Friday, April 15, 2011

Solar Cycle 24

The big boy.

616 Days to go to solar max.

Super volcano in Russia erupted today.

UPDATE: Nevada looks like it's going to shake the bankrupt Vegas into rubble.


Anonymous said...

This is a weird story. Its the first I heard of it and the videos I've tracked down are interesting.

Why Did Judge Judy and Three Reporters Start Babbling Incoherently?

And Another One....This makes three total break down of reporter on live news

Anonymous said...

Reporter Serene Branson Messes up Her Lines at Grammy's

Reporter makes nonsensical comments on air

Anonymous said...

What if nothing much happens then, what if after ten years everything is pretty much as now, will you still be blogging mainly about forthcoming mega disasters ("Vault-Co was there twenty years ago")?

Texas Arcane said...

Not even you believe that.

Sapiens is a creature who approaches every subject at a right angle. It's his weakness. You come here to read the blog because that way you can project your anxiety about the future onto me instead of coping with it.

You notice while the world changes around you, you are still mainly focused on the personalities. You can't help yourself. It's impossible for you to cope directly with reality. Everything has to be approached at an oblique.

Anonymous said...

Skirting the hypothetical question at an oblique angel, missing the "if", proceeds to engage in hypothetical ad hominem, does so, may be simultaneously involved in psychological projection, wraps it all up with what seem like hypnotic commands but are just another batch of off-topic personal insults...

Texas Arcane: fail.

Random anonymous: win.

If nothing happens by 2013, you will have to post this exchange as the New Year's message from Vault-Co.

Anonymous said...

Eye seem to be under the belief that this 3D space is full of right angles, and the cause of much human suffering as a result of this.
As gravity, cosmic radiation, and disease rack the planet, we are all in for a bumpy ride.

Seaweed is becoming non-existent as far as purchasing off the shelf, you don't want it anymore from the pacific anyways.
Puget Sound (Seattle) has detected Iodine 131 and cesium in the local seaweed/water.
All pacific sea life is f*ucked. Canned sardines with earlier manufacturing dates are starting to go fast, 25lb bags of rice as well.
Most are oblivious, most can't afford heat or food these days in the states.
Police are fining the crap out of people to save their jobs, prisoners are being released for lack of funds.
Almost all the states are flat broke from federal theft.
The guberment of USA is totally corrupt and has nothing to do with the American people anymore, if ever. It's a Roman style collapse all over again, with debt slavery, welfare overload, and too much illegal immigration/diversity.
Oh yeah, WW3 around the corner via Libya.
Who the hell ordered that, wasn't it that peace price receiving, , Barry Osama something?
Nice...war is peace, radiation is healthy, evil is good, don't you see?
Everyone snickered when eye mentioned radiation at work 5 weeks ago. Now our board of directors is buying geiger counters.
Late in the game to be taking precautions, rumor has it the fallout was coming in 2 days earlier than predicted.
Is reality fun enough for ya'll yet?

Texas Arcane said...

Anybody who doesn't know something is wrong by now shouldn't be reading this blog. Ever.

We support Ukraine and condemn war. Push Russian government to act against war. Be brave, vocal and show your support to Ukraine. Follow the latest news HERE