Monday, April 25, 2011

Interesting Revisit Of Hidden Civil Defense Cache

We covered this a couple years back but it is so interesting it warrants another article. Incredible this stash stayed hidden so long.


Anonymous said...

Tex, I have a question about Neanderthal gene expression: you mentioned that neos are superb physical specimens and that they don't go bald. How come guys like Benjamin Franklin and Da Vinci were bald weak slobs then? Assuming you were actualy offering face value when you insisted every brilliant human being that ever lived was a neo.

Texas Arcane said...

They were high yellow Neos.

Anonymous said...

And what exactly is a "high yellow neandhertal"? I googled the term and found nothing.

Texas Arcane said...

They were hybrids with some of the genetic expression of Neos, others missing.

Ben Franklin was distinguished largely for his social wisdom and diplomacy, certainly not a Neo trait. He was also promiscuous and socially adept with women. Definitely a hybrid.

Da Vinci was clearly some traits, not others. A complete Neo is pretty rare stuff. Da Vinci was demonstrably missing some Neo traits. He otherwise didn't get his brilliance from his Sapiens genes. History says that's impossible since no such genes in Sapiens ever existed to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Do you think then that there is a place for hybrids as Benjamin Franklin and others can perhaps display abilities that are perhaps lacking in pure Neo?

Would the ideal have been Neo base population with hybrid elements from Homo Sapien to gain the few positives they have while not allowing that gene pool to gain dominance (as hybrids would never lead to pure homo sapien in that base population)?

Texas Arcane said...

Brain size in Sapiens represents complex deception and social engineering skills.

Brain size in Neanderthal represents complex reasoning and problem solving skills.

It is obvious why neither species was ever going to get far the way they were. Sapiens without Neos were nothing. Neos without Sapiens were critically flawed in a very subtle fashion - particularly in competition with Sapiens.