Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Sheeple Begin To Suspect Their Herder May Have Ulterior Motives

Deception is used throughout the animal kingdom. Believing it ends at human beings rather than starts in earnest is so childish it hardly warrants rebuttal. "Intelligence" amongst human beings means capacity for social engineering through trickery. It has nothing to do with what is regarded as "intelligence" in the Neanderthal. The only reason that Homo Sapiens brain is larger than that of most big primates is for the purposes of making him a better liar. The only creatures on Earth who have evolved to cope with their environments without lying and practicing deception all the time are single celled organisms and Neanderthals. Except even single celled organisms practice various forms of deception to trick their pursuers and lure their prey.

Somebody with RH+ blood who claims they are interested in telling the truth is lying about that, as well. Rhesus monkeys would do whatever proves necessary to survive, including lying to themselves for starters.

The current economy is a colossal lie designed to separate low-ranking primates from their bananas and send them up the hierarchy chain to higher-ranking primates. Period. Any side effects of the economy are simply there to keep the lower-ranking chimps fed and housed whilst this transfer goes on.


Anonymous said...

The sheeple cannot imagine an alternative to their current paradigm. A handful of people are making their move to something else, but the vast majority are too dumb to even conceptualize a radical change in their lives.

They'll probably say something like "I can't believe this is happening" or some such drivel. That'll be one week after TSHTF and just before they and their families become prey to the multicultural diversifier's.

Anonymous said...

Tex, you have to check this out. Just when I thought the humanure couldn't be dumber, I read something like this:

"Two hearing impaired men were stabbed in a Hallandale Beach bar Saturday night when another patron mistook their sign language for gang signs."