Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Have An Announcement To Make

I'm planning to speak before the U.N. shortly.

The truth is, I've grown bored with my existing superpowers and will probably be getting a new costume in the near future as well.


Anonymous said...

Comic book creators just showing their marxist-humanist sophistry for all to see again.

By renouncing his US citizenship, he is supposedly helping the US. I'm not sure even why they'd have him renounce it in this age of Obama, but it sounds like a gimmick to drive up dwindling comic book sales again.

I for one would not mind calling myself a "citizen of the world" with a single global government that was based on the original US Constitution. But in reality, a global government would elect to pilfer and tax whitey out of existence even further.

Publishers pushed characters like Superman and Captain America as pro-American because it was useful propaganda to get the American public onside for WW2. Captain America #1 came out in March 1941, nine months before WW2. On the cover, Cap was punching Hitler in the face. The fix was in--those who controlled the media at the time wanted war even though the public was 90% opposed to it.

Anonymous said...

Superman has been an international hero since the Comic Silver Age. Makes sense he'd renounce his citizenship to ensure his neutrality.

Torture, wars and fraud might be the american way, but it's not his way.

Be honest; would YOU be proud to represent the USA today?