Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting Murdered or Evicted Does Not Make You A Better Christian, Just a Dead Pagan

This article is superb. I highly recommend you read it from start to finish.


Anonymous said...

Men of Christian faith have rightfully complained of injustice and voted for the best candidates for a long time, to no avail. Violence is impossible against The Machine now. All that's left is divine wrath.

Loyalty is so strong that even nullification isn't viable anymore, unless you're the Antichrist in chief who doesn't feel like defending DOMA, drug laws, etc. The only guy who refuses to follow the law is the one guy who is required to more than anyone.

Everything is backwards. Morality is only taken advantage of. It's not strong enough anymore, against sheer numbers. Jesus couldn't have expelled moneylenders from the temple today without 7 legions of angels to help. Maybe more.

williamhill said...

that is absolute bullshit Tex, the Bible clearly states that all people are Gods people, colour is irrelevant.

Texas Arcane said...

Actually, it says that blood is of no avail with the Lord. Nobody gets salvation because of their racial affiliation.

As for genociding your own race and worshipping another as morally infallible "just because," I cannot imagine a worse sin against the Holy Spirit.