Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Article On Male Focus In A World Falling Apart

This article is terrific because it tells you what your options are when you reach the same conclusions I did twenty years ago when I moved from the U.S. to Australia.

Except I have drawn the exact opposite conclusions that this guy did. I do not advise you to accept his descent into impulse gratification and childish idleness as the best cure for what is ailing you. I advise the opposite.

You can allow yourself to be swamped by depression. For some people this is their only option. If you are not threatened by depression, it is because you are not bright enough to understand what is actually happening around you.

Or you can fight it by creating a fantastic series of new priorities very different from the ones society gives you and which will sustain your innate male desire for goals you can apply yourself to achieve and work hard at.

Most of you probably think my Vault-OS is the craziest thing you have ever heard of. Except it gives somebody with my intelligence something to apply themselves to which pays off in spades in feedback. When I got my first Lua server page to return CANBUS readings from SQLite the other day (in DOS-32 protected mode) I got a reward of serotonin which was so deep it was better than melted chocolate.

Neither my job as a contractor or any of my personal relationships outside of my own family and immediate friends ever seem to give returns worthy of what I have to put into them. People nowadays are by and large, just no damn good. There's nothing there to be found in their culture, company or ideas that deserves your interest. They are dead ends as human beings. They are robots interested in spectator sports and getting drunk.

In my day job, it's precisely when I do my best work I receive the most negative feedback in general. Nowadays, no good deed in software development goes unpunished. I have seen one excellent programmer and developer after another crushed in the workplace for the sin of being too competent at what they do. After a while, I have become so cynical I expect no reward for doing good work on anything outside of a paycheck at the end of the week. This is the crappy way the world is right now. It's utterly upside down. You can't look for motivation there.

You can't look to organized Christianity for solace. The majority of modern Christians worship Yoshi in place of God. It's the most horrible apostasy that could be conceived of. The only gefilte-fisher they aren't terrified of is Jesus Christ, in fact. You're wasting your time around modern Christians. They have gone "bye-bye" mentally, to paraphrase Bill Murray in Ghostbusters. They're absolutely out of it.

The one place I have found solace and hope is in private prayer to God (doesn't matter if he doesn't talk back, I find it nice just to know he is listening) and in pursuit of my strange synthesis of 1950's Civil Defense, the Fallout games and every science fiction book I have ever read. These things all contribute to creating a world for me with purpose, focus and goals I can direct my energies to and see results coming back from. It could be honestly said that I am too damn good for my current society and that would be a spot-on observation. It's not just me, either. There are millions and millions of males in the West who are quite simply too damn good for this civilization. It doesn't merit the likes of them. Their kingdom lies elsewhere and it isn't here.

The option is to give into the depression that is sweeping the planet amongst the male population, increasingly aware they are the losers in an ideological struggle that has waged war against the sane since I was born. Some people are only just now becoming aware of what I have known for decades - they are a beaten people who have lost everything. You can deny it and become truly pathetic ... or you can accept it, divorce yourself from the society that brought this about and qualify yourself as a member of a new order of human beings who do not allow themselves to be involuntarily lumped into this team of losers simply because they had the misfortune to be born on the same soil.

I can only tell you what has worked for me. Don't just become a survivalist. Become a civil defense officer. Before you laugh, I've got paperwork on that. Don't aim for living in the woods eating berries. This is part of the problem, defining it this way. That's already accepting defeat. Aim for something much higher. If they've got you in the woods eating berries, you have not just lost, been defeated and utterly dispossessed. They got your unconditional surrender. Planning to live in the woods eating berries is equivalent to planning to die. Aim for something much higher. It will keep you out of the doldrums. It has seemed to work for me.


Anonymous said...

ROFL - I just HAD this very conversation with the wife this afternoon.

I also am a contract software engineer - and I wish I had a dime for everytime I was PUNISHED for coming up with brilliant innovative solutions to the problems people throw at me every day.

And I do mean PUNISHED too. If people who run this software had an inkling of how badly it was designed they would be crapping their pants every night on their way home from work.

And at the same time these people are begging me for my help - but while you're doing it buddy, could you tie both your hands behind your back and hop on one foot while listening to heavy metal ...

But at the same time, they cannot seem to get rid of me - instead they pay boatloads of money for me to work at less than 1/10 efficiency. And I bill them immense extra amounts for the aggravation they cause me. And those of your who do not live in the world of programmers understand nothing about what I am talking about. But Tex sure does LOL

How about being paid $12000 a month for 3 hours of actual work ? Or how about almost $20,000 a month for doing things the wrong way ? Been there, doing that right now.

And the other part ? In meat life I have no real friends other than my genius father, because virtually every single human being I meet, that I attempt to befriend, always ends up in a situation where I help them with everything and they can help me with nothing. Why bother. I need parasites in my life why again ?

And if you think it is me, you would be incorrect. My wife from another country has had the same experience all her life.

The society is sick. It is desperately ill. It takes those who are most capable, most intelligent and does everything within it's power to keep us from making any real positive change. I came to the conclusion, watching the implosion accelerate over the last 10 years that this collapse is a suicide in progress. There can be no other explanation.

So I do what Tex does - I keep my head down, my mouth shut and I pile up money in the bank, and work on the technology I know my family is going to need to get thru the coming collapse.

I do not agree with all you propound Tex - and no truly thinking human being EVER fully accepts anothers truth without much deliberation and testing, but sometimes man, it's just like getting hit with a sledgehammer when I find out there is someone other than my father and myself on this planet who 'gets' it.

Thx for that.


Anonymous said...

Who is John Galt??

Simon Rierdon said...

"It could be honestly said that I am too damn good for my current society and that would be a spot-on observation."

Spot on insights. I agree with you, we have to find ways to give our own lives meaning without depending on outside feedback. I have a favorite saying and I have stickers made so I can spread it around. In Latin, "absum benefacta abscedo impunitas" or, liberally translated, no good deed goes unpunished. The curious will try to find out what it means, the rest aren't worth saving.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading that, it can be summarized as a "slacker manifesto" for conservatives. Not everybody can be an exceptional man of business and industry, most of the talented proletariat want to be productive workers. But in this age of affirmative action and gimmedats, why put in an honest day's work?

I do make a point to enjoy life. I make time for family and friends.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

So very true. I have had it with the IT business, it is just so unbeliveably disfunctional. I started seminary part time last September, I expect it will be another 5 years until I finish.

That's how I am fighting back, I think I can do more good in the world as a minister than a computer geek.

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with Tex's and Anonymous @10:48 PM's sentiments. This isn't a world were people can be put to their best use or allowed to fulfill their potential any more. I too have seen terrible waste and demoralising actions frequently in both government jobs and private industry.

Doug said...

I found my people. Thanks Tex

Solsys said...

The problem is that on a macro scale, human production is being replaced by robotic & automated production.

This is a one-way direction, we are not going to go back to a full employment anytime soon (lest we collapse, and then it's not my idea of "full employment").

Because so many people are unemployed, tittytainment and parasitic behaviour are being disseminated through the population, until all the surplus population is reduced to minimal consumption of ressources (both physical resources and management ressources).

The Warsaw ghetto springs to mind : an isolated enclave where new rules, including social rules, are engineered by the authorities who will enventually kill them in the most cost-efficient way (extermination camps).