Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tony Abbott States the Obvious

Crisis creation. That's all that Julia Gilliard seems to be capable of. She used it to oust Kevin Rudd and she has simply swung from one outlandish argument to the next, apparently unable to tolerate any good news or stability for more than a few minutes at a time. Her entire time in office is nothing but a series of wild controversies, conflicts and clashes ... and they all seem to orbit around her.

I'm sure you've known women who travel about in these storm clouds wherever they go. It appears to follow them with a focus and they are no end of hand-wringing about how the universe must be conspiring against them that they are afflicted with all these ills. Then the poor bitch gets hit by a truck, is unconscious for a few days in hospital and mysteriously all these "crises" vanish from their home/workplace/business/social circle. It's uncanny. It's as if these turmoils were somehow related to them being awake and conversant. Dare I suggest that women tend no more to peace and tranquillity than do most men? We all know they automatically have the high moral ground without a penis and yet observation points to another conclusion. Men who do not respond to the crisis that is in turn generated by the females will not find themselves successful with women. You're either in the play or on the sidelines. Military actions themselves are like a mirror that females look into so that they can watch men in uniforms for potential mates. The killing is sort of like a conversation starter to help women choose. Part of the female psyche is pretending they find war abhorrent even as they feel strongly compelled towards men who wage them, for any cause.

You're probably thinking, "That doesn't make any sense." You're right. You now understand the difference between Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals.

A wit like Voltaire might point out that when absent of a conflict, many women might be simply absent of a purpose. They need crisis to give them any direction at all.

Scientists Baffled As Coronal "Hole" Continues To Lash Earth With Magnetic Winds.

Great. Now we've not only got holes in the magnetic shield mysteriously forming, they have counterparts on the Sun.

This will all end well, I'm sure. (Sound of vault hatch sliding shut)

Kwanzan Body Count Now Tops Out at 334+

Har-har! "Duck'n'Cover!" HAr-Har! As if we'd ever need such a thing! Har-HaR!

The American civil defense program had many others purposes than surviving nuclear war ... back when they had a civil defense program.

The human primate has one option on this planet when things get dicey. Go underground. There is no option B.

The Sheeple Begin To Suspect Their Herder May Have Ulterior Motives

Deception is used throughout the animal kingdom. Believing it ends at human beings rather than starts in earnest is so childish it hardly warrants rebuttal. "Intelligence" amongst human beings means capacity for social engineering through trickery. It has nothing to do with what is regarded as "intelligence" in the Neanderthal. The only reason that Homo Sapiens brain is larger than that of most big primates is for the purposes of making him a better liar. The only creatures on Earth who have evolved to cope with their environments without lying and practicing deception all the time are single celled organisms and Neanderthals. Except even single celled organisms practice various forms of deception to trick their pursuers and lure their prey.

Somebody with RH+ blood who claims they are interested in telling the truth is lying about that, as well. Rhesus monkeys would do whatever proves necessary to survive, including lying to themselves for starters.

The current economy is a colossal lie designed to separate low-ranking primates from their bananas and send them up the hierarchy chain to higher-ranking primates. Period. Any side effects of the economy are simply there to keep the lower-ranking chimps fed and housed whilst this transfer goes on.

Rad-Away Is Here! Woohoo, Where Do We Order?

I tried to order online here but they don't have Paypal set up yet.

On the other hand, this is the way most zombie epidemics get started.

Can A Man Collect A Debt On Money He Never Had To Loan?

The U.S. Constitution says he can't.

Six months after Judge Mahoney did nothing but confirm the rule of law, he was murdered mysteriously. Maybe someone was worried other judges might uphold the rule of law.

Friday, April 29, 2011

American Gulag : Edgar Steele is the First Inductee

There are third world countries with more accountability in their governments. There are third world hellholes in nations with no running water or sewerage systems whose police do not get away with crimes like these.

They are planning to keep Steele in illegal confinement until he dies. The guy was already trying to recover from a poisoning attempt on his life in which his heart valve popped off while he was seated at his desk. The government was so furious when their meticulous assassination failed to kill him that they quickly whipped together a murder charge against his own wife on the thinnest evidence you could imagine, using badly faked tapes that were not released to his defense for months after he was incarcerated.

Insane. Hear that sound, Kwa? That's the sound of hoofbeats. God is riding hellbent for leather to destroy your crummy little globalist toilet and he's bringing a couple battalions of angels who specialize in dropping the smack with him.

The Nothingness

I always have a funny feeling when I listen to the wolf servant speaking in THE NEVERENDING STORY. Some parallel there that I can't quite put my finger on.

"I am the servant of the force behind the nothingness." It's like Ben Bernanke in a big fur coat.

Obama's Race : "AFRICAN"

Except AFRICAN isn't a race. It's a nationality. It could represent any of four different races in the nation of Africa at the time, which would mean at best this birth certificate was filled out by a time traveler from the year 2010 with the spectre of political correctness hanging over his head.

The forgers who made up this document could not bring themselves to enter the politically incorrect term here which back in 1961 would have been without question listed as NEGRO.

I agree with Henry Makow. Somebody wanted this forgery to be discovered as such. It's part of some other agenda that they have. Nobody, not even the Obamanators, are this stupid.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Had To Be Dragged To Greatness

You see. It was for your own good.

Left to it's own devices, America might've ended up peaceful, prosperous and isolationist. Could a worse fate be imagined than this one? Luckily the nation was steered into baby bombing and martial glory by wise heads working behind the scenes. For our own good, of course.

I Have An Announcement To Make

I'm planning to speak before the U.N. shortly.

The truth is, I've grown bored with my existing superpowers and will probably be getting a new costume in the near future as well.

Update On Hellstorms

Twisters were surreal, outside of previous experience in North America

Now comes the flooding

Officials concede importance of vaults for all sheeple and hint that ancestor's civil defense program may have actually had a purpose in prior years other than to provide target for leftists to mock as "pointless." (Meaning money that could go to Israel instead)

The death toll from Wednesday's storms seems out of a bygone era, before Doppler radar and pinpoint satellite forecasts were around to warn communities of severe weather. Residents were told the tornadoes were coming up to 24 minutes ahead of time, but they were just too wide, too powerful and too locked onto populated areas to avoid a horrifying body count.

"These were the most intense super-cell thunderstorms that I think anybody who was out there forecasting has ever seen," said meteorologist Greg Carbin at the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla.

"If you experienced a direct hit from one of these, you'd have to be in a reinforced room, storm shelter or underground" to survive, Carbin said.

Post-Apocalyptic Sculptures of the West

In the short space of a generation, large parts of Western civilization are looking abandoned and forgotten. Are there actually any Europeans left at all? Or have they already become extinct? These pieces look like structures built by Morlocks in H.G. Wells novel The Time Machine.

