Saturday, April 2, 2011

Followup On Magnetic Madness #1

Very cool article, gratis a Vault-Co visitor. Don't know how I missed this but there it is. This "Helium" site is like Vault-Co without the restraint. (joke)

I always knew that at some point, there would be zombies. Lots'n'lotsa zombies.

Luckily, I will have all my super powers back by that time.


Solsys said...

Genuine question : would a steel helmet, perhaps grounded, or the infamous tin foil hat be able to create a sufficient form of shielding, or attenuate fluctuations ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't attract magnets, why would it shield from magnetic fields?

Foils and sheets, bottom of the page:

Anonymous said...

"This "Helium" site is like Vault-Co without the restraint. (joke)"

It's not really the site itself which is like a hosting service for many freelance writers, it's this guy "Terrance Aym" who I'm suspecting is to be a REAL journalist.

Imagine that, an actual journalist who researches stuff that actually matters and writes thought-provoking articles and is not just an overpaid hominid vaguely resembling a sapient being with a typewriting device.

It's no wonder you can find the articles of an ideal journalist only on the internet and not in some rag owned by a creature like R. Murdoch or T. Turner.

This is one of the reasons why Cass Sunstein and the Rothschild dynasty came up with the limited hangout project of Wikileaks to use as an excuse to tighten their leash on the internet for "cybersecurity reasons" along with this project's many other uses.

Guys like Terrance Aym are soon to be declared "Cyber-terrorists" due to "seeding confusion amongst the public with subversive conspiracy theories contradicting the state-approved explanations".

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that most people were zombies already.

What would be a real trip is when the ones who are in charge of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons go batsh*t crazy. All kinds of doom-hilarity will ensue.

I'd kind of like to see India and Pakistan nuke the ever-loving doo-doo's out of each other first. You know, like a warm up act.

Then the main attraction can begin.