Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vault-OS : Post-Apocalyptic Maintenance

Tex, I just want to ask you a question about your Vaultos. Have you considered where a person is going to get one-wire devices after the bomb? Not too practical hoss. Consider CANBUS parts - they are everywhere - no worries getting whatever a person would need. I think you may need to refactor your design instead of being focused so much on i2c devices.

- James

I did. I thought seriously about this question last week. I have received more than one comment to this effect. I have been working with various I2C devices for five years. Before that, the original Rabbit-2000 was using analog parts for sensors and it's own IO for relays.

In retrospect, it's obvious this may have been the wrong approach.

Because I have been successful getting CANBUS running on both the Windows and DOS versions of Vault-OS, it is not a question of just lacking the knowledge for this approach. I now understand these formats and have been able to support them.

Every single car built in the Western world since 1997 is a rich goldmine of CANBUS parts on every vehicle. The average auto nowadays has over 70+ CANBUS ECUs onboard when it rolls out of the factory. You would literally never run out. There are probably a million CANBUS parts within walking distance of you right now. We're talking actuators, temperature sensors, doorlocks, lights, accelerometers, fuel valves, oxygen sensors, power relays, battery managers and many more. All CANBUS plug-n-play devices capable of being integrated into a CANBUS network running inside a shelter. You'd be able to add or replace CANBUS parts into the 2070's if civilization fell tomorrow.

Where I work now, CANBUS is capable of transmitting audio-visual data and radar ultrasound for vehicle proximity. Many industrial trucks have various CANBUS radar sensors mounted on them nowadays. You couldn't make this stuff up. It could be the Holy Grail, the Rosetta Stone for long term survival and upkeep of a Vault-OS system once installed.

Have you ever had the experience where the perception of something seemed to accumulate for you until you suddenly realized it had been right in front of you and you just did not see it until that point? Sometimes a nudge from others and you become aware of it. Now I realize CANBUS equipment is all around me. I only discovered this as a result of a reader suggesting it and then being exposed to the tech at my job.

What do you think? Your feedback much appreciated. I appreciate this tip I have already gotten from some regulars, it is possible I have been working hard on something that would be perfect with a slight change in emphasis.


Anonymous said...

Car stuff will certainly be to hand and ideal for low power acuators running on 12 volts.
I imagine you may have to come up with some rather novel work-arounds to use an air bag test unit to give you a weather data signal.


David said...

This is excellent Tex. I myself have never used one wire but I regularly hook up my car to check its status. I can see how much thought you have put into this seriously get a version out soon. People could surely use something like this.