I forget where it was but I saw this picture of a statue in front of an automobile company in Detroit a while back and it made me feel like weeping to contemplate how rapidly the whole enterprise has unraveled into dissolution. Is it too much to ask that my life not be framed around the event? I seem to have had to suffer through the entire thing with a front row seat and absolute helplessness to do anything about it. I have simply been cast as an observer. I'm good at it but if I wasn't, who'd notice?

Catastrophic Twisters Ripping Into Kwa Like Biblical Curse

Monsters a mile wide never seen before in U.S. history of such strength and ferocity

So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm. Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy name, O LORD. Let them be confounded and troubled for ever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish: That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth.
- Ps. 83:15-18

As far north as Michigan

Tuscaloosa reduced to ruined wasteland

178 confirmed dead, more to come for sure

Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama left looking like Japan Coastline

Thousands injured and without power, entire region is blacked out

The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.
- Na. 1:3

Looks like most records for tornado season have been blown away going back several centuries

No surprises with temperature records for cold weather in April being set all over U.S.

Go cry me a river to the million or so dead Iraqi civilians, mostly women and children, who died beneath your cowardly carpet bombing campaigns in the Middle East! They didn't deserve what happened to them, either - except it was you that did it who will now weep because of what God has seen fit in his justice to do to you! What good are your tears when you cannot shed them for anyone but yourself! Your vanity and self-righteousness has been calling out for justice for a long time - the Lord says it shall be meted out to you as you have meted it out to others!

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
- Ps. 127:1

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Greased Rails To WW3 Lie Ahead

Paul Roberts on the Coming Third World War.

Klausewitzian. No Geneva Convention. No limits. Do-or-Die, Take-No-Prisoners, Winner-Take-All. Salted with Cobalt-60 For Hygienic and Safe Civilian Disinfection.

300 Million Hungry People With No Food, No Future, No Sense, No Freedom And Two Billion Guns

I'm not against unregulated gun ownership by humans. It's guns in the hands of Kwanzanians that worries me.

You do the math and tell me how this turns out.

It's not 2002 any more. You don't have to manifest precognition or risk being called a weirdo like me because you draw the most obvious conclusions in the year 2011. It's pretty clear at this stage what is going to happen in the Kwa.

Babies, the other white meat.

Kwanzan South Reduced To Rubble By Godsmack

Spiked hail firing Supercell storms rolling around in record setting numbers flinging out tornados like hummingbees, reducing huge swaths of landscape in Alabama and Tennessee to splinters and ruins in addition to leaving the 'Zanies in this region in the Dark Ages.

Vault-Co predicts this will someday be described as temperate spring weather in the Kwa by the surviving remnant.

If God is your terrorist, what is your counter-terrorism program? Die screaming with idiotic expressions on your face, essentially. The last thing to go on the Kwanzan is the smirk. We're number one, dude! (They mean job #1 for God's wrath) They should get Ted Haggard to tell God he is being unreasonable and may be subject to sanctions by the Baptists if he doesn't start acting the way they want him to. Doesn't God know that Kwanzanians are God's special people? God is working with Al Quaeda!! God will be rendered and waterboarded when they catch him!

Those that be near, and those that be far from thee, shall mock thee, which art infamous [a name hated by all men] and much vexed.
- Ezekiel 22:5

ELM327 : Cheapest CANBUS Interface

I have discovered both DOS and Win32 code to support the two most popular and ubiquitous interfaces to CANBUS for both serial ports and USB, the SJA-1000 chip for PCI & PC/104, the ELM327 interface for USB and Serial ports.

I picked up an SJA-1000 controller board for $12.00 on EBay, I got an ELM327 interface for $11.00 with free shipping. Once you have these boxes to connect your CANBUS (ECU) line to your PC through this interface, you can read and write as freely as you do to any other control device in Vault-OS.

I know how to build an I2C interface for under $5.00 for both serial and USB ports. The CANBUS will require you to obtain either the SJA-1000 board or else the ELM327 box. Once you have your CANBUS talking by either means, you can now speak to every single CANBUS ECU in the world on this line. The average automobile has around 70+ of these ECUs on them, in a post-apocalyptic environment there should be no shortage of car hulks you can harvest if you need to.

Considering I now have the start of a generic RS-485 interface in Lua script with the capacity to transmit Modbus protocol over this line if desired, I'd say this should just about cover any type of industrial device you can imagine you might want to hook up to Vault-OS right through to the end of next century.

To those of you who have frequently urged me in emails to seek another paradigm than I2C alone, thanks for constantly prodding me. It only took a couple years and I realized the wisdom of the idea. I can't imagine version 1.0 of VAULT-OS without CANBUS now.

UPDATE: Purchase CANBUS experimenter's node from Futurlec to get your system up and running on plain vanilla PELICAN protocol as quickly as possible!

(Note that a single CAN Node like the one above is nearly sufficient by itself to run a microgarden hydroponics setup through a web server system like VOS, with four digital and two analog connections.)

Kwan Weather Forecast For April

Lots'n'lotsa radiogens.

Nothing beats a Vault. In a game of scissors, rock & paper, Vault is a bazooka.

If I lived in that Jetstream, I'd be underground well into next year. Definitely cancel the milk delivery.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Solar Storm 2012

Not trying to scare anybody, but here no less than NASA themselves openly admit that what I have said for the past ten years is a very legitimate concern. Considering it has been suggested by some people I should have been committed a long time ago for suggesting such things, this constitutes a pretty big paradigm shift in the world. Apparently, I am no longer "crazy" because of this.

It appears I am part of a tiny 1% of civilians in the world who understood the implications of the evidence over the past 400 years. I am pretty certain that NASA did not reach these conclusions this week but rather that they are absolving themselves of responsibility by issuing these press releases. They want to say later on "It's not like we didn't warn people. They just paid no attention."

I think people in high places reached the exact same conclusions I did around a decade ago. The people who work for government are no brighter than I am and they had the same kind of data to work with that I did. It was only in the early 90's that the first evidence of the black mats laid down at 11,500 year intervals (same time as coal formations) became available widespread on the internet.

I just want to add that there are a lot worse things that can happen from a solar storm hitting the earth's atmosphere when the magnetic shield is down than knocking out Playstations. Rather than repeat myself for the thousandth time, I recommend readers to my prior posts over the last decade. There are a lot worse things that can happen than that.

The Final Column of Charlie Reese

Reese got "early retirement" from neocon pressure on his newspaper several years back ... unbeknownst to many this superb columnist continued writing intermittently afterwards, publishing his final words on April 14th.

It's about the "good cop-bad cop" game that is supposed to be government in the Kwa.

If it's good cops versus bad cops, how come we always end up with bad cop politics?

It's because none of them are good cops. They're all bad cops.

Well worth reading.

Celente on WW3 : Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Gerald Celente says that Vault-Co was right ten years ago.

Despite all of the Rhesus Monkeys claiming they were edjumifacated and too scienmajistic to engage in war, it turns out they were just'a hootin' and hollarin' in the brief interim before the nukes were in the air.

