Monday, April 25, 2011

Thomas Gold Was Right : Oil is Abiotic

Science dudes make believe they are worthy to plant a kiss on Thomas Gold's ass. No such luck - he was there first a long, long time ago. Like Fred Hoyle and Richard Atkins and Linus Pauling before him, Gold demonstrated the majority consensus is always fail.

Another paradigm these rhesus monkeys will eventually absorb as the new given and never even realize they have nearly destroyed the planet pursuing a flawed theory in this regard. Homo Sapiens is not a learning animal. He's a mimic. It definitely works if you're a Saudi who owns some oil fields.

It's so obvious even the Kwanzanians are starting to get it, fingers hooked in their lower lips, dribbling down their own chins and humming a little nonsense song. The Russians have known this for nearly fifty years they're supposed to be communists who don't respond to feedback from the real world.

Why is this important to talk about on Vault-Co?

All the other reasons you have heard we are not about to start fighting World War III are idiotic and don't even warrant refuting by someone with my intellect because the discussion would be a blow to my human dignity. There are however three things that could happen that would drastically curtail the likelihood of WW3 in the very near future (which is otherwise a certainty) :

1. U.S. collapses so rapidly internally their armed forces begin to defect when government can no longer make their payroll

2. Taiwan surrenders to China and is rejoined to mainland without U.S. intervention

3. Widespread global realization that oil is abiotic (ubiquitous and therefore not worth fighting over)

(note that #3 will defuse the Middle East, suck their profit margins down to zero and assure the West will stay out of it when the time comes for them to fight their own battles)

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Joseph Dantes said...

Even if oil is abiotic, it does not necessarily follow that it is ubiquitous. The rate of regeneration of cheaply accessible supplies does not necessarily exceed our rate of consumption.

As for Taiwan's peaceful absorption into China, I am optimistic. Have you seen La Griffe du Lion's graphs for GDP vs verbal IQ? China has a loong curve of prosperity and increasing power ahead of it... I think Taiwan will eventually want to jump on board.

Frankly I see war with Japan as a more likely flashpoint.

Well, just some theories and observations. Discount them heavily; I certainly do.