Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sun Sneezes, Earthquakes All Over

Japan 7.1

Mexico shakes, including nuclear power plant in Veracruz

Entering period of intense quake storm that will make the current one look like a minor squall


Is there a "Star Chamber" for quake reporting now? Somebody is hiding data!!!


Anonymous said...

Obongos' Czar of Soylent Green, John Holdren, took NSA satellite sesimic data "offline" a week ago

Nothing to see
move along

Buzz here about NM Tech and the VLA being "tasked" for watch on a new field


Anonymous said...

Tex, not sure if you're familiar with Paul LaViolette's work but it seems the guy is pretty close to his conclusions with what you and R. Felix have been saying.

I found this article on Robert Felix's website:

I feel there is a misunderstanding on R. Felix's part, since Paul LaViolette isn't only speaking about "cosmic rays" but that these rays cancel out the Earth's geomagnetic field:

"Prediction No. 10 (1983): In chapter 3 of his dissertation, LaViolette proposed that geomagnetic reversals are induced by solar cosmic ray storms. He proposed that at times when invading cosmic dust causes the Sun to become very active and engage in continual flaring activity, major solar outbursts could occur that are a thousand times more intense than those currently observed. Further he proposed that solar cosmic rays from such a mega flare could impact the Earth’s magnetosphere, become trapped there to form storm-time radiation belts, and generate an equatorial ring current producing a magnetic field opposed to the Earth’s. If sufficiently intense, this ring current magnetic field could cancel out the Earth’s own field and flip the residual magnetic field pole to an equatorial location. From this position it could later either recover or adopt a reversed polarity. He proposed that this geomagnetic excursion would be very rapid, occurring in a matter of days."

It seems to me he's spot on and in agreement with what has been postulating. I'm certainly going to look up for his work.

Anonymous said...

Is this more evidence of magnetic polar change? -

Scientists puzzled by giant whirlpools that have appeared in the Atlantic Ocean

- deadman