Kwanstain Quality Time

Chalk up yet another cruel victim of the man and his whole capitalist system of name-brand running shoes, flush toilets and central air conditioning.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Article On Male Focus In A World Falling Apart

This article is terrific because it tells you what your options are when you reach the same conclusions I did twenty years ago when I moved from the U.S. to Australia.

Except I have drawn the exact opposite conclusions that this guy did. I do not advise you to accept his descent into impulse gratification and childish idleness as the best cure for what is ailing you. I advise the opposite.

You can allow yourself to be swamped by depression. For some people this is their only option. If you are not threatened by depression, it is because you are not bright enough to understand what is actually happening around you.

Or you can fight it by creating a fantastic series of new priorities very different from the ones society gives you and which will sustain your innate male desire for goals you can apply yourself to achieve and work hard at.

Most of you probably think my Vault-OS is the craziest thing you have ever heard of. Except it gives somebody with my intelligence something to apply themselves to which pays off in spades in feedback. When I got my first Lua server page to return CANBUS readings from SQLite the other day (in DOS-32 protected mode) I got a reward of serotonin which was so deep it was better than melted chocolate.

Neither my job as a contractor or any of my personal relationships outside of my own family and immediate friends ever seem to give returns worthy of what I have to put into them. People nowadays are by and large, just no damn good. There's nothing there to be found in their culture, company or ideas that deserves your interest. They are dead ends as human beings. They are robots interested in spectator sports and getting drunk.

In my day job, it's precisely when I do my best work I receive the most negative feedback in general. Nowadays, no good deed in software development goes unpunished. I have seen one excellent programmer and developer after another crushed in the workplace for the sin of being too competent at what they do. After a while, I have become so cynical I expect no reward for doing good work on anything outside of a paycheck at the end of the week. This is the crappy way the world is right now. It's utterly upside down. You can't look for motivation there.

You can't look to organized Christianity for solace. The majority of modern Christians worship Yoshi in place of God. It's the most horrible apostasy that could be conceived of. The only gefilte-fisher they aren't terrified of is Jesus Christ, in fact. You're wasting your time around modern Christians. They have gone "bye-bye" mentally, to paraphrase Bill Murray in Ghostbusters. They're absolutely out of it.

The one place I have found solace and hope is in private prayer to God (doesn't matter if he doesn't talk back, I find it nice just to know he is listening) and in pursuit of my strange synthesis of 1950's Civil Defense, the Fallout games and every science fiction book I have ever read. These things all contribute to creating a world for me with purpose, focus and goals I can direct my energies to and see results coming back from. It could be honestly said that I am too damn good for my current society and that would be a spot-on observation. It's not just me, either. There are millions and millions of males in the West who are quite simply too damn good for this civilization. It doesn't merit the likes of them. Their kingdom lies elsewhere and it isn't here.

The option is to give into the depression that is sweeping the planet amongst the male population, increasingly aware they are the losers in an ideological struggle that has waged war against the sane since I was born. Some people are only just now becoming aware of what I have known for decades - they are a beaten people who have lost everything. You can deny it and become truly pathetic ... or you can accept it, divorce yourself from the society that brought this about and qualify yourself as a member of a new order of human beings who do not allow themselves to be involuntarily lumped into this team of losers simply because they had the misfortune to be born on the same soil.

I can only tell you what has worked for me. Don't just become a survivalist. Become a civil defense officer. Before you laugh, I've got paperwork on that. Don't aim for living in the woods eating berries. This is part of the problem, defining it this way. That's already accepting defeat. Aim for something much higher. If they've got you in the woods eating berries, you have not just lost, been defeated and utterly dispossessed. They got your unconditional surrender. Planning to live in the woods eating berries is equivalent to planning to die. Aim for something much higher. It will keep you out of the doldrums. It has seemed to work for me.

Abyss of Cornholio : Future of the Kwanstain

She's gonna blow. The Kwanstain economy is best described as an exercise in solipsism, with everything leveraged against everything else in a gigantic Ourobouros serpent that swallows it's own tail. There is scarcely a single facet of the Kwanstainian empire that isn't positively rabbinical in that the entire basis of it's supposed stability rests on self-referential logic. Amerikwa will be okay because it's Amerikwa. You betcha.

That's death spiral reasoning and it's going to reap a bitter harvest in 2011. They've had innumerable chances to return to sanity but have never embraced anything resembling sane reforms. The Kwanzan public wouldn't stand for it. A fool will return to his folly like a pig going back to it's own vomit in the street.

They're going to get a chance to elect Ron Paul as President and they could make that happen if they were bright enough. They aren't and Ron Paul doesn't have a prayer to get elected in a nation where the average IQ is 96. Not a chance. I predict that pig will turn back to his vomit.

Interesting Revisit Of Hidden Civil Defense Cache

We covered this a couple years back but it is so interesting it warrants another article. Incredible this stash stayed hidden so long.


The original sophistry consisted of arguments that "we wanted to open China's markets for our products." Somewhere along the line that gave way seamlessly and silently and it became "getting rid of our entire economy and sourcing all our needs from China and others. We'll be a service economy." You bought that, Kwanzanians. A child would know better than to believe something that outrageous. You didn't.

ZOGBux rapidly plunging to parity with birdcage liner. If a fiat currency is only worth the value people believe it has, people have decided this one is junk. Just like all the other fiat currencies throughout human history. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. The bell tolls for thee, Kwanzanian.

Game, set and match. Goodbye, Kwanstain. That's enough mindless jabbering, hold your breath as your head goes down the U-Bend in the toilet pipe.

Remember, I predicted this day ten years ago. Now I'm going to repeat my conclusion.

The Kwanstain won't go quietly into the long night. At some point, it will go out in a storm of Cobalt-60 laced missiles that will black out the sun. The death shroud will cover the earth like the current radiation coming out of Fukushima, only this fallout will require deep rock shelter underground to survive. Deep rock.

Man Is Not A Learning Animal - Neanderthal Invents, Sapiens Forgets.

This clock was the product of a complete technology easily the equal or better of anything in the modern world.

These genes are mixed together like oil and water, never really mixing, just temporarily occupying the same DNA strands until one or the other is expressed.

This all repeats. Over and over again. We have been here before, doing these same things in an eternal recurring cycle. It always ends the same way.

There's no hope for the group. They are doomed. There is always hope for individuals.

Surrendered Their Guns - Brits Are God's Own Version of Monty Pythonesque Reality Television

I've talked to too many Brits over the years to feel sorry for them. They really thought they had it figured out. They were always bragging about how they all turned over their guns without a fight. They deserve what they got. I can see their smug faces over the years, sort of arching their eyebrows at me when I told them that as soon as the furnaces cooled where they melted down their arms, the State would be coming for them with their fist greased all the way to the shoulder blade. They'd just snigger and kind of smirk impatiently. Don't you realize you are outnumbered by people who do not agree?

They worshipped the State as a "god," and now the time has come to find out what that entails. It means to be utterly destroyed by people who have never held proper day jobs. It means to be ground into the dust as the beasts of the field are when the time comes to harvest them. It means to become as nothing.

