Monday, April 25, 2011


The original sophistry consisted of arguments that "we wanted to open China's markets for our products." Somewhere along the line that gave way seamlessly and silently and it became "getting rid of our entire economy and sourcing all our needs from China and others. We'll be a service economy." You bought that, Kwanzanians. A child would know better than to believe something that outrageous. You didn't.

ZOGBux rapidly plunging to parity with birdcage liner. If a fiat currency is only worth the value people believe it has, people have decided this one is junk. Just like all the other fiat currencies throughout human history. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. The bell tolls for thee, Kwanzanian.

Game, set and match. Goodbye, Kwanstain. That's enough mindless jabbering, hold your breath as your head goes down the U-Bend in the toilet pipe.

Remember, I predicted this day ten years ago. Now I'm going to repeat my conclusion.

The Kwanstain won't go quietly into the long night. At some point, it will go out in a storm of Cobalt-60 laced missiles that will black out the sun. The death shroud will cover the earth like the current radiation coming out of Fukushima, only this fallout will require deep rock shelter underground to survive. Deep rock.

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