Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Ice Age Inbound, Says Top Paleoclimatologist

Although criticized in the past for his views on global cooling in the face of political moves to support the opposite, Kukla feels he's vindicated. "None of us expected uninterrupted continuation of the trend." On the contrary, Kukla and his colleagues expected a warming blip and it occurred like clockwork. He knows that global warming always precedes an Ice Age. The history of that is in the ice core records repeating itself every 100,000 years or so over millions of years.

Aren't you glad you read Vault-Co? We were telling you the exact same thing ten years ago. That's a lot of lead time.

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Anonymous said...

Globalwarmthinkery: "Radiation is not dangerous, but man made climate change is."

Sick psychopathic lunatics who deserve to be thrown inside the core of the nuclear reactors to see if their "theories" are correct.