Thomas Gold Was Right : Oil is Abiotic

Science dudes make believe they are worthy to plant a kiss on Thomas Gold's ass. No such luck - he was there first a long, long time ago. Like Fred Hoyle and Richard Atkins and Linus Pauling before him, Gold demonstrated the majority consensus is always fail.

Another paradigm these rhesus monkeys will eventually absorb as the new given and never even realize they have nearly destroyed the planet pursuing a flawed theory in this regard. Homo Sapiens is not a learning animal. He's a mimic. It definitely works if you're a Saudi who owns some oil fields.

It's so obvious even the Kwanzanians are starting to get it, fingers hooked in their lower lips, dribbling down their own chins and humming a little nonsense song. The Russians have known this for nearly fifty years they're supposed to be communists who don't respond to feedback from the real world.

Why is this important to talk about on Vault-Co?

All the other reasons you have heard we are not about to start fighting World War III are idiotic and don't even warrant refuting by someone with my intellect because the discussion would be a blow to my human dignity. There are however three things that could happen that would drastically curtail the likelihood of WW3 in the very near future (which is otherwise a certainty) :

1. U.S. collapses so rapidly internally their armed forces begin to defect when government can no longer make their payroll

2. Taiwan surrenders to China and is rejoined to mainland without U.S. intervention

3. Widespread global realization that oil is abiotic (ubiquitous and therefore not worth fighting over)

(note that #3 will defuse the Middle East, suck their profit margins down to zero and assure the West will stay out of it when the time comes for them to fight their own battles)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vault Building Increases By 3000% in One Year

Some people you can fool all of the time. Not everybody, though.

Some of the sheeple are spooked. They know something is wrong. They're not sure what. They tend to ramble vaguely when asked. A lot of them have lost the ability to focus much on any topic. Still, they know something is wrong.

I see a lot of this as being sort of panicky and ill-conceived, driven as always by predators who rush in to promise their victims they have all the right answers. Most of 'em don't. They're just profiting.

I think the worst clowns are these flim-flam men over at "Vivos" hawking their crappy apocalypse Hiltons. If you have ever read Robert McCammon's SWAN SONG, I think "Vivos" is a lot like the privately organized mass shelter in the beginning of that book. Even as people are entering they have noticed it is leaking and in dubious shape, not quite what the brochures indicated.

A lot of wealthy people figured they would wait to see what happened, then pay for somebody else to see to it they will be okay. That's not the way it works in real life.

Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

- James 5:3

An Easter Wish From Israel

What children's television programming for Easter looks like in Israel.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

- John 8:44

'spearminting with various payloads on civilians to see what happens

Kwanzania is a Doomed Nation

"Stay the course," knuckleheads!

Whoever you believe was responsible for 9-11, guess what! THEY WON! Ten years later, you're history! Seeya, Kwanstain!

Everybody is talking about default.

Default will be the final sword through the Kwanstain before it gets really ugly.

Cranks like me have been saying it for ten years, now China is doing it.

Babymeat is on the menu for the doomed sodomites of the Kwanzan empire.

Already insane, the Kwanzanians are descending into madness from terror

As goes the Kwanstain, so go we all.

Friday, April 22, 2011

VAULT-OS : Lua Web Server Pages In DOS-32!!

Honest. You have never lived until you have seen a robust industrial web server running in an embedded system under DOS protected mode reading CANBUS peripherals and I2C devices. It is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It's rock solid.

I've got LuaSQlite compiled in and now I am calling web results and displaying them in tables in the HTML output. I had this hardcoded, now it is running in a Lua scripted VSP (Vault Server Page). Submitting them back, I've got the form being processed by a Lua CGI equivalent to store the results. FTP server running in the background while all this is happening. I'm flipping out. I was browsing from my Windows 2000 Advanced Server beside it and in addition to the HTML browser I was downloading PDF files over the FTP server in another window opened in the 'cmd' console. I got heart palpitations and sweaty palms I was so excited. Two other machines at the end of my study were sending temperature and air pressure readings and the server was sucking them in (as application/json data) and storing them without skipping a beat delivering web pages.

The sky is the limit. I can do anything in VOS now and others will be able to configure it for their own shelters to do anything required.

If I wasn't struggling to keep this compatible with Arachne browser, I'd have stuck SVG output in by now. It's easy to do. Instead I'm trying to hew to HTML 3.0 to keep it running on ancient browsers.

Screenshots will be forthcoming before end of this month.

All Globowarmthinkists Are Seriously Disturbed, Sick People

I'm not talking about the casual dilettantes or the useful idiots.

You show me somebody who offers this as a moral imperative and acts outraged at anyone who would even question these bizarre doctrines, I will show you somebody with severe personal problems who is mentally disturbed.

In the old days, religion always attracted the nuts because they are sick people looking for an excuse to act out. Nowadays, human beings have not changed at all. Global warming is just a new excuse for people who are fundamentally broken and bad eggs to seize the high moral ground and claim it's everybody else who is sick, not them. It's a means to an end - acting out your crude envy, vanity, bipolar mania and other character flaws that in other contexts would be clearly such. The Globowarmthinkists have adopted this screed because they have been taught the others are no longer credible excuses. They are not people. They are animals, beasts who are masking various forms of class struggle and feelings of inadequacy by pretending to be direly concerned with the "crisis" on the "planet."

I'm not going to name any names. I'm just saying that three of the most committed "environmentalists" I have ever met turned out later to be a hopeless drug addict, a suspected pedophile and a person who had to be committed for observation to a mental institution. I don't think that is a coincidence. Almost every other person I've ever met who tried to mix these doctrines into his basic assumptions invariably was revealed to be a person I would not feel safe to have children around. Methinks the lady protests too much.

Full Blown Enrichmentation

It's the convenience of living in Zimbabwe brought to your front door. Exactly like the third world except with better street wiring. There's a reason those places look and smell the way they do and it isn't something in the local soil.

These aren't even crimes according to the guffamint.

Yo, waiting in line to buy food is like ... complicated and whatnot and what habb you. Somehow it just gotta end in death and maiming cuz' I be habbin' a short fuse. If I don't get Mickey Dee's in a timely fashion, I find I must break the sixth commandment. I just can't hep myseff.

Not really a human place anymore. Needs a reservation fence run around it with peepholes for humans to observe the wildlife inside. HYAR BE DRAGONES.

As Vault-Co has always said, this is only going to get worse by the hour. It's never going to get better from here on in. The dreaming part is over, the nightmare is beginning. The West is going to experience the horrific shock of realizing every single paradigm they have been trained to believe about the world around them is utterly wrong. They will have a moment to understand all their mistakes and then time to appreciate just what they destroyed in their generation. It makes the worst Stephen King story you ever read pale in comparison. It's cosmic horror.

Pay attention to just how hard the mass media works to sweep this sort of thing under the rug. This is why they hate the internet. Too many holes in the dike to plug.

