Monday, April 25, 2011

Man Is Not A Learning Animal - Neanderthal Invents, Sapiens Forgets.

This clock was the product of a complete technology easily the equal or better of anything in the modern world.

These genes are mixed together like oil and water, never really mixing, just temporarily occupying the same DNA strands until one or the other is expressed.

This all repeats. Over and over again. We have been here before, doing these same things in an eternal recurring cycle. It always ends the same way.

There's no hope for the group. They are doomed. There is always hope for individuals.

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Anonymous said...

Just imagine the heights of craft, manufacturing, skill, mathetmatics and engineering that this indicates.

Also, what are the chances that the only one we see was the only one around or the best of the best? These could have been as common as pocket calculators.

All that was lost for thousands of years until anything of equal quality was produced. Astonishing.

I've seen similarly ancient works of art that were amazing to behold. It all shatters the illusion that we have always beeen following a linear path from the primative to the englightened. There are ups and downs and cycles.

What other wonders were lost that we aren't aware of? Likely even greater ones still. How many times has this cycle happened and old remenants turned to dust with the ages? Possibly more than most would ever want to know.