Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vault-Co Ten Years On : The Real Panic Begins

The migration of the black swans, they are calling it. The Apocalypse Trifecta is what we called it a decade ago.

My problem with these people is that their advice is akin to the blind leading the blind. These guys don't know what they are talking about. They think they're the first people to dabble in this subject in the past fifty years. Don't trust anything you hear from the mass media or the conventional channels. It's all lies. They shoveled all your money overseas and left you holding the empty bag.

Why do they keep harping on about this "Vivos" dump?!? Is this all they know about civil defense and survivalists, since this company is the one that keeps sending out press releases? Get out of the office and go find some news, assholes! There must be tens of thousands of private shelters in the 'Kwa run by people who forgot more than these "Vivos" guys will ever know about deep rock sheltering. Outside of a 3D walkthrough that a child could have thrown together, these "Vivos" lads don't even have anything other than pipe dreams to sell!! It's ridiculous seeing this company pop up in the news week after week! You really get a goofy sort of poseur vibe from these "Vivos" clowns, but again that's about the speed of the common man so they tend to dominate discussion of this subject.



I read the marketing hype on Vivos, which claimed it could withstand a 50 Megaton blast. Yeah - an airburst in the ionosphere. The Norad facility at Cheyenne Mountain was designed to withstand the largest deliverable (via SS-18) Soviet nuke, 25-30 Megatons, striking a mile away. It was acknowledged that a direct hit ground burst would probably have resulted in shattering of the granite mountain, and Norad.

Unless you move next door to Alice Springs, I doubt you even have to worry about overpressure valves, Texas.

My question for those at Vivos would be, how do they keep out those who built the facility? Hire a private army? My guess is said army would seize the compound. I would.

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