P.S. I was watching the movie THE BOX tonight on cable (by the director of DONNIE DARKO) while I was programming and I had this strange feeling that the film had parallels in everything that has happened to the United States since I was born. A stranger shows up with an offer that seems too good to be true. Despite their instincts telling them not to do it, the protagonists push the button in the box. From this one simple act, something so horrible it boggles human comprehension results. All because they were seduced by the offer of the stranger even though they could sense the evil. Everything that has happened since 1963 in America seems somehow similar. The horror of what results from buying some snakeoil from a stranger who preys on their weakness, their vanity and their greed. The United States wishes they could take it all back ... but it's too late. "If you didn't want anyone to get hurt, why did you press the button?" They believed someone else's neighborhood would get enriched. Somebody they didn't know. It turned out it was their neighborhood, their wives, their children that would get enriched.

Post-Apocalyptic Eden

Very interesting review of the wildlife conditions in Chernobyl. Sounds like it is not too far off from STALKER. Monster catfish, horribly mutated trees ... H.P. Lovecraft would have adored this place.

Hydroponics in a Basket

Interesting link shows how easy it is with just a little light.

I ordered 400 blue leds and another 300 red leds today for $16.95 on EBay.

I'm going to enlist my son and we're going to make microgarden lights for the shelter. You save about $220 a panel by simply soldering them yourself. I've got enough to make at least 6 panels now, sufficient to grow all the plants you could ever want.

Advancements in manufacturing have brought the price down to where people who are not drug dealers can afford to build underground microgardens that are so energy efficient they use only a few watts a day. In a space about the size of a closet you can grow fresh food for four people year round.

Once Vault-OS is operating the microgarden, that's the core of another one of my books ... "SUBTERRANEAN PERMACULTURE THE VAULT-CO WAY." Okay ... that's a working title ...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When You Cannot Reason or Think, You Turn To Consensus and The Paranormal

Harold Camping is specifically instructed by scripture to never prophesy again, having claimed divine inspiration from the Lord and then failing to prophesy correctly in September 1994. He is told he should never again prophesy by the Bible but he has disobeyed the Lord God like a million nuts beforehand and decided he knows better.

As we've seen amongst manboons all this century and prior, we've got a lot of people who are not bright enough to understand what is happening turning to people who instead want to tell them why it is happening. Ordinary manboons don't know the difference between what and why.

A typical human being in the West with an average IQ of 97 is completely incapable of comprehending magnetic reversals, solar cycles or the grand minimum. The reason they don't teach this stuff any more in school is that they know perfectly well the students are too dumb to grasp any of it.

When modern people see weird things happening in the world and lack the intellectual means to integrate it into their existing understanding (practically nil from the cradle) they then turn to spiritualists, soothsayers and oddballs to get an explanation.

I do not recommend people of average intelligence visit Vault-Co. Like retarded children, they'll just get overstimulated and be left feeling further confused. They are not going to comprehend much if anything they read here and what little they do read, lips moving the entire time, they are probably going to misunderstand, having neither the context or the knowledge to recognize any of it.

If you were to ask me where they are supposed to go then for information you'd be asking me a question I can't answer. We preach to the converted here. We don't proselytize. We aren't selling anything. Yet, anyhow. Vault-Co is designed for the hardest of hardcore survivalists to broaden their repertoire and keep abreast of the most important information in the current headlines in a format condensed to one blog. We aren't looking to educate the unwashed and the unclean and we can't conduct a basic introduction to geology and climatology in every single post. I'm sure in a world which caters to morons of all flavors, they'd almost certainly find someone else to tell them whatever they want to hear - elsewhere.

Vault-Co is just designed for the survivors, period. Our message is not dumbed down to expand our audience. We'll tell you what you already know - Harold Camping and his followers are pretty much typical manboons on a classic crusade of manboonery. They will crater on the 21st and spend the next week in apologetics. Harold Camping isn't relevant to anything going on in the real world, which means his message is perfectly tailored to resonate with the common man nowadays.

We know with certainty that Jesus Christ is going to return and until he does, you'd better not fall asleep at the watch. Live every day like you expected to see the Lord any minute now - not just May 21st, 2011. Watch and see, some day the Lord will surprise you. Do as the Bible says and stay sharp.

VAULT-OS Progress Update 20/4/2011

I got the protected mode DOS 32 bit version to simultaneously run an HTPP server (!), FTP Server(!), I2C, CANBUS (SJA1000 controller chip) and an RS-485 (MODBUS/ASCII) controller network at the same time plus control of the parallel port for up to 8 relays. I had to do quite a bit of testing with multiple machines (4) making requests before I was convinced this was the right way to proceed. This is running nicely on my Pentium III 133 Mhz machine in the little yellow box. I believe it could beat Apache in terms of speed, easily. Of course most DOS web servers could beat Apache, it's common. Instead of a gigabyte of operating system and interpretation layers, you're talking directly to the Ethernet card.

I had my own mini-BASIC called VOSBasic which I have ditched. I got Lua to compile and run under DOS, then LuaSQLite with SQLite compiled into the program, so my mini-BASIC became obsolete. I am now using bits and pieces from ELua (Embedded Lua) to build a full scale Lua Embedded Web Server using the platform I described as the underpinnings. It's proceeding briskly. Frankly, it craps all over Python for DOS as an industrial development environment for protected mode sitting right on top of the raw hardware.

I am trying to get to bed earlier to help preserve my health. This is what I have been able to accomplish in about four months of work, 1-2 hours a night. With the Easter holidays coming up, I expect to make substantial progress towards releasing version 1.0 in June at some point. I think this is going to be a lot different from my computer game in that at some point in June I'm just going to take whatever I've got and put it up on SourceForge, regardless of what remains unimplemented and introduce that as "version 0.1" or whatever microversion I need to classify it as.

Right now as of this moment, it's useful and configurable for any setup within reason. The web pages are a fixed set of display units written by me at present but that could give way to totally dynamic Lua web pages at some point if I can get the document model parsed correctly for Lua script embedded inside it. At that point I could yank a great deal of my hardcoded logic and replace it all with Lua scripts including custom units by the end user.

This is the way I work. I write a little, discover wider horizons of what is possible and then write some more expanding on my newfound understanding, improving as I go through hands-on research and development. Two months ago I had no idea what CANBUS was or how it works, now I've got a test network of 6 CANBUS devices running. It's a thing of beauty, originally developed for automobiles but turns out it is like it was designed by a civil defense officer for shelter sensing, automation and control.

A year ago I think I was running a crude little PowerBasic program using IPX packets to deliver tiny chunks of messages between VOS units. I look back on that and whistle at how far I've come.

Of course, with 610 days to go to the Solar Max, it's imperative I release a version of this code within the next 100 days. I know that. I will get there.

