Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tony Abbott States the Obvious

Crisis creation. That's all that Julia Gilliard seems to be capable of. She used it to oust Kevin Rudd and she has simply swung from one outlandish argument to the next, apparently unable to tolerate any good news or stability for more than a few minutes at a time. Her entire time in office is nothing but a series of wild controversies, conflicts and clashes ... and they all seem to orbit around her.

I'm sure you've known women who travel about in these storm clouds wherever they go. It appears to follow them with a focus and they are no end of hand-wringing about how the universe must be conspiring against them that they are afflicted with all these ills. Then the poor bitch gets hit by a truck, is unconscious for a few days in hospital and mysteriously all these "crises" vanish from their home/workplace/business/social circle. It's uncanny. It's as if these turmoils were somehow related to them being awake and conversant. Dare I suggest that women tend no more to peace and tranquillity than do most men? We all know they automatically have the high moral ground without a penis and yet observation points to another conclusion. Men who do not respond to the crisis that is in turn generated by the females will not find themselves successful with women. You're either in the play or on the sidelines. Military actions themselves are like a mirror that females look into so that they can watch men in uniforms for potential mates. The killing is sort of like a conversation starter to help women choose. Part of the female psyche is pretending they find war abhorrent even as they feel strongly compelled towards men who wage them, for any cause.

You're probably thinking, "That doesn't make any sense." You're right. You now understand the difference between Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals.

A wit like Voltaire might point out that when absent of a conflict, many women might be simply absent of a purpose. They need crisis to give them any direction at all.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the scene in the movie 'Devil', where the ex-soldier realises the pretty-little-thing is in fact a "twist".

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

I'd give her a good spanking and send her to her room.

-Spank Man

Anonymous said...

womanhood is not the problem with gillard, its faults are that it's simply a scumbag, a politician.

abbott, same.

there is no downside to blatant deceit by a politician, they lie whenever they speak and are never held to account. this hopey changey thing you have going for abbott will end in tears. it has obamas ears but that's where the similarity ends, it is not the great white hope and attending church does not make it a christian.

gillard. abbott. same. get over it, move on.

Hot August Night said...

Tex, you're on fire lately. I might even call off the hit.

Anon 2:55pm- They are not the same. Gillard wants to tax your air, Abbott doesn't. That's the only reason I support Abbott.

Anonymous said...

2.55 here. what fucking planet am i on here? how old are you people?

abbott can say what he likes, it's not about what he WANTS ffs. gillard and her tax is slotted in. it's fixed. this is the reason that abbott is playing the role of opposition. if by some miracle he gets the job he will change his mind (not a core promise) or simply rename the tax.

first superman, now bizzaro world.

"gillard wants" and "abbott doesn't" bwaaahahaha. spare me. things really do go better with fluoride.

Anonymous said...

bit sore around the rib area but it's still good, that's some value comedy right there. this is your brain on television. tony abbott, no less. i'm going to print that out and read it each morning so i can start the day off right.

i hope that dickhead gets elected for two reasons: 1 i won't have to hear any more about that zioharpy gillard and 2 i'm going to post regular insults on this blog for all the differently abled folks who voted for abbott like it was some type of alternative.