would have never been called to be the leader of that institution. However what today purports to be the so-called Roman Catholic Church is neither catholic nor christian.

If you want more info check