I figure the first version must have:

- JSON based distributed control of I2C, CANBUS and RS-485
- Interactive Control Displays delivered to browser as HTML
- Inventory management (w/barcoding)
- Personnel management/Medical
- Meal planner/Recipe generator
- Scheduling/Rostering/Calendar
- Maintenance/Work Orders
- Hydroponics/Permaculture Management unit
- PDF Memex retrieval from searchable database

(The very last feature, the PDF retrieval, was why I spent three weeks integrating the FTP server. The station has to be capable of asynchronous FTP transfers in the background while it continues to respond to HTTP actions.)

... if I get the Lua integrated with the web page response, all the above will be doable in soft coded scripts instead of hardcoded C++.

P.S. I just realized I may need to come up with my own acronym for VOS web server content. What do you think of "VSP" for Vault Server Pages? No standard has really arrived until you have an acronym.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Which Will Blow First - Long Valley Supervolcano or Yellowstone?

Previously associated with extinction event

Continuous spread of big magnitude quakes is not letting up

Nothing to see here, sheeple. If Long Valley caldera blows all Kwanzanians will be eating babymeat within the month. I'm sure it will all work out in the end.

Mass media continues to try to stage manage these events in isolation, failing to see the worldwide pattern in renewed volcanism. It's so obvious now even the sheeple should see it.

Popular culture teaching that seismic monitoring is something new when in fact seismic sensors have been online for the past 100 years continuously worldwide. It's the unprecedented seismic activity they should be worried about but being bears of little brain they try to shift it to unprecedented seismic monitoring. About as bright as a shiny red button. For Sapiens it's always about the personalities and the perception management. Supervolcanos blowing scarcely merits their attention until they've got the pyroclastic cloud in their lungs.

Chilly Spring Indeed For Midwest In The Kwa

Check out these snowpack conditions in mid-April in Nebraska. I lived there for a while. I don't remember it snowing in April ... ever.

Wisconsin is Siberian. Idaho is still packing it on. Dakota is freezing.

If this is a taste of what is coming, I'd plan on very cold weather next year. Killer cold. The kind of cold that keeps anybody from getting out or getting in.

State of Idaho imports and cultivates masses of gigantic monster wolves to eliminate resident humans during coming Ice Age. Seriously. You couldn't make this stuff up. Tax dollars at work. Idaho government intent on prosecuting anyone who fires on nightmarish hell beasts in self-defense. Most of you probably don't know that the territory of these creatures is expanding due to the cold weather, all over the United States. From Russia to the Ukraine, Ice Ages signal the return of Ice Age predators. They are huge and they hunt at sundown and sunup. Now you know why Neanderthals were polyphasic sleepers. Let one of these creatures catch you napping at traditional hours and you'd never wake up.

At least the wolves won't be going hungry any time soon. Can't say as much for the people.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting Murdered or Evicted Does Not Make You A Better Christian, Just a Dead Pagan

This article is superb. I highly recommend you read it from start to finish.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Solar Cycle 24

The big boy.

616 Days to go to solar max.

Super volcano in Russia erupted today.

UPDATE: Nevada looks like it's going to shake the bankrupt Vegas into rubble.

Nations Tend To Get The Kind of Leaders That They Deserve

Barry Soetoro's past may not just cover work as a gay prostitute in New York City.

He may actually have active warrants on that name floating around the United States.

What is this guy's name, anyway? Does he even know anymore?

Don't Panic - Extinction Event Gearing Up

I'm sure it will all work out. I have a funny feeling it's all going to blow right over at some point.

Before Brisbane flooded, something strange was already happening two months earlier

Earth's magnetic field is going nuts

Do you need to be hit with an anvil on the head like Wil E. Coyote before you realize Vault-Co has been onto something for the past decade?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Final Atomic Meltdown For Kwanzania : NOW

UPDATE : Kwanzania not required at discussion of world's future by current empires

UPDATE #2: Kwanzans are inmates in a 3000 mile wide pound-me-in-the-ass prison for the melanin-challenged and other third-class citizenry.

UPDATE #3 : Kwanzanians know their only hope is to outvote God almighty with their own baloney - good luck with that, mouthbreathers - it worked for Sodom, too. At least until God showed up.

The IMF says this is a failed, bankrupted regime. They should know, they have bankrupted a lot of nations.

Tax the rich, says the chief crackhead from Kenya. Good plan, my brother. That'll work. It always fixes up the third world - like in Kenya. All this class war starts up when nations know they are about to crater. The real villains slip out of this mess the way they always do, snickering at the tiny brained apes as they bicker over who has too many cars in their garage.

We don't need no steenkin' God 'round here. Just wait, sodomite, you may be singing a different tune very shortly.

I know, we'll go socialist. What an original, untried and innovative idea.

Anyway, we'll pay it all off at some point except we ran out of zeroes a while back.

When you run out of zeroes you know you have trouble on the horizon. Vault-Co predicts Weimar-style hyperinflation in the very near future for ZOGBux and all things related to Kwanzan currency.

The nation is a poisonous wasteland for the walking dead - literally.

I'm sure they'll find something for this land of unemployed/unemployable idiots to do soon. They usually manage to come up with something to keep them occupied.

This has all happened before. Last time it was World War II. This time it will be World War III. The real "big one" that eclipses all previous wars.

Societal collapse because of massive fraud in the financial and banking sectors of the economy? Have you ever heard of the stock market crash of 1929? (The money lost in 1929 was nothing compared to the fraud taking place at the moment)

Millions of Americans thrown from their homes when they were foreclosed on and tens of millions left jobless? Have you ever heard of the Great Depression? (The current depression will be 1000x worse)

A charismatic leader elected on the “new deal” promise of “change” and “hope”? Have you ever heard of Franklin Delano Roosevelt? (Same marxist crap with a brown face in Obama - also questions of Roosevelt's citizenship)

A major piece of legislation pushed through the US Congress over the objections of the majority of the American people and said to be unconstitutional? Have you ever heard of Social Security? (Identical socialist radical policy like national health care)

An American public so enraged over the actions of their President and Democratic Party controlled Congress they had an historic election where they gave control over it to the Republicans in a landslide election? Have you ever heard of the mid-term elections of 1938? (Identical to 2010 mid-term elections)

A hugely popular right-wing “media” figure who railed against the “hope” and “change” President and Democratic Congress warning all Americans they were being taken over by Communists/Socialists/Fascists and being destroyed from within? Have you ever heard of Father Charles Coughlin? (Dead ringer for Glenn Beck)

A hugely popular comedic humorist using his National platform to “restore sanity” to a divided public? Have you ever heard of Will Rogers? (Dead ringer for Steven Colbert)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Wave of the Future : Underground Farms

I'm so excited about this stuff I cannot tell you. I am collecting panels of the red-blue LEDs for my next experiment in nanogardening. I am planning to integrate with the next version of VAULT-OS to run the mini garden while I am at work and update me with SMS reports on my cell phone. I just need to finish my current rewrite of VOS to get the open source ready and I am right onto this.

