Friday, April 1, 2011

More On The Last Post

They are going to promote ideas like the ones at the link above because they are all that the average human mind can cope with. Something like a magnetic reversal underway that everyone on earth, including the State, is powerless to do anything about just won't fit inside a sheeple's brain. We might also say that the perception needed to comprehend that we are biological organisms inside a larger scheme and that our behaviour is determined by this larger frame of reference is a little too complex for people with an average IQ of 97 in the West. Kind of like an idiot who looks for his keys under the street light at night because the light is better there, they always end up drifting back to trying to blame it on the government somehow. "The guffamint did it" is something they can understand and argue over.

Just to clarify a little more what I said in the last post:

1. Journalists and mass media folks aren't "just like you and me." They're genetically different. They are part of the super predator class that has emerged from population densities created by the success of large scale Homo Sapiens societies. They don't make anything. They don't work for a living. They survive purely through social engineering and could be considered a kind of streamlining of the human mammal through loss of certain basic functions - like real empathy and the capacity for love. Anyone who has a career in the mass media as a presenter is there because they have a bit of reptile in them and much less mammal. Studies in the lab show that despite a rich repertoire of expression and congenial social skills ... deeper down, their minds are cold, unfeeling and ultimately mercenary like reptiles. I don't want to slide into David Icke territory here. I just want to emphasize that these critters represent the loss, not a gain, of certain mammalian qualities. That doesn't mean they are aliens from outer space. They are a kind of opportunist subspecies within mankind that survives by hollow talk and gestures. They are fakes. It defines them.

2. It is not outrageous to consider that the kind of people who are triaged into careers as journalists may have weaknesses in their genetic makeup that render them sensitive to environmental changes that earlier breeds of man long ago developed immune responses to. If we look back to Neanderthal as the mammalian benchmark, the result of a half million years of selective evolution by monogamous female choice, we should understand that Homo Sapiens represented a stripping away of many basic biological functions of Neos. One of those abilities was the power to produce thermogenic heat in cold temperatures from one's own body. In Homo Sapiens, the blood retreats into the body in cold temperatures to protect the internal organs. In cold adapted people (Neanderthals as well as Eskimos) we see cycling of blood flow to keep the body flushed with warmth. This is what you would expect of a creature who evolved naturally in response to Ice Age climates over 500,000 years. If we say Neos were the mammalian benchmark, then journalists would be at the farthest opposite end of the genetic spectrum.

3. If you accept these assertions, consider that one of the abilities lost by these highly refined Homo Sapiens super predators and mimics might be the capacity to manage organic iron stores in the body tissues and brain that Neanderthal took for granted. Neos had to manage blood clotting with iron in the blood and when they had too much they had to lose it by bleeding in response to achieve equilibrium. People with less iron in the brain due to anemia and hematochromia (both shortcomings in the ability to manage iron in the body) consistently are the first to hallucinate, babble and act disoriented in strong magnetic fields, according to Dr. Robert Becker, (passed away in 2008) one of the world's greatest scientific authorities on the effects of electromagnetism on living organisms.

I think one of the major obstacles in accepting that my premise might be accurate is the vanity of Homo Sapiens and their refusal to concede they lack many natural, innate instincts and basic biological abilities that Neanderthals took for granted ... or that the peak of their species, a race of men who essentially are masters of treachery, might be reflected in their most refined elites. Throughout the ages, the rulers of mankind have suffered from weaknesses related to blood clotting and iron storage in their bodies. Hemophilia is nothing less than the inability to retain and utilize iron properly to control blood loss.

Worst of all, I think people might be loathe to consider that their rulers are denoted by innumerable weaknesses and concessions they have made to manifest personalities like those that they have, personalities that reflect the drive and ruthlessness needed to rise high in journalism and the media.

One interesting footnote here ... before Robert Becker died, he was warning that the coming Solar Max in 2012 might well be the most violent period in human history because he was convinced the planet was going to go through fundamental shifts in the magnetic field. He spoke often of 2012 as if it might be the start of World War III because he believed that warfare and solar activity were inextricably linked throughout all of human history.

My premise is that these people were the first to show strange behaviour due to the Earth's magnetic field because they are genetically different from the rest of the population, despite any protests to the contrary.


j said...

Oh c'mon, Tex. Your theory is preposterous. This is obviouslyy jstu saflk dfsmkn fllff ej.

Anonymous said...

Streetsweepers are another subclass of humanity and so are accountants. Lawyers on the other hand are from the planet X. It's true because I read it on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Here's an article describing why it is scientifically plausible that anomalies in the magnetic field can drive living beings with brains mad.

Here's a video that shows a BBC documentary demonstrating how transcranial magnetic stimulation can switch off parts of the brain including the speech center. Also shows the four recent incidents of the TV speaker gibberish bonanza.

What I'm also wondering after reading about the theory of Texus Arcanus is that what has happened to the humans psychological well-being as a society during the latest major geomagnetic event. This event is the Gothenburg magnetic excursion which has occurred about 11,500 years ago.

There are ancient sites in Asia Minor built around the time of the Gothenburg excursion where archaeologists have dug up boiled babies in jars and countless mutilated and cannibalized human remains on stone altars. Temples dedicated to insane death cults which were built around this period have later been found to have been deliberately BURIED under the ground in a bizarre display of collective labor as if the people felt compelled to bury their shame after a period of utter insanity. Check out "Gobeklitepe", the most ancient temple complex discovered in the world which contains the earliest evidence of agrarian societal practices.

The only reason a lot of these amazingly ancient sites which were built around the same period have been preserved so completely in a pristine state is that they have been meticulously buried to the ground some time after they have been built. A new religion would have just demolished the temples or just built its own in their place or even claimed it after minor modifications as their own. Why would they feel compelled to bury a huge temple complex to the ground?


This is like the third time I am trying to post essentially the same comment. Whatever is blocking me from posting, be it the moderation queue or some kind of blogger error, it is very annoying. :(

Anonymous said...

I want to say yer full a rot Tex except you turned out to be right other times. I will be watching issue of batbrained newsreaders carefully to see if Tex is onto something here. Tex yer moving towards Icke so be careful.

Anonymous said...

Your claims of genetic superiority due to neanderthal gene worry me.

This is a dangerous path you are walking on. Dont let your ego control you.


Anonymous said...

Right after 4:08 Fox-Piven blanks out and stops basically mid sentence.

You might be on to something Tex.

Joseph Dantes said...

The world will hardly end if the journalists lose their remaining intelligence.

Nonetheless this is a fascinating theory with quite serious implications.

Well done.

Texas Arcane said...

My post wasn't about "the end of the world," or about journalists going nuts on camera causing it. My post was making a case that this is a very public symptom of fundamental changes going on in the magnetic field that manifest in some people as gibberish.

Joseph Dantes said...

The bit about the journalists being already dumb was just a bit of apocalyptic humor. I was referring to this post and the last one.