Friday, April 22, 2011

Full Blown Enrichmentation

It's the convenience of living in Zimbabwe brought to your front door. Exactly like the third world except with better street wiring. There's a reason those places look and smell the way they do and it isn't something in the local soil.

These aren't even crimes according to the guffamint.

Yo, waiting in line to buy food is like ... complicated and whatnot and what habb you. Somehow it just gotta end in death and maiming cuz' I be habbin' a short fuse. If I don't get Mickey Dee's in a timely fashion, I find I must break the sixth commandment. I just can't hep myseff.

Not really a human place anymore. Needs a reservation fence run around it with peepholes for humans to observe the wildlife inside. HYAR BE DRAGONES.

As Vault-Co has always said, this is only going to get worse by the hour. It's never going to get better from here on in. The dreaming part is over, the nightmare is beginning. The West is going to experience the horrific shock of realizing every single paradigm they have been trained to believe about the world around them is utterly wrong. They will have a moment to understand all their mistakes and then time to appreciate just what they destroyed in their generation. It makes the worst Stephen King story you ever read pale in comparison. It's cosmic horror.

Pay attention to just how hard the mass media works to sweep this sort of thing under the rug. This is why they hate the internet. Too many holes in the dike to plug.

P.S. I was watching the movie THE BOX tonight on cable (by the director of DONNIE DARKO) while I was programming and I had this strange feeling that the film had parallels in everything that has happened to the United States since I was born. A stranger shows up with an offer that seems too good to be true. Despite their instincts telling them not to do it, the protagonists push the button in the box. From this one simple act, something so horrible it boggles human comprehension results. All because they were seduced by the offer of the stranger even though they could sense the evil. Everything that has happened since 1963 in America seems somehow similar. The horror of what results from buying some snakeoil from a stranger who preys on their weakness, their vanity and their greed. The United States wishes they could take it all back ... but it's too late. "If you didn't want anyone to get hurt, why did you press the button?" They believed someone else's neighborhood would get enriched. Somebody they didn't know. It turned out it was their neighborhood, their wives, their children that would get enriched.


Anonymous said...

All brown countries are poor.
The person jumps in and calls me racist.
I'm making an observation. What does racist mean?
Does it mean that I'm saying what I see?
If you see a brown country on television, you assume
the poor children are going to be brown and it looks like to me that the greatest indicator of the prosperity of a country is the color of the skin. It looks like to me that all of the brown countries are poor and so I don't want the whole world to be brown and I don't want my race to disappear.

I have a question for the anti-whites. Can you disprove any of these statements?

Mexico is the product of Mexicans.

Africa is the product of Africans.

The Middle East is the product of Arabs.

So called "Anti-racists", DEMAND a blended humanity in ALL white countries and ONLY white countries. It is white genocide. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

j said...

Interesting fact: the FBI conflates Hispanic and White crime statistics into a single demographic, which it labels "Whites." This helps to hide the fact that Blacks are committing vastly more crime than anyone else.

Go look at the FBI's website; their wanted lists are full of Pedro Antonio-Lopez San Marinos and Jorge Jesus Garcia-Guadeloupe-Guadalajaras with their race designations listed as "White." The magnitude of the lie is breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

The case of the Baltimore chimp-out is ironic in that the victim was a transexual, one of the left's new favorite emerging constituency groups. That is one reason now that the media can't ignore it.

Anonymous said...

"The case of the Baltimore chimp-out is ironic in that the victim was a transexual,"

According to available evidence, the attackers did not know the victim was transsexual. All they saw was a white girl, talking to one of "their men" and they attacked like savage beasts.

What is also incredible is the employee of McDonalds, laughing and filming the incident and then warning the attackers to run away at the end, put the film on the internet the next day.

And before some anti-white chimes in with, "Race is a social construct", "We are all human", "We all bleed red", "It's culture not race"

I'll ask, are you reeeealy that stupid, or do you just hate white people?