This sort of thing is desperately needed and automation will turn it from a full time job into just another set of signals and slots for VOS. Aquaculture should be a close second. Aboveground food production is doomed. It's going to be increasingly expensive and finally unaffordable.

Olaf van Kooten, a professor of horticulture at Wageningen University who has observed the project but has no stake in it, says a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of tomatoes grown in Israeli fields needs 60 liters (16 gallons) of water, while those grown in a Dutch greenhouse require one-quarter of that. "With this system it is possible in principle to produce a kilo of tomatoes with a little over one liter of water," he said.

Japan Slated For Total Destruction?

It's hopeless trying to clean up the power plant with quakes continuing to rock the region. It's pouring radiation into the open sea.

These are not aftershocks. These are preludes to a longer period of increasingly violent quakes on the Pacific Rim.

Japan looks like it is going into the history books as the first of the first world nations to be destroyed when ITZ hit. ITZ is not going to get better. ITZ is going to get worse. The elites think nature is giving them an assist but in reality she will destroy them, too. World government is impossible out of the ruins she is going to leave behind.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sun Sneezes, Earthquakes All Over

Japan 7.1

Mexico shakes, including nuclear power plant in Veracruz

Entering period of intense quake storm that will make the current one look like a minor squall


Is there a "Star Chamber" for quake reporting now? Somebody is hiding data!!!

Vault-OS : Post-Apocalyptic Maintenance

Tex, I just want to ask you a question about your Vaultos. Have you considered where a person is going to get one-wire devices after the bomb? Not too practical hoss. Consider CANBUS parts - they are everywhere - no worries getting whatever a person would need. I think you may need to refactor your design instead of being focused so much on i2c devices.

- James

I did. I thought seriously about this question last week. I have received more than one comment to this effect. I have been working with various I2C devices for five years. Before that, the original Rabbit-2000 was using analog parts for sensors and it's own IO for relays.

In retrospect, it's obvious this may have been the wrong approach.

Because I have been successful getting CANBUS running on both the Windows and DOS versions of Vault-OS, it is not a question of just lacking the knowledge for this approach. I now understand these formats and have been able to support them.

Every single car built in the Western world since 1997 is a rich goldmine of CANBUS parts on every vehicle. The average auto nowadays has over 70+ CANBUS ECUs onboard when it rolls out of the factory. You would literally never run out. There are probably a million CANBUS parts within walking distance of you right now. We're talking actuators, temperature sensors, doorlocks, lights, accelerometers, fuel valves, oxygen sensors, power relays, battery managers and many more. All CANBUS plug-n-play devices capable of being integrated into a CANBUS network running inside a shelter. You'd be able to add or replace CANBUS parts into the 2070's if civilization fell tomorrow.

Where I work now, CANBUS is capable of transmitting audio-visual data and radar ultrasound for vehicle proximity. Many industrial trucks have various CANBUS radar sensors mounted on them nowadays. You couldn't make this stuff up. It could be the Holy Grail, the Rosetta Stone for long term survival and upkeep of a Vault-OS system once installed.

Have you ever had the experience where the perception of something seemed to accumulate for you until you suddenly realized it had been right in front of you and you just did not see it until that point? Sometimes a nudge from others and you become aware of it. Now I realize CANBUS equipment is all around me. I only discovered this as a result of a reader suggesting it and then being exposed to the tech at my job.

What do you think? Your feedback much appreciated. I appreciate this tip I have already gotten from some regulars, it is possible I have been working hard on something that would be perfect with a slight change in emphasis.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vault-OS : CANBUS Support Working!!!

At least two people have written me and told me that I2C is an experimenter's network, not an industrial grade protocol. I don't agree at all but just to let the concerned know, tonight I got a single CANBUS sensor to read/write and answer with data under DOS and Windows using the most common interface chip the SJA-1000. I have a TSR for the RS-485 version of CANBUS but to date have not tested it. I may try to get that working in version 2.0 of VOS.

First version of Vault-OS will therefore have script support for I2C, CANBUS 1.0-2.0 and good old fashioned parallel port relays. That's the best I can do for the first version, I have to get this all working correctly with all pages before I release 1.0 as open source.

If you are interested I have been heavily influenced in my design of the web server by Mango. The primary difference is that you need a base machine with Linux and 500 MB ram to run their server, mine runs in DOS with all features in less than 640K of RAM, quite a gulf in terms of requirements. A single library in MANGO is bigger than all my source code combined with the web pages compiled into the executable.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kwanzania Is A Lunatic Asylum

UPDATE : U.S. Government Prepares To Shut Down And Abandon Stoopid Sheeple To Their Fates-Good riddance to bad rubbish. They picked the perfect time to evacuate. Everybody knows ITZ HERE.

Update #2: "President" of the United States ordering troops into Libya without declaration of war by Congress is an illegal alien using a dead man's social security number. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Who in their right mind opens a fourth front in warfare when they are losing on the other three and so broke they are a single flashpoint away from complete economic collapse? The problem isn't Barack Obama. The problem is the 300 million pathetic assholes that either voted for him or were willing to believe he wasn't born in Kenya like he had been saying for the past twenty years. Watching the two women in the clip try to make sense against this guy gives you an idea of just what a nation of failures this country really is.

Going into Libya is insane and only a complete idiot would have done it. It has the potential to be a quagmire that will destroy the United States. Don't even get me started on authority to wage war here. We've got a precedent where an asshole who has never had a day job in his life can command the largest military on Earth into battle anywhere at anytime without even consulting Congress as the Constitution requires. The Founding Fathers would've been knee deep in spent shell casings by now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sleep, Sheeple. Everything Will Be Fine.

These are not the droids you seek. You saw nothing. Look into this neuralizer. It was swamp gas on the moon. FEMA did not just preorder one BILLION dollars worth of dehydrated food. (Isn't that like the total combined annual output of all the manufacturers of dried food in the United States?)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Followup On Magnetic Madness #1

Very cool article, gratis a Vault-Co visitor. Don't know how I missed this but there it is. This "Helium" site is like Vault-Co without the restraint. (joke)

I always knew that at some point, there would be zombies. Lots'n'lotsa zombies.

Luckily, I will have all my super powers back by that time.

Woo-Hoo! Posting This Blog From Arachne 1.95 Browser Running Vault-OS on Sentry One Device!! (P133mhz, 64 MB RAM, Novell Client-32 For DOS)

Awesome, right?!? Vault-OS only requires that your browser under DOS support the HTML 3.0 standard, but it's pretty cool I could do this through a gateway proxy onto the Internet. Fonts look rather weird and formatting leaves something to be desired but nevertheless insanely cool.

This makes me really keen to build an optically isolated router for the Vault so I can have access to the internet without risking any components to EMP. I can browse to any page for Vault-OS on the internal web server as easily as I browsed here.

