Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When You Cannot Reason or Think, You Turn To Consensus and The Paranormal

Harold Camping is specifically instructed by scripture to never prophesy again, having claimed divine inspiration from the Lord and then failing to prophesy correctly in September 1994. He is told he should never again prophesy by the Bible but he has disobeyed the Lord God like a million nuts beforehand and decided he knows better.

As we've seen amongst manboons all this century and prior, we've got a lot of people who are not bright enough to understand what is happening turning to people who instead want to tell them why it is happening. Ordinary manboons don't know the difference between what and why.

A typical human being in the West with an average IQ of 97 is completely incapable of comprehending magnetic reversals, solar cycles or the grand minimum. The reason they don't teach this stuff any more in school is that they know perfectly well the students are too dumb to grasp any of it.

When modern people see weird things happening in the world and lack the intellectual means to integrate it into their existing understanding (practically nil from the cradle) they then turn to spiritualists, soothsayers and oddballs to get an explanation.

I do not recommend people of average intelligence visit Vault-Co. Like retarded children, they'll just get overstimulated and be left feeling further confused. They are not going to comprehend much if anything they read here and what little they do read, lips moving the entire time, they are probably going to misunderstand, having neither the context or the knowledge to recognize any of it.

If you were to ask me where they are supposed to go then for information you'd be asking me a question I can't answer. We preach to the converted here. We don't proselytize. We aren't selling anything. Yet, anyhow. Vault-Co is designed for the hardest of hardcore survivalists to broaden their repertoire and keep abreast of the most important information in the current headlines in a format condensed to one blog. We aren't looking to educate the unwashed and the unclean and we can't conduct a basic introduction to geology and climatology in every single post. I'm sure in a world which caters to morons of all flavors, they'd almost certainly find someone else to tell them whatever they want to hear - elsewhere.

Vault-Co is just designed for the survivors, period. Our message is not dumbed down to expand our audience. We'll tell you what you already know - Harold Camping and his followers are pretty much typical manboons on a classic crusade of manboonery. They will crater on the 21st and spend the next week in apologetics. Harold Camping isn't relevant to anything going on in the real world, which means his message is perfectly tailored to resonate with the common man nowadays.

We know with certainty that Jesus Christ is going to return and until he does, you'd better not fall asleep at the watch. Live every day like you expected to see the Lord any minute now - not just May 21st, 2011. Watch and see, some day the Lord will surprise you. Do as the Bible says and stay sharp.


j said...

Man, what I wouldn't give to hear an interview with these guys on the 22nd. I'm going to have to find this radio show.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article:

It should be obvious that the target of the agenda at the end of the tunnel, as a leader who "is not inclined to agree with Western power elites" is Putin and Russia. They're planning for him to have the same fate with Milosevic and Hussein. Meaning, of course, WW3 100% guaranteed.

tony said...

the average IQ in australia is apparently 80 would explain alot about this country

Anonymous said...

Well, at least one of them admit it, to a degree... :

"We have to take into account the possibility that something is systematically wrong with our ideas." Dr Stojkovic said.

- deadman