Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Solar Storm 2012

Not trying to scare anybody, but here no less than NASA themselves openly admit that what I have said for the past ten years is a very legitimate concern. Considering it has been suggested by some people I should have been committed a long time ago for suggesting such things, this constitutes a pretty big paradigm shift in the world. Apparently, I am no longer "crazy" because of this.

It appears I am part of a tiny 1% of civilians in the world who understood the implications of the evidence over the past 400 years. I am pretty certain that NASA did not reach these conclusions this week but rather that they are absolving themselves of responsibility by issuing these press releases. They want to say later on "It's not like we didn't warn people. They just paid no attention."

I think people in high places reached the exact same conclusions I did around a decade ago. The people who work for government are no brighter than I am and they had the same kind of data to work with that I did. It was only in the early 90's that the first evidence of the black mats laid down at 11,500 year intervals (same time as coal formations) became available widespread on the internet.

I just want to add that there are a lot worse things that can happen from a solar storm hitting the earth's atmosphere when the magnetic shield is down than knocking out Playstations. Rather than repeat myself for the thousandth time, I recommend readers to my prior posts over the last decade. There are a lot worse things that can happen than that.


Sam said...

I don't understand how the Diamonds relate to Sun flares. The diamonds seem to be shock related in their formation. Just curious.

Texas Arcane said...

Read Robert Felix's book "Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps."

It explains everything and so far nobody else has. They've all had the same evidence, only Felix synthesized it all into a form that explained what the physical evidence represented.

ericthered said...

I'll second the recommendation. That book fits many pieces together into a sensible theory.