New Ice Age Inbound, Says Top Paleoclimatologist

Although criticized in the past for his views on global cooling in the face of political moves to support the opposite, Kukla feels he's vindicated. "None of us expected uninterrupted continuation of the trend." On the contrary, Kukla and his colleagues expected a warming blip and it occurred like clockwork. He knows that global warming always precedes an Ice Age. The history of that is in the ice core records repeating itself every 100,000 years or so over millions of years.

Aren't you glad you read Vault-Co? We were telling you the exact same thing ten years ago. That's a lot of lead time.

Planet of Fail

This was a really good article on the mystery religion concerning CFCs. I read it years ago and forgot to link to it from the site.

America is fail and it has dragged the entire planet down into fail with it.

The Founding Fathers did a good job and if people had just stuck to the Constitution and Bill of Rights they'd have been fine but they didn't. A couple generations after WW2, the 'Kwan became a nation of trashy losers. The country went into the gutter because the people who live in it belong in the gutter. It wouldn't matter what the Founding Fathers wrote, there are no laws that can get around having inferior stock in your country for citizens.

They want to blame it on super predators but first of all I need to ask : if you fall in love with self-destruction what do you expect? Somebody was going to strip you down to bedrock and steal the silverware and that's what they did.

Homo Sapiens is damaged goods. The first 100 years the Neanderthal Hybrids build a nation up. The second 100 years, Sapiens occupies the institutions and runs it into the ground. Neanderthals are sincere. Sapiens is an actor. The two of them blended like oil and water into the gene pool together will never make it to the stars. Never. We are doomed to repeat this sad play over and over again forever.

It's been said that the white man creates and then forgets. What people really mean by this is that Neanderthal innovators create and then are forgotten. I mourn for how many things never happen because somebody feels we should snicker at that guy. The sneering is really the mark of the doomed man. When you're near the end, everybody sneers at everything.

Vault-Co Ten Years On : The Real Panic Begins

The migration of the black swans, they are calling it. The Apocalypse Trifecta is what we called it a decade ago.

My problem with these people is that their advice is akin to the blind leading the blind. These guys don't know what they are talking about. They think they're the first people to dabble in this subject in the past fifty years. Don't trust anything you hear from the mass media or the conventional channels. It's all lies. They shoveled all your money overseas and left you holding the empty bag.

Why do they keep harping on about this "Vivos" dump?!? Is this all they know about civil defense and survivalists, since this company is the one that keeps sending out press releases? Get out of the office and go find some news, assholes! There must be tens of thousands of private shelters in the 'Kwa run by people who forgot more than these "Vivos" guys will ever know about deep rock sheltering. Outside of a 3D walkthrough that a child could have thrown together, these "Vivos" lads don't even have anything other than pipe dreams to sell!! It's ridiculous seeing this company pop up in the news week after week! You really get a goofy sort of poseur vibe from these "Vivos" clowns, but again that's about the speed of the common man so they tend to dominate discussion of this subject.

Friday, April 1, 2011

More On The Last Post

They are going to promote ideas like the ones at the link above because they are all that the average human mind can cope with. Something like a magnetic reversal underway that everyone on earth, including the State, is powerless to do anything about just won't fit inside a sheeple's brain. We might also say that the perception needed to comprehend that we are biological organisms inside a larger scheme and that our behaviour is determined by this larger frame of reference is a little too complex for people with an average IQ of 97 in the West. Kind of like an idiot who looks for his keys under the street light at night because the light is better there, they always end up drifting back to trying to blame it on the government somehow. "The guffamint did it" is something they can understand and argue over.

Just to clarify a little more what I said in the last post:

1. Journalists and mass media folks aren't "just like you and me." They're genetically different. They are part of the super predator class that has emerged from population densities created by the success of large scale Homo Sapiens societies. They don't make anything. They don't work for a living. They survive purely through social engineering and could be considered a kind of streamlining of the human mammal through loss of certain basic functions - like real empathy and the capacity for love. Anyone who has a career in the mass media as a presenter is there because they have a bit of reptile in them and much less mammal. Studies in the lab show that despite a rich repertoire of expression and congenial social skills ... deeper down, their minds are cold, unfeeling and ultimately mercenary like reptiles. I don't want to slide into David Icke territory here. I just want to emphasize that these critters represent the loss, not a gain, of certain mammalian qualities. That doesn't mean they are aliens from outer space. They are a kind of opportunist subspecies within mankind that survives by hollow talk and gestures. They are fakes. It defines them.

2. It is not outrageous to consider that the kind of people who are triaged into careers as journalists may have weaknesses in their genetic makeup that render them sensitive to environmental changes that earlier breeds of man long ago developed immune responses to. If we look back to Neanderthal as the mammalian benchmark, the result of a half million years of selective evolution by monogamous female choice, we should understand that Homo Sapiens represented a stripping away of many basic biological functions of Neos. One of those abilities was the power to produce thermogenic heat in cold temperatures from one's own body. In Homo Sapiens, the blood retreats into the body in cold temperatures to protect the internal organs. In cold adapted people (Neanderthals as well as Eskimos) we see cycling of blood flow to keep the body flushed with warmth. This is what you would expect of a creature who evolved naturally in response to Ice Age climates over 500,000 years. If we say Neos were the mammalian benchmark, then journalists would be at the farthest opposite end of the genetic spectrum.

3. If you accept these assertions, consider that one of the abilities lost by these highly refined Homo Sapiens super predators and mimics might be the capacity to manage organic iron stores in the body tissues and brain that Neanderthal took for granted. Neos had to manage blood clotting with iron in the blood and when they had too much they had to lose it by bleeding in response to achieve equilibrium. People with less iron in the brain due to anemia and hematochromia (both shortcomings in the ability to manage iron in the body) consistently are the first to hallucinate, babble and act disoriented in strong magnetic fields, according to Dr. Robert Becker, (passed away in 2008) one of the world's greatest scientific authorities on the effects of electromagnetism on living organisms.

I think one of the major obstacles in accepting that my premise might be accurate is the vanity of Homo Sapiens and their refusal to concede they lack many natural, innate instincts and basic biological abilities that Neanderthals took for granted ... or that the peak of their species, a race of men who essentially are masters of treachery, might be reflected in their most refined elites. Throughout the ages, the rulers of mankind have suffered from weaknesses related to blood clotting and iron storage in their bodies. Hemophilia is nothing less than the inability to retain and utilize iron properly to control blood loss.

Worst of all, I think people might be loathe to consider that their rulers are denoted by innumerable weaknesses and concessions they have made to manifest personalities like those that they have, personalities that reflect the drive and ruthlessness needed to rise high in journalism and the media.

One interesting footnote here ... before Robert Becker died, he was warning that the coming Solar Max in 2012 might well be the most violent period in human history because he was convinced the planet was going to go through fundamental shifts in the magnetic field. He spoke often of 2012 as if it might be the start of World War III because he believed that warfare and solar activity were inextricably linked throughout all of human history.

My premise is that these people were the first to show strange behaviour due to the Earth's magnetic field because they are genetically different from the rest of the population, despite any protests to the contrary.