Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kwanzan Body Count Now Tops Out at 334+

Har-har! "Duck'n'Cover!" HAr-Har! As if we'd ever need such a thing! Har-HaR!

The American civil defense program had many others purposes than surviving nuclear war ... back when they had a civil defense program.

The human primate has one option on this planet when things get dicey. Go underground. There is no option B.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that the multicultural diversifier's immediately went out after the Tornadoes passed and began looting. They are so predictable.

And what you are saying about CD shelters is right. I also noticed in the video's of the devastation that homes were swept right off of their concrete slab foundations clean. The people didn't have a chance.

They would have had at least a little chance if there were nearby public shelters for them to go to.

But then again....the diversifier's would have already broken into and looted and trashed them.

So predictable, they are.