Friday, April 22, 2011

Hydroponics in a Basket

Interesting link shows how easy it is with just a little light.

I ordered 400 blue leds and another 300 red leds today for $16.95 on EBay.

I'm going to enlist my son and we're going to make microgarden lights for the shelter. You save about $220 a panel by simply soldering them yourself. I've got enough to make at least 6 panels now, sufficient to grow all the plants you could ever want.

Advancements in manufacturing have brought the price down to where people who are not drug dealers can afford to build underground microgardens that are so energy efficient they use only a few watts a day. In a space about the size of a closet you can grow fresh food for four people year round.

Once Vault-OS is operating the microgarden, that's the core of another one of my books ... "SUBTERRANEAN PERMACULTURE THE VAULT-CO WAY." Okay ... that's a working title ...


confident and paranoid said...

Have you looked into aeroponics?

Doug said...

Please let us know how it goes. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Are there a specific type of LED required for this? or are they just red one and blue one? a link to some similar on ebay so we could like at the spec would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Instead of soldering, might want to consider wire wrapping. I just started doing this with some of my electronics stuff and I am very impressed with the technique.


Texas Arcane said...

J - look for bulk packs of high intensity colored LEDs on EBay. I got mine from "SureElectronics." Simple as it sounds, red and blue LEDs are all that is needed and sufficient lumens to support growth.

C&P - Aeroponics is still too energy hungry. It takes less energy to pump nutrient up from the bottom sump to the top tank twice a day than to run the aerator fans all day long.

Kochevnik - Wirewrap connections sounds like a good idea. Also easier to replace if one burns out or declines in output.

Anonymous said...

I have finally come to understand why I visit this site every day. It is not for reinforcement of a belief system, because I do not always agree with Tex, although I can understand his point of view. The real reason is for posts like this. Thinking people thinking, experimenting, and finding solutions to problems that the average sheeple didn’t even know existed. For those reading, I am one of the few left in the “Kwa” with an I.Q. well over 150, but am not unique considering that my wife, daughter and in-laws are of equal or higher statistics. Not to sound snobbish, but we have seen for a while which way the winds are blowing and have tried to prepare the best we can. This site has helped immensely over the years. Again, I do not always agree with him, but I applaud his convictions and his better than average track record for interpreting trends, history, science, and that now controversial book called the “Bible”.
I wish him well, as I also do to all of you preparing for our turbulent future.

Thank you for providing us with this site, Tex.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Anon : 12:15am

I think Tex attracts us like bees to honey LOL - I have a 155 IQ and my wife is probably 160+, the kids I have no idea, but I know my son who just turned 6 a few months ago has me teaching him how to do math with negative numbers. I'm the dumbest guy in my immediate family LOL

It would be nice if there was a way for those of us who are on the VaultCO bandwagon to share technical info/progress on our projects - but I'm not sure how to do it ? - other